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Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading Rainbow! (◕‿◕✿)

Now that I time, I can finally read books that I want to read! Yes, I do like to read. I don't just shop all day...for the most part hahaha
For the past 10+ years of my life, I've had to read stuff that made me want to dig my eyes out. Reading for school makes me hate reading!! Why can't we learn by reading interesting stuff...like blogs? LOL

I discovered Confessions of a Shopaholic in high school and became obsessed. I've read every book in the Shopaholic series. The lastest one, Mini Shopaholic, just came out awhile ago and I just finished reading. SOOOO funny! I love the main character, Becky. She's hilarious and always comes up with the most ridiculous antics in order to be able to buy what she wants. I am a lot like Becky which is probably why I love this series so much LOL but I'm not as cray cray...yet! ^o^

They made Confessions of a Shopaholic into a movie a few years back but it just isn't as good as the book is.
This is a very easy series to read. Very carefree and full of laughs!

I was talking to Joey on twitter the other day and found out that she read this series too. Yay!! I found out that she is also super OCD about making sure that all the books in a series match cover-wise. Glad I'm not the only one!! I like to make sure that all the books in a series that I own are the same size, design, binding etc. hahaha it just looks nicer on the bookshelf!
I hate it when a series suddenly decides to change the cover or size of the book. Drives me crazy!! The cover of a book totally matters hahaha!

What's even nerdier of me is that I always ordered my Harry Potter books in advanced so that all of them would have "First Edition" written in it hehehe makes me happy!!

I am currently reading Heart of the Matter. I picked it up because it's written by the same author who wrote Something Borrowed which I read years ago and loved.

Heart of the Matter is a great book! It's definitely not as funny and light of a read as the Shopaholic series is. It's from the perspective of two women, the woman who's husband cheats on her & the woman who her husband cheated with.
I am slightly depressed by how realistic the characters and situations are that I am certain that if I ever get married, this is what's going to happen -_- From the start of the book I kept telling myself "He won't cheat!" But he does! AHHHHHH! Y_Y
I love the way this book is written. I have not finished it yet, but I cannot wait to see how it ends.
Check it out!

Do you ladies like girly books? If there are any books that you love, let me know!! :D

I just painted my nails with Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic. Love this color!!! It looks more purple in certain lights, but a bit more grey-brown at times too. I'm pissed that I just painted them last night and there are already chips on both my index fingers >o<


I just finished the kdrama Heartstrings. I was so bored out of my mind in the first half that I wanted to stop watching. Then it got super cute in the second half teeheee ^.^ It's a very mellow drama, nothing crazy interesting. But the chemistry between the two leads is great that it was juuuust enough to keep my attention.  

Now I'm obsessed with this song from the OST. It's so sad T_T
Jung Yonghwa's voice...eeek! 



  1. Hehe I totally understand the book cover matching OCD cos I have it too! haha I absolutely love collecting and reading books as well :)

    btw, love ur nail colour!


  2. I watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and I loved it. I didn't read the book but I also heard that the book is so much better.

    That OPI shade looks so nice on you~ So great for fall~

    I used to love K-Drama's! Now I prefer K-variety/comedy shows. I can't handle the emotional roller coasters! Hahaha.

  3. I love reading chick lit! Having said that, it's hard to find gems because most of them are based on the same subject and have similar characters/endings/messages. I like to be surprised at every page and it's quite difficult when you start being able to guess dialogue or what happens next! AHAH. Or maybe that's just me!

    'Heart of the Matter' sounds pretty interesting. I'm going to give that one a go soon.

    Love that brown polish! I'm searching for the same colour but with a matte finish!

  4. i like your nail polish <3

  5. I wish I was a book addict... but no unfortunately I'm getting boring when I read :/
    Nice nail polish, I love this kind of color too :)

  6. Omg! I've seen the little trailers of heart strings in the chinese video shops I walk past.. is it actually worth while watching.. I still need to watch city hunter.. (so behind .. UGH)

    Glad to see you're a book worm :D Haha, and very true.. if school only made us read interesting things. everyone would love reading ~ :)

  7. you are so smart to order every hp book early to get first editions :(. i wanted to wait till all the books have come out to just get the whole set (so stupid aha).

