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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mask Review: MBD Earl Grey Tea Masks

Awhile ago My Beauty Diary came out with these limited edition Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Masks. There were tons of great reviews on these so I bought a box on Ebay.
You can still find them on iMomoko and some Ebay sellers as well.

There are 10 masks per box, as usual. But because they are limited edition, sellers usually raise the price a bit when selling internationally >:o
I think I paid around $13 for these on Ebay.

Here's the description from iMomoko:
This limited release mask contains essence from earl grey tea, as well as extracts from macaron. It helps illuminating & clarifying skin, while also remove dullness and revitalize it, leaves you a brightening skin finish.
I don't know how you can get "extracts" from a macaron....but I love how these smell! The scent is very faint but smells like earl grey tea. It's very relaxing =D

I absolutely love these masks! They are one of the most effective MBD masks that I've tried. There's plenty of essence in the pack as usual.
My skin brightened significantly. It made my skin glowy and smooth. The next day, I noticed that my skin was looking much healthier.

Here's a diagram of...how the mask works I think. As usual, my chinese sucks so the only thing I can recognize are the words "top, middle, bottom" LOL
I think the first diagram explains that the mask has 3 layers??
And the second diagram is showing how this helps your skin absorb the essence from the mask better...or I could be totally wrong =.="

Regardless...this mask is great, much better compared to the original MBD masks. I hope they make these permanent! I'm worried they'll disappear & want to buy like 10 boxes of these ^o^


Random pictures time!

I ordered this burger at a diner at like 2am. It was magically delicious! I love that the bread was sourdough and there was avocados in it. I was surprised that the burger was so flavorful...I need to give diners more credit.

Onion ring tower! The rings were alright...the batter wasn't too thick which is important. I mainly ordered this because I was fascinated by the presentation. I've never seen onion rings served like that before ^o^

Watermelon Margarita at Chevy's. Pretty good. 
I prefer the cranberry ones they serve during the holiday season. Anything Christmas related will make me want to order it. hehe can't wait till Christmas!! Only ~4months away! XD

And because my post wouldn't be complete without any eye candy *_*


Almost the weekend! ^.^


  1. I want that OINION RING TOWER! Your post just made me want burger and fries for dinner.

    The Earl Grey Tea sounds like a great mask~ =)

  2. I come on your blog and all I see is food... lol~ It's not helping my eating good habit that I started this week. :P

    I heard Taecyon is dating Jessica from SNSD. :/ I don't know if it's true but that's the rumor going around... hehe~

    What scoop thingy you use?

  3. Great pics, they make me hungry LOL
    I also enjoyed reading your previous post with your make up haul ! I also have Nars deep throat and I ended up using it more than Orgasm blush ! And the lipsticks you bought (YSL and Dior) are my fave ones together with Chanel. I'd like us to follow each other, what do you think ? Kisses


  4. dang food at 2am?! I haven't tried that in a while haha. everything looks so good though!

    Tha masks sounds great... I'd pick some of them up if I were going back to HK!

  5. Happy Weekend! Thank you for my nice sweet comment!

    You burger makes me hungry :) and that guy is HOT!


  6. Taecyeon!! TOP!! Did I ever mention that I prefer Junsu and Seungri? It's better this way yes? We don't have to fight hahahaha xD

    I've never seen onion rings presented so attractively! I'm a fan but it gets too much after a while so I always share onion rings whenever I order them.

    Earl Grey Tea & Macaron is my favourite MBD mask! Am glad that you find it to your liking as well =D $13 isn't bad at all, I've seen it going for >$18. Mind sharing the name of the seller?

  7. I always thought that I was following you via GFC. So sorry, have rectified it!!

  8. Thanks for the review. I love the MBD Early Grey Tea Mask. The material is so thin and cool. Very effective in my experience too.

    The food look great, I like the presentation on the onion rings.

  9. LOL...I "dropped" out of Chinese school after the 2nd year so I can recognize only a very few number of characters... Yeah it is really bad and don't ask what I can write...yikes! As for the food OMG that looks delicious...I actually love greasyspoon diners...I know I know! And that Korean Star is so HOT... What a great feature, food, beauty, and boys :D

  10. I have really wanted to try these out!!
    Seriously, you always make so hungry with your delicious food pics! Haha~
    Great review!

  11. I like the LE Earl grey & macaroon mask too =] it's so pretty~~~~~ i love the matte coating on the packaging!!!

    YUM food porn!!!! i would have ordered the onion ring tower for the presentation too =] looks so cool!!!

  12. I just got that one too and love it :)

  13. Oh hello Sourdough with Avocado! I was thinking of having one today!

    I haven't tried any of the MBD masks - shame on me, shame on me. LOL. But this Earl Grey one sounds really interesting!

  14. I've always wanted to try MBD but my friend who tries tons of cosmetic products said that there was much better ones out there and that MBD is just all about pretty packing.

    If I were to try any of them it would definitely be this one right here. I wouldn't mind a macaron flavor mask 8D

    mmmmmmmm eye candy

  15. For some reason I used my second account to comment on your blog so I thought it was weird that I wasn't following you. Have checked and I'm indeed following you with my main account. So sorry for any confusion and rambling so much!

  16. Hi, looks like your chinese is a lot better than mine :) I'm very curious about the face mask, although, i wonder if you soaked a washcloth in earl grey tea and left it on your face for 20 minutes would it have the same effect (joke- well, kind of). And that onion ring tower is my version of PMS heaven. Yum Yum. And i also have room for eye candy, that guy looked half my age but oh well. Nice to look at. Thanks for the post :)

  17. Omg at the onion rings tower!!! It looks sooo good as for the masks I'm glad that they work for you, I want to try one too hahah I bake macarons and they are mostly egg whites and eggs are protein which are good for your skin, I doubt they actually make real macarons for the masks, I maybe wrong lol

  18. That is just not fair. I'm still desperately searching to try macaroons for the first time, and you're putting it on your face! Haha, jk.

    That drink looks delicious... I'm such a sucker for pretty drinks.

    Style Soufflé

  19. aww thanks hun for welcoming me =] n thanks for following my new blog =]I will most likely stay with my old blog! I have too much love for it to ditch it LOL

    btw I loveee masks!!! I jsut bought a new one but its not in a sheet form.. I like liquid ones =]


  20. Ahahah, my Chinese isn't much better than yours! And traditional chinese is so difficult! D:

    And the food pornnnn!!! *drooling* Here I was thinking I could lose weight by eating a less...but if I was presented with a tower of onion rings I'D EAT THE LOT! Seriously...so delicious looking!!!! And the sandwich...

    I'm not a big fan of watermelon drinks though. I love cranberry magaritas though! XD

    <3 TOP!! I can't believe how hard they work the korean pop stars compared to the lazy bums we get in the western world. All the more reason to SUPPORT!!!!!!

  21. Haha I, too, wonder how they get extracts from a macaron. Thanks for the review! I love MBD masks!

  22. I love a presentation of onion ring tower!! Gosh who can resist onion rings, I love love them. The face masks look so good, it sounds too good to be just facial masks..hehe.

  23. I love your blog! lets follow eachother!

  24. Ohh I've been wanting to try out the Earl Grey Tea & Macaron mask from MBD. Which seller did you order off of for $13?



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