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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make It Bold

I rarely wear really thick eyeliner. I think it makes me look mean(er)! I am already rather unapproachable as it is. If I wore heavy eye makeup all the time, no one would ever talk to me XD

But I got tired of the same old look I am always doing so I decided to go heavier on the liner for a night out with my friends.
Don't I look like a meanie? hahahaha

I usually don't like to line my lower lashline because no matter how smudge proof the liner is said to be, it will usually smudge or disappear by the end of the night. For this look, I used liquid liner for the top since gel liner will still smudge on me. I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for the lower lashline.

Despite MAC Fluidline having such a good reputation for being foolproof, it still smears on me!!! Though compared to others, it does stay on my waterline the longest. It just doesn't outlast my usual liquid liners.
But I can't use liquid liners for my bottom lashline so it does do a decent job compared to a pencil liner, which is guaranteed to make me look like a panda U_U even before I can leave the house!

Since the liner was so intense, I didn't do too much with eyeshadow. I swept a sheer golden shadow over the entire lid & that was it.

Because the liner was rather thick, my lashes looked a lot shorter than usual. So i used false lashes. Amazingly, I was able to apply them perfectly!!! This is quite an accomplishment for me because I usually get glue all over my lid due to a careless blink OTL

My friend commented that I looked rather...intense LOL I think I will wear this look sparingly.
I'm not like the Kardashians, I can't bother to wear 10lbs of eye makeup everyday XD

It always baffles me when they are just "hanging out" in the middle of the day but are wearing a smokey eye as if they're on their way to a club.
What better way to go to a ball game than with false lashes, bronzer, & your hair did! They do all have awesome eye makeup though. Whoever does their makeup is the shit, except a tad heavy on the bronzer 0_o

cr: google images


I made Okonomiyaki again! This is like the only thing I've "cooked" that's never turned into an epic fail. I did a tutorial awhile ago. My mom cut the cabbage for me this time so it wasn't in fat chunks like last time HAHA it was actually shredded ^o^ 
I added corn because I like corn!

And aren't these Hello Kitty Vans freaking awesome?! They were in the kids section XD but sadly...these were actually too big on my lame tiny feet. Probably a good thing since if I were to buy them I'd never wear them. They make me look like I'm 12 years old =_=



  1. I like corn too! Hee hee...the Okonomiyaki looks all kinds of yum. XD And dang, how tiny are your feet? I wear a 5.5 - 6 depending on the shoe but I have a feeling yours is tinier. @_@ I don't think the EOTD makes you look mean. Just more dramatic if that makes any sense? I think it's a perfect look for a night out! =D And oh yah, agree with you on the Kardashians' makeup!

  2. You did an awesome job! I can NEVER line my upper eyelid straight....it always goes crooked and my eye liner always smudges. I use a pencil and was once convinced that the clarins waterproof liner would not smudge...guess if it smudged? HAHA! I'll definitely check out the mac liner you used, and false eyelashes is still a mystery to me!

  3. your liner is flawless!! what liquid liner did you use for the top lastline? it's perfect!

  4. *DROOL* I LOVE Okonomiyaki! Every time I try to explain to people what it is, they give me WTF look.

    I love how the eyeliner looks on you~ I actually love to wear dark makeup to make me look less approachable! Haha. A lot of people tell me I look really young and shy, so I dark makeup makes me look my age.
    I am going to be 20, and people always think I am 16 >_<"

  5. I know what you mean about Fluidline smearing! I wear it on my upper lashline when I go out at night and when I get home, it's all smeared on the bottom of my eye. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's from all the laughing and my eye creasing over too much. Does that make much sense? AHAH.

    I also can't use liquid liners for my bottom lashline - I don't understand how people do it? But yes, when I use pencil underneath, I end up looking like a panda as well! So I always skip it! But then my eye looks like it's missing something?

    The Kardashians always look so immaculate but I guess there's an expectation that they have to look that way. Imagine if one of them stopped going all out with their make up! The media would go crazy about them 'letting themselves go'.

    Okonomiyaki! Yummm! Made me so hungry!

  6. You look good with neutral and dark liner! You just have gorgeous eyes and I think everything will look great on you. :)

    Make me Okonomiyaki!... hehe~ I have never tried it. ;)

    Which WnW palettes do you have?

  7. I feel like I look unapproachable, perpetual mean face but it's really my neutral face. LOL

    I think bold eyeliner looks great on you. Great job in applying the false lashes and I think you hid the band very well. Yeah the Kardashian family always look made up to the t's but gorgeous.

    The Hk shoes are cute, saw them in the display once.

  8. Hi again, I saw the hello kitty vans too!! :) but they were also for adults here, I love the pretty eyeliner look on you and I agree that the Kardashians wear too much makeup even on an easy going day out lol ^_^ and the heavy bronzer excuse might be for the Camera lol!

    I thought your lashes were real haha!

  9. i think your eye makeup is amazing!! and i don't you look like a meanie i think you look sexy.. well your eye looks sexy hahaha.

    dudeeeee... your okonomiya looks FREAKIN' GOOD!!!!

