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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lashes! Lashes!

So awhile ago, KKcenterHK was kind enough to send me 2 types of lashes to try out and review. Thank you!!

I am not even close to being a pro at applying lashes. It takes me like 5 minutes...per eye HAHAHA ok maybe not that long, but I just freak out every time I'm about to apply them because once I screw it up, all my eye makeup I took forever to apply will be ruined! >o< 

So when deciding which lashes I wanted to review, I decided to give myself a challenge and picked style A748. These are the ES 10 Pairs Black Spiky Tail False Eyelashes and sell for $12.50 a box. 

These lashes have a much thicker band than ones that I typically use.

I really liked this style because it wasn't too long and the lashes were rather soft, not super stiff & fake plastic like some really cheap lashes are. 
However...I really suck at applying lashes and just could not get these to stick. These are not even super stiff bands, but the ends just kept sticking out and my eye looked like a hot mess T_T So I had to get creative. It worked out in the end though! You will see... ^.^

I also picked out style A188 which are bottom lashes. They're called the ES 10 Pairs Black Lower Bottom Lashes Clear Band and are $8.80 a box. I've never tried bottom lashes before either so I was super excited! 

After my failed attempts at lashes with a thick band T_T I was really happy to see that these have a super thin clear band. Really really easy to apply. 

But since I'm Asian, my natural lower lashes are nearly nonexistent so these looked very obviously fake on me. Too dramatic & I looked like a scary doll when I wore the entire strip. lol I would definitely suggest cutting up the strip into small segments and apply sparingly if you want a natural look. 
But if you're aiming for a Jersey Shore look, apply the whole strip!! ^o^

So here's my EOTD using these lashes. I find that since these are really dramatic lashes, they were much more suitable for when I had a lot more eyeliner on than usual. 

Like I said, I epic failed at applying the top lashes because the band was a bit too stiff than what I'm used to. Those who are experts at lash application should have no problems with these lashes. 
I ended up cutting these in half and applying them to the outer corners. They really elongated my eyes & I like the effect!

By applying the lower lashes in segments, they really blended into my eyeliner and looked pretty natural. Yay!

Overall, I am happy with the quality of the lashes for the price. They'll last me forever since I cut these up into segments to use. 

And for my NOTW I used Essie Sand Tropez which is sooo pretty! It really does remind me of sand hahaha (& matches my bathroom wall LOL)
Unlike a lot of Essie's polishes which are super runny and sheer, Sand Tropez is super opaque and only needs 2 coats.

Oh and last week I made Onigiri. I found these rice mix thingies I bought forever ago that I never used. And found fish roe in the freezer that I never used up from before. I added a sushi rice vinegar mixture to the rice to give it more flavor. Tasted pretty good! I stuck some unagi I also found in the fridge in the center.

And the leftover rice...I rolled into balls and slapped unagi pieces on top LOL was too lazy to even cut the unagi into smaller pieces. Luckily my family doesn't really care about appearance of food ^o^

I think the rice looks so pretty with the fish roe mixed in!!

So if you have a bunch of leftover stuff in your kitchen...make Onigiri!



  1. the onigiris and unagi looks sooo yummy ^^ the Essie Sand Tropez nail polish reminds me so much of OPI's Strangers Tide from their Pirates of the Carribean collection.

  2. It takes you 5 minutes to do each eye? It takes me at least 15 minutes to do one! AHAH.

    You look gorgeous with those lashes, especially the bottom ones! Cutting them in half was a good eye since it looks a lot more natural.

    Also, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I remember commenting on your blog a few entries back and had difficulties following you. So I was going to come back later to follow you but I lost your URL! AHAH, that's my little story of the day! I'm following you now!

  3. I am absolutely terrible at applying false lashes - I'm still looking for the right lashes (not to mention glue) for me.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Excellent post! Great lashes, nails, and food porn!

  5. The lashes looks so pretty on you!! <3

    Yumm Onigiri!! :D xxx

  6. You look gorgeous! I need to rock false lashes!

  7. I gave up on falsies long time ago due to the fact that I can't apply them lol. Your eyes look very dramatic with those lashes, you did a great job. Oh and I love your nail color and rice balls look so delish.

  8. Thanks for the lash review. I think you did a good job at applying it. It really does elongate your eye and I liked how you cut it in half.

