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Monday, August 8, 2011

Perks Of Being A V.I.B.

It's probably no surprise that I shop at Sephora... a lot XD That place just makes me so happy, even when I'm having an absolutely shit day.

A few weeks back, Sephora was giving away a V.I.B. exclusive MUFE sample set for orders $35+. The store has a rewards program and for those who spend a certain amount within a certain period of time, I forget how much, get upgraded to V.I.B. (Very Important Beauty Insider) status. It didn't take me that long to make V.I.B. status lol I spend too much, or I did (trying to cut back these days >.<)

The MUFE gift set is really cute. I really like the makeup bag because it's clear, but I don't know how well it'll hold up since it's plastic...
It came with a few super tiny samples. I was really happy to get a small size of my favorite HD powder. This stuff can help me stay shine free allllll day, even after going to the gym hahaha not that I'd recommend working out with makeup on...
It also came with a lip gloss, a mini Aqua Eyes pencil liner, and a mini Smoky Lash mascara.

So I was looking forward to trying out the MUFE Smoky Lash mascara since a lot of people seem to love it.

It claims to do everything: volume, length, and curl...does it?

Noooope =.= This definitely does not do anything for my lashes except lengthen a tiny bit. It's not waterproof so I kind of knew before trying it that it wouldn't be able to hold a curl on my Asian lashes. It also did zero volumizing.

Here's a comparison with when I used my HG Fairy Drops mascara. Fairy Drops wins foreverrrr! I'm about to admit defeat...me and American mascaras will just never work out, except for a few Maybelline mascaras that have surprised me XD.

I also decided to redeem my 500-Point Perk gift, which I think is pretty awesome. I got the Too Faced Eye Love palette.

The palette is a pretty generous size and comes with 8 colors as well as a mini Shadow Insurance primer. The palette comes with directions on how to create 4 different looks with the shadows. Obviously you can mix & match to your liking as well. 

I've never tried Too Faced shadows before so I can't comment on whether the quality of the shadows in this gift set differs from the shadows Too Faced sells.

The matte shades are a bit chalky but the metallic ones are sooo beautiful! It looks like liquid metal when swatched ^o^

Here's swatches of the first 4 shadows.
Heaven doesn't show up at all, even on the lids -_-

Swatched on paper.

Swatches of the other 4 shadows
Satin Sheets reminds me of Nars Orgasm blush. It's got a really beautiful gold sheen to it. On the lids though, the pink doesn't show up at all, it just looks gold.

Swatch on paper for Like A Virgin is totally off, ughh. It's a taupey shade, more accurate in the picture above.

I think this is a great gift! For a really long time I just wasn't impressed with the 500-Point gifts that Sephora offered. I don't think this palette is available to redeem anymore -_- but there's currently a Benefit gift set available now...unless they changed it since I went last week. It comes with a really pretty blush and some other things I can't remember.
For me...this was 500 points well spent! \^o^/



  1. Wow, the palette looks great!I love the honeymoon color, I'm always looking for that soft golden color my palettes are always missing :)ahh time to start saving up.. thank you for this! ^_^

  2. Nice little goodies you got and thanks for a review on that mascara. Haven't shopped at Sephora in ages, I may not be qualified for a V.I.B. next year..hehe. I have to agree that Asian eyelashes are stubborn and some American mascara just don't do wonder. I have been missing a fiberwig brand.

    The swatches of your Too Faced eyesshadow are beautiful, love love love those colors.

  3. oh i definitely need to get that fairy drops mascara!

  4. Oh how I love reward schemes! AHAH. I wish there was a Sephora in Australia! The gift is quite generous! I'm loving the look of 'Honeymoon' and 'Ever After' - super pretty,

  5. oooh! i've been seeing that MUFE set online. aww i don't think i'd be joining VIB soon coz i've been avoiding sephora :) the palette looks really nice too

  6. ohhh so lucky!! i LOVEEEE MUFU products especially the HD powder.. i cannot live without that powder hahah

  7. u have gorgeous eyes! :)
    both ur freebies are awesome :) and me too~ american mascara doesnt really work for me either... they ALWAYS smudge on me!

  8. I'm interested to try the Fairy Drops Mascara~ Makes your lashes look stunning!

    Your eyes are really pretty! <3

    We don't have Sephora here yet where I am. Probably good for my wallet. lol.

  9. Shopping at Sephora is always fun! I think you have to spend $500 a year there to be a VIB? Maybe I'm wrong though.

    Sorry the mascara didn't work, I've heard rave things about that mascara too so thanks for the telling pictures. Will avoid.

    The eyeshadow swatches are pretty. ^^

  10. It is $350 of annual spending to become a VIB member...I am one of them as well! What a fantastic gift?? I just got the VIB $35+ gift with purchase this past weekend but I don't recall it being this spectacular! I didn't buy anything exciting, just Clarins Bright Plus Serum, the eyeshadow palette is really pretty!

  11. Points very well spent indeed! I'm such a sucker for eyeshadow palette, and that Too Faced one is very pretty~

    Bahh, the MUFE side look so wimpy in comparison *boohoo* Have you tried Lancome's Hypnose? It's one of the best mascaras that I've ever used!

  12. you are so right, the fairydrops is incomparable to the MUFE one. IT looks awesome on you!!! I'll have to check it out next time! It's always nice to get freebies ;) HOneymoon is so pretty!

  13. omg thats the best sephora perk points gift ever! i hope when i reach 500 they have this or soemthing similar =)

    new follower =)


  14. wow! Where I can get that fairy drops mascara? I'm curious, I was about to get that Smoky Lash mascara too, good I didn't buy it then.

    And that palette shades is so pretty, I love natural shades ♥

  15. great swatches!
    neat post... wanna follow each other!

  16. Omg.. i must get my hands on the fairy drops mascara! Everyone is raving about it.. must try and see if it works - i never have good experiences with ANY mascara.. be it Western or Asian.

    Omg.. im in love with your swatches of Silver Spoon and Honeymoon.. those are absolutely GORGEOUS swatches of metallic eyeshadows! I hope to see a review on the eyeshadows from your too faced palette! :)

  17. Dang, I should've used my points and redeemed the Too Faced Eye Love palette! :\ I don't like the current 500 point perk. I've yet to find an American mascara that works on me too. Good thing you got that for free! Now you make me want to try Fairy Drops...hehe. ;)

    (Thanks for entering! Good luck :)

  18. I love that palette!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  19. Oooh, so that's where the MUFE bag came from! I've seen it on a few blogs and was wondering where they got it from..heh. The typography reminds me of Marc Jacobs. Super cute! Ooh~ and love how you got mini sizes of MUFE products! And yay for the TooFaced palette! I saw this on a few blogs and youtube vids~ WANT!

    lol, I don't spend enough at Sephora to be a VIB...but maybe someday. XD

  20. Wow, I love the mascara comparison! Fairy Drops is CRAZY good!!!!!! =) Ah, I love that Two Faced palette! :) Great swatches!

  21. Love the palette and your makeup. Great pictures!

    Heel in Mint



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