  8. I used to be a book worm and had tons of books. Those days are pretty much over now when the motherly duties and endless list of chores take over. I find myself reading children's books instead haha. I used to read one book from Confessions of the Shopaholic series, very entertaining. Nail polish color is so pretty, too bad they chip too soon.

    I haven't watched Korean series in ages, perhaps I should start watching them again.

  9. Oooo books.... I have not read a book since I finished my MBA in June... I have been reading bits and pieces of "Are you a Marilyn or a Jackie." But I think confessions of a shopoholic may be my next read! love the new nail colour you featured as well...I am going to give these neutrals a try this fall vs my usual cherry red :)

  10. I love reading books too! I pre-ordered and lined up to get the Harry Potter books first to read on the day itself lol!! :D I have read a few pages of a confession of a shopaholic but I couldn't afford it at the time so I didn't get it, so maybe the next time I hit the bookstores I'll get it :) watched the movie though!

  11. I just finished watching the same drama, i quite liked it! it was cute, although i loved shin. jung yong hwa is so handsome, and what a voice! i saw him first in you're beautiful, another drama i liked very much

  12. omgosh i'm totally obsessed with sophia kinselle books!! i've read 4 out of the 6 books you pictured... will have to check out the other two :)!!! love your nail color the perfect transition into fall!! yah!! i miss the cold weather hahaha

  13. The Kdrama poster is too cute. I love girly books too! I only read the first Shopaholic book which I really liked. I should check out the rest! I'm currently reading The Help. The movie totally convinced me to check it out. <3 your nails!

  14. I was "forced" to read the first shopaholic book for my Chick Lit class last semester... but didn't quite manage to finish it. Mixed up the order the books were going to be read and had to rush through it. Like you mentioned, reading for school, kinda took the fun out of it... Girly books are fun once in awhile, but I prefer steamy romance novels =p lol

    *squeal* CN BLUEEEEEE yonghwa <3 keke
    i want to watch the drama... but i doesn't seem that interesting... it will be added to the "will watch eventually... just not right away" list haha

  15. I love to see what people are reading! I love reading, and I totally get what you mean when you say that school can take all the fun from reading. This past year I have read so many books for school; I was reading three books at the same time, and I have to read each book within a span of a week. So for 10 weeks I read 24 books @_@
    But once I am out of summer break, I will start some leisure readings~ I hope to do a post as well :D

    Its funny that you show Korean dramas. My summer homework for my Japanese class is to watch Japanese dramas, lol. I am tempted to watch some Korean ones as well

  16. i haven't read any of these shopoholic books but i've heard really good things about them all the time! and the Metro Chic nail polish is gorgeous on you!

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  17. ohhh. I also wanna watch Heartsrings but find no time to watch it. :(

  18. Cool blog u got here! i just started following you!

    The Niknok Style

  19. I also love Becky! She is so fun and pretty and stylish..
    Anyway, if you love Yonghwa, you should see him in We Got Married! He's super cute in it :)


  20. Oh! I Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!
    I'll follow you back. :)

  21. thank you sweetie!
    i follow you back!

  22. nice post !!

    love the nail polish color !!




  23. Oh i loved the shopaholic series. I hope you enjoy it :) also just so you know I love your site and added you to twitter. I also am getting the list for project euphoria ready and I'll email you soon with details. I apologize for the lag of response. :)

  24. I'm always looking for new books, especially fun ones. I wish in school we could have just read blogs because half of the stuff we had to read was boring...


  25. Hehe you made a post! Awww it's amazing how the Shopaholic series was so huge all over the world. Good times!

    omg I totally can't read books like Heart of the Matter. It upsets me too much. I have a very strong opinion on cheating and really makes me sad when I read things like that because I know it happens in the real world *sniff*



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