  10. Ha! I also refused to eat chicken feet! but it doesn't get me out of drinking the soup T.T
    I like you with eyeliner!!! you do it so perfectly! I am also completely useless applying false lashes xD

  11. the liner is very well matched with the eyeshadow!
    really love the final result
    and that shoes are so adorable


  12. Love how bold and fierce this looks! Your liner application is perfect!

    Before I read that you used falsies, I actually thought they were your real lashes!

  13. To avoid smearing, try Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner! It won't budge! YSL is also very good!

    Love the look!

  14. the kardashians "sleeps" or "wakes up" with makeup on XD and even "jogging" too lol. i think dark lined eyes are suitable for night times :D and i think it looks quite good on your eyes,i can't do tht look because of my tuck in eyelids T.T btw i saw the hello kitty vans sold for adults here in my country! lol

  15. Those lashes are so wow!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    all about golden children

  16. It's definitely an intense look but it's also really beautiful!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  17. Love your eye make up! It reminds me of some of the Korean singers...Park Bom? I've no idea what their names are, but I've seen a few YouTube gurus doing tutorials on how to achieve this look. It's hard to judge from the pics whether it makes you look less approachable, but I think you eye look hot! :D
    I like to do the wing thing, but I usually only line the top so it's less intense.

    I love okonomiyaki, too!! I've only tried to make it once and it was a major flop. I hate that I can't get okonomiyaki in my city and anyway good ones are hard to find here in the UK. Can't wait to go home. I'm going to check out your recipe now :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. The eyeliner is stunning and the lashes look great with it, it's so fierce ^^
    and Hello Kitty is for all ages right? ^-^

  19. I love these looks on you! They look amazing :) Ahh! I'm sure you're a make up pro in disguise! =P I totally understand what you mean about the panda eyes.. I get out, an hour later i look like i got punched in the eye or didn't get enough sleep! Ahhh, those HK shoes are so super cute! <33 Your okinomiyaki looks so pro too~

  20. people say i look mean naturally too ahaha but you look awesome with that liner! and those shoes are tooo cute <3 :)

  21. gahh! does that mean you could buy shoes that looks very pretty but are for kids? thats great!!
    preettyy and perfect,love the eotd!intense and kpoppy XD
    noms on your okonomiyaki <3

  22. Girl, your eyeliner is perfect. Speaking from someone who can't draw a straight line here. Very fierce and dramatic, I want to try.

    Those Kadashians always look perfect. Their eye look. makeup is like their signature. Your food makes me drool!

  23. Your Okonomiyaki dish looks amazing, I've never had it...and your lashes are beautiful.

  24. love how you lined your eyes! nah, it doesn't make you look unapproachable :)

  25. This is so nice, like it a lot!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  26. Your Okonomiyaki looks delish!!

    I can never get fake lashes on properly, I've given up on trying now hahaha.

    Love your thick eyeliner, you have lovely eyes!! :D

  27. What? I think that the eyeliner makes you look fierce and sassy which isn't a bad thing! I think it's sexy! Plus I love how they are nicely shaped around your eyes. When I apply eyeliner it never looks that intense, not sure why :(

    Ooooh the okonomiyaki looks delicious and I'm checking out the tutorial right now!

  28. You look very sexy with this liner style! I wish I was able to cook Okonomiyaki, seems delicious but I'm so bad at cooking xD

  29. ur eyes are so gorgeous!!! they don't look mean at all!!!

  30. Holy smokies, you always do such a great job on your eyes. The liner and lashes make you look fierce- grrrr :) I always have problems with liners smudging as well (darn tiny asian eyes). I currently use Stila's smudgeproof liner and it does the job, but it's a pencil and I would love to try a liquid liner. I also can't be bothered to wear pounds of makeup on my face as well. The Kardashians are kind of a freak show, but admittedly very fun to watch. Thanks for the post :)

  31. the black liner looks good!


  32. I love the fierce eye make up!!!! perfect for a night out~ the lashes look so natural, if you didn't say they were falsies I would have thought they were real!!!

    A lot of eyeliners smudge on me too, no matter how I set it =[ I can't imagine wearing that much make up everyday...that's the whole 9 yards then some lol

    *droooool* the okonomiyaki looks really good!!!! checked out your tutorial, gonna look for a mix too!!! lol saves time =D

  33. thank you for this post!!!it was so so helpful!! kisses

  34. love your line! so bold and fierce but really lovely looking..
    i'm with you--the fluidline smear up with me too.. terrible! because of my small eyes? idk, but i'm quite satisfied with LM cake powderliner +activator.. but i would love to try all the things that you've used..

    i followed you hun.. glad i came acroos your blog! love it. hope we can keep in touch.


  35. you really know how to rock a great eyeliner!!


  36. really cute, and the whole photo-shoot is awesome! Great blog dear, congrats! Would you like to visit mine, and why not follow each-other? Let me know:



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