    Ohh Essie Sand Tropez is pretty, a great neutral. You have perfect nails btw! I cannot shape mine for the life of me.

    The onigiri looks great. I've only had oniqiri a few times but I always used to see it in anime and thought it looked delicious. ^^

  9. OHHHHH!!! your eyes look so pretty and big!! love!!

    yummms i love eel and rice :)!

  10. You did an amazing job! WOW...I've had false eyelashes applied once and that was when Smashbox did it two weeks ago! If I could do 1 eye in 5 minutes I would super happy...this is an amazing job and I'd like to try out this brand! Also I love the nail polish colour you featured, very pretty and again, you did a beautiful job! I am just not crafty...simply put it!

  11. I love the eyelashes on you~ And your eyeliner is stunning! xo

  12. You applied the lashes perfectly!! What are you talking about! hahaha A corner of the eyelashes always pops off for me ): and then stabs me in the eye!! haha~ So irritating >< but good job on applying them! (: & thank you for the review! The EOTD you made looks really good~

  13. The eyelashes look gorgeous on you and omg those rice balls look so delish!! <3

  14. Are you sure you're not a pro?! D:
    Your eye make-up skills look pretty good to me :P haha
    Love what you did with the lashes, they look amazing on you ^_^
    Omgg,, onigiri <333 *sigh* i'm hungry now LOL you succeed.

  15. the lashes look amazing on you =] love the eye look you did~ so sexy and fierce!!!

    yummm the rice balls so good =]

  16. Aww, love those lashes on you!!! They look really natural~ even the bottom ones! :]

    Ahhhhh ONIGIRI! OISHII-SOU~ heh heh. And unagi~ wah. Making me hungry. XD

  17. The rice ball looks so yummy *drool worthy*!!! :)

    You have such gorgeous eyes. I love the look with the falsies. :)

    Thank you for the warm welcome all the time! :)

  18. you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  19. Unagi!!! *foams and froths at your pictures*

    IKR?! Lashes can ruin our eyemakeup that we painstakingly labored over for 30mins! I kind of like the lower lashes, but yeah applying the whole strip will make it look very fake =[

  20. the food OMG *_* I want some right now >< -getting hungry ahhh- thanks for the review! I never wore false lashes before, but I have been wanting to try some for quite some time now ^_^ oh and pretty nail polish! seems like everyone raves about that particular nail polish!

  21. The lashes look really natural on you! Wow! I love your eye make up, too.

    The onigiris are so cute. Looks yummy.

    In reply to your comment: Yeah, I want a pair of the HK earrings, but
    a) I'm still on my shopping ban
    b) My bf constantly guilt-trips me by telling me we're skint and I don't need more jewellery (to be fair, I told him to do it when I started my shopping ban so I would be disciplined haha)

    Show us if you do get anything

  22. Oh, and sweetie, thank you for voting for me. You've no idea how much that means to me! As promised...*hugs and kisses*

  23. Whoa...I saw your Chanel banner and knew right away I'd like your blog. =D

    I'm pretty lousy when it comes to falsies. Tried it a few times and was an epic fail...lol. You did a nice job!

    Sand Tropez looks really pretty! And I like how you made the onigri. =D

  24. the lashes look amazing on you! I wish I had the patience to put them on everyday. Maybe for special occasions, but it's not worth buying them if I only wear them once! haha.

    The onigiri look super delish!!!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  25. I love your eyelashes!!!:)especially the lower ones

  26. those lashes look great on you! i've been sent some too..i've been practicing on putting them but i'm getting there..hahaha they're a pain to put on..either my hands are shaky or i end up blinking and it sticks to my real lashes...and then i have to redo everything

  27. I could possibly do with out the pink Essie shade, but I definitely need the rest of the fall collection. You made these lashes look really good. My mom bought me some cheap lashes from HK, but they are wayyyyy too dramatic, I can't pull them off.


  28. dang you eye makeup looks amamzing there! dramatic and sexy! I could never pull that off :P Awww cute onigiris!!

  29. lashes galore!!!! man, i have to keep practicing putting fake lashes on :( last time, i succeeded but my mistake was that i used a black glue instead of clear so some time in the evening, my sister in law was lke.. what are those black streaks on your eye lid? hahaha! stupid glue!!! P.S that onigir looks yuuuuuuuuuummy! i could just pop those like chips. haha!



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