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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Randomness + Spazzzzz ^O^☆♪

So this is a super random post...

Last week I got a package from my sistah from anuthuh muthah, Queenie aka my dear Ahjummaaaa ♥♥♥. She was only suppose to send me my wedding invite butttt she attacked me with a whole box of awesomenesssss! All the way from Oh! Canada XD

She sent me a ton of masks (good thing bc I was running low HAHA) and so much other cute stuff!

Best of all...
she wrote me a note on a Big Bang card teeheeheheeee ♥_♥
sighhhh my heart drawing skills still have not improved -_-

hehehee thanks Aju!! ^3^ that's still a weirdo face no mattuh how you justify it!

Can't believe I'm gonna finally meet her & Agasshi in less than ONE MONTH! OHMAHGAWD I'm so excited \^o^/


If any of you don't know, JC from Makeup Diary is doing a HUGEEEE giveaway that's open internationally too! It's so kind of her to do this. So all you folks should go join it!! 

Giveaway ends Sept. 1st, 2011! Lots of time to enter ^o^


Now I'm gonna spazz about random stuff because...I spent like all day doing that today with cray crays on Twitter XD

best 30 seconds evarrr! TOP & Se7en need to just be togethah 4evah 

Ohhhh TOP all I have to say is SMH ^3^

WTH is this?! I can do nothing but lmao XD

And  because they are too sexayyyyy! I must post! 
2PM in suits gets me everyyyy time ♥_♥
If only those shirts were ripped a litttttle bit further (#^.^#) 

yeah...I'm a pervy fangirl. I've come to terms with that already. You all should just accept that too ^o^

Have a good week, world!!



  1. Aww, what a lovely package. And that's wonderful that you'll be meeting your friend soon on her wedding day. Take lots of pictures. :D

    OH! BIG BANG!! TOP! Se7en! (those two are dorks!) LOVE! <3 GD's my fav but...still not too sure about his current shaved head. He still looks good...but yeah...XD

    SUITS! Gotta love Korean boys in suites. :P LOL, pervy. I totally understand. Life of a fangirl...!! kkk

    (BTW, I just followed you on twitter ^^ - tiffyama)

  2. Aw what a sweet package. I love Big Bang. I saw their ad for North Face and they looked so cute. It's great that you're finally going to feet her.

  3. hi again! :D wow your sister is soo nice!! I wish I had a sister! :( yeah you should def join to get the apron haha!!

  4. omgosh top is sooo adorable in that gif! have you watched big bang parodys of dramas?! they're soooo funny my favorite is their parody of secret garden! its hilarious!

  5. The package and letter is sooo cute! I like Big Bang's songs~~~ ^_^

  6. OMG.. any hot Korean celeb in a suit gets me EVERY time <3 *siiiiiigh*

    Cute package & have fun at the wedding!! :D

    SUPER LOL @ TOP and Se7en.... that's gotta be the funniest thin i've ever seen. omg XDDDD Love the little speech bubbles too! XD

  7. what a fab package! XD..ooh can i say that i'm a 2AM fan? hee as i like their songs but sometimes its too soothing that makes me feel so sleepy but their members are erm soso compared to 2PM, they are hwaaatttt!! Nichkhun <3333.
    oh! if you would like to try Bourjois or anything that is not available in us i can send some for you to try! =3

  8. What an awesome package to receive!

    And helloooo 2pm! Stopped listening to their music for awhile because it seemed to lose direction but I'm loving this new one. Chansung screaming into the phone and throwing it to the side looked unbelievably hot!

  9. BIG BANG!! And why is there a heart on TOP?!!! He's mine!!! Kidding, you can keep him whilst I snag Seungri ok? hahaha

    Have you watched the 2PM Shows? I couldn't stop laughing when I watched Episode 5. Moving cookies and such with facial muscles, so lame but funny LOL

  10. OMG WHERE DO YOU BUY BIG BANG CARDS? SOOO cute!!! ahahaha! And your package is sooo fantabulous!!!

  11. Would it have killed them to tear off their shirts at the end of the video?! Just sayin'. ;)

    Love the cute love pack. I spy a Chanel tat and some MBD masks!

    (Thanks for answering my q! Wow, I didn't know some Burberry bags were made there. :\)

  12. What a fabulous package and OMG... I had no idea Korean Boy Bands had guys that were THIS hot??? WOWOWOWOW..... You will have to forgive me because of our age difference ;)

  13. Awesome package! I'm more of a JGS person than big bang haha! Your 'ajuma' is so nice!! I'm a new follower btw - mind following back? :D


  14. nice package you got and LOL this group of korean guys is pretty good looking I must say!

  15. TOP is sooo cute

    Yay! Thanks for dropping me a line !

    :) :) new post!

  16. YAH!! little one!!! i'm not often on blogger, but today's your lucky day maknae, i am AND i'm leaving a comment. (usually never do, laziness controls me) ^^ uhhhh but i have nothing to comment about because i spazz with ya errday....so BAI!! ^3^



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