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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purple Rain

Ok, so this post isn't about Prince but this is the only title I could come up with with the word purple in it XD

Purple is my faaaavorite color. Whenever I buy eyeshadows, the first colors I swatch are always purple ones!!
I own a lot of purple clothes too. My friend once commented that the only colors I ever wear are black, grey, and purple. LOL that sounded really depressing when she said it. So now I am trying to buy other colors when shopping. It's so hard not to just buy purple though! There are so many pretty shades of purple. 

Anywayyyy...here's a purple EOTD I did awhile ago.

I love how vibrant the purple turned out!

I used all Rock & Republic eyeshadows. I really love them! I got quite a few when the site had sales & when Hautelook had sales too. 

For lashes I used my usual Fairy Drops mascara and lined with my Majolica Majorca liquid liner which I hate & am just waiting for it to dry out >.<

Are there too many pictures of my eye? Last one, promise! XD


For my NOTW, I used a Skin Food polish I bought like a year ago in Taiwan and completely forgot about. I remember applying this in front of an air conditioner & it ended up looking like lumpy shiny crap on my nails so I just put it away and forgot about it. 
Tried again and I think it actually looks kinda cool!
It's a very unique finish. Never had another polish quite like this. Looks like foil a bit. It has glitter I think but it's not bumpy when it dries. 
It's kinda tricky to apply. If you apply too much it gets weird & lumpy.
It's called Pedicure Sparkle (but I used it on a manicure, what a rebel I am XD) in #11 I think


Today I got this magnificent leopard (cheetah?) print circle scarf at H&M. I looove circle scarves! They wrap so nicely & make you feel so cozy. Can it be Fall already?! 

I was super digging all the Fall stuff at H&M today but only exchanged something for this scarf. I'm quite proud of myself for having so much self-control hehe

This scarf is HUGE but it's a thin material so it bunches up real nice & looks so prettyyyyy!!! ^o^

There were a lot at the H&M I went to today so it's probably a new item. Woot!


After all...this is the the title of my post...even though this was a few years before I was born XD Prince is still awesome.
And not a KPop video for once! \^o^/



  1. OMGOSH!!!! your eye makeup is AMAZING!!! adore your new leopard print scarf!! i got one at zara's last year and i wear it all the time!! love that pop of leopard :)

    ps. are you from taiwan?? i'm taiwanese too!!

  2. my wardrobe is more depressing..black, white and gray colors! hahaha i love how you did your eye makeup..plus your lashes look great!!! :)

  3. I love the colors purple and gray too! Pretty EOTD. I love the scarf, I'm going to pick this up this weekend hopefully. I don't have a lot of animal print and this looks like the perfect accessory.

  4. Lovvvving the look of that scarf! Definitely my style! Wish they had a H&M where I live =(

    Purple is also one of my favourite colours! I really like the blueish/purple shade you have on. Gorgeous!

  5. That purple shadow looks *fab*!

  6. Oh my goodness.. Purple is SO your color babe!! Purple and the gold highlight looks stunning. Your lashes look amazing too. I am going to look for the Fairy Drops mascara, haha.

  7. That purple really pops - it's your perfect colour!

  8. I love the colours you used! It's super pretty!

  9. this a so pretty! i really like how you blended into a gradient effect... i think i saw the same scarf in the H&M - greta pick..i might pick one up myself haha

  10. purple looks great on you!


  11. ahahah i love purple too! <333 your eotd!its gorgeous!! kind of stop using eyeshadows due to a stupid infection in my eye..boo!! but with the new semester starting i don't have much time= sticking to the basic makeup XD
    ooh the nail polish looks fabulous with a sparkly feel!..i have not tried skinfood nail polish,might have a look on it the next time!
    ok now I'm so looking forward to H&M opening here, hope there will be great deals and not marked up prices =(

  12. I love that eye make up job - how pretty! And the scarf is perfect (I'm a sucker for leopard).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. I rarely ever use purple eyeshadow because over the years...almost every damn makeover I've gotten used purple eye shadow and in a lousy way. I looked like Connie Chung from 1987... I may have to rethink purple after seeing this post because I think it looks beautiful on you! Also...R&R makeup on SALE??? Missed that for sure! Also I love your new scarf...you know I love leopard and I almost bought it yesterday and remembered Bessie you have 30+ scarves put it back! EEK!!!

  14. Purple looks amazing on you and it DOES look rally vibrant! And that scarf looks SO CHIC!

  15. gorgeous eyes! love this post!


  16. Hi dear great post as always! I'm having my first giveaway come join? <3


  17. My wardrobe is like that. It's all black, white, gray, and a tiny bit of brown. .__.

    I see nothing wrong with yuo always using black, gray, and purple, if those are the ones you like best. :)

  18. Omg you have the prettiest eyes!! So jelly. XD I'd love to see you do a eyebrow tutorial one day. I love purple e/s too...hehe. It just works so well on brown eyes. Love your foil-y looking nails! :D

  19. That's a beautiful color! I blog about current Japanere beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  20. your eye make up && eyes are so pretty!!!!
    Love the color~

    I tend to wear the neutral colors a lot, trying to add more color to my closet =p lol but I know what you mean about finding those colors so much more appealing =p

    animal print circle scarf <3

  21. LOVE the look.. haha you're like my sister. she LOVES purple to death.. (maybe you're not that obsessed.. but yeah haha) omg, the skinfood #11(?) nail polis looks absolutely gorgeous.. what do you mean it initially looked like shiny crap? :O
    Love the cute scarf too! ^_^ its such a gorgeous print..!!!

    How sad.. i didn't think of MJ when you were talking about the title.. i was thinking of the guy who sung 'chocolate rain'... idk = =

  22. Purple Rain~ hehe. Lovely EOTD! Loving that purple! (I have Carat too! ^^) And I really like that nail color! Looks kinda of...foil-y. PRETTY!!! :D

    OOh~ I've been hitting up the malls lately and I always tend to gravitate to the fall collection at H&M. Loveeee the scarf! I've been wanting more animal prints lately. XD

  23. Love your eye make up! Very pretty!
    And that scarf looks really good and you're right, it bunches up nicely. I'm usually not a fan of leopard prints in big parts (like a whole dress), but small accessories like these I like!

  24. Nice eye makeup! Purple is fit for all seasons and your new scarf is amazing! H&M really does have the nicest stuff sometimes! You just gotta hunt and the prices are awesome! I need to grab one of these round scarves fast!

  25. Wow, your eyes look fantastic! I love the purple shadow that you used, i'm always looking for different colors/shades for asian eyes. I really love your blog! Thanks for the post :)

  26. Nice makeup, looks wonderful~lol~

    welcome to http://chelseywhitee.blogspot.com/

  27. adorable scarf> I wish we had an H&M locally.
    glad I found your blog
    The Fashionable ESQ

  28. Kyaa! SO beautiful! I <33333333333333 Purple! So funny, but my wardrobe is pretty much also purple, black, and grey. But hey, those colors are awesome~

  29. Your eyes are beautiful

  30. yeah! ross has a lot of home stuff too! i was browsing for stuff when i move out..they even have dining ware and cooking stuff that were so cheap! even rice cookers and coffee makers!

    you should definitely try the OTD top coat. i read that seche vite sometimes causes shrinking or something like that..



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