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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How To Haul Frugally (n_n)v

The wonders of store credit!! Awhile ago, I was gifted the Clarisonic Mia as a graduation present. But that thing didn't do anything but make my skin super bumpy & irritated. Guess my skin is too sensitive!
Well I didn't have a receipt but Sephora, the store with the best return policy on earth, still let me return it and get store credit. Yippeeee!!  
So...I had a little over $200 in store credit to spend at Sephora. It's like Christmas came early!!! *cue church music*

I was so excited, but thought long and hard about what I wanted to buy. Lol. I took this chance to get some stuff I typically wouldn't want to spend that much money on. 
No, I didn't spend all $200 at once. Still have like... $10 left hahahah
Sighhh $200 really can't get you all that much at Sephora -_- such a sad reality

I went lipstick crazy. I've been dying to try out the new Dior Addict lipsticks since they came out. But at $28 each...I only looked lovingly at them as I passed LOL 
I also got another YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ because I love the other one that I got a long time ago.

Just the packaging alone for these is enough to make me drool *_*

I picked up the Dior Addict in Tokyo. These are $28 each (superrr expensive!)
These lipsticks are sheer and super moisturizing. The color is definitely buildable though. 
Tokyo is a Sephora exclusive (another reason to make me want it more hehe) and described as a "sheer peachy pink." 
My camera failed to capture it's true color but I did my best to adjust the picture. -_-

I also picked up Tulle, which is described as a "light beige." 
But to be honest...in the tube, it kind of looks just like Tokyo >.< 
I do love this shade though, it's a great "my lips but better" shade. 

Here's the swatches to compare the two. Tulle is more beige but only slightly. On the lips, Tokyo is more pink. I'm not sure if I should keep both since they are so similar. 
Perhaps I should keep one & exchange the other?? Which one should I keep then?? HELP!

I also got the YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ in #2 Sensual Silk (I had no idea a lipstick could sound so sexual lmao). These are $34 each (holy shit! yay for store credit!)
It's described as a "creamy pinkish beige" 

I must note that these descriptions are kind of crap. I also have #1 Nude Beige, which is described as a "creamy neutral beige" but I compared the two, and #1 is way more pink than #2. Who writes these descriptions?! 

#2 is a great warm nude color that doesn't make me look anemic when I wear it. Yay! The formula is soooo creamy & smooth. But there's that signature YSL weird fruity/old lady scent but I don't really mind. 

Picked up two blushes. I've never tried anything from Illamasqua before so I got one of their blushes to try. Also picked up a NARS blush. =] 

I got an Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover. This was $24. 
I love the shape of these containers. And how there's a window so you can see the shade of what you're using. But it's kind of bulky for travel though.
Lover is described as a "vibrant apricot" and is matte. It wasn't chalky when I swatched it in the store. I've been really into peachy/orange blushes lately. Hopefully this works on me!

I got a NARS Blush in Deep Throat. This was $27. 
This is described as a "peach with shimmer." 
It's very similar to Orgasm, which I already own. I like that Deep Throat is less shimmery than Orgasm though. 

I'm on the fence about whether I really need this or not...If you guys have suggestions for other NARS blushes, throw them my way! 

Next is something that I totally squealed over when I saw. teeheeee
I picked up the tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette. This is $28 and limited edition (another reason that I HAD to get it ^o^) 

OHMAHGAWD this is super adorable. Look at all the cute characters! 

The palette comes with 6 shadows. They were pretty pigmented when I quickly swatched them in store. 

I still need to rethink if this is a must-keep. Most of the shades in this palette, I have. I'd keep it just to stare at how cute it is...I doubt I'd use it all that much. I think I've used my other tokidoki palettes like a total of 5x >.<
But I think this is a pretty good deal. For $28 you get 6 shadows, nearly the same price as a NARS blush...

I caved and got this ridiculously adorable Royal Pride Compact Mirror. This was $8. 
It's kinda cheaply made though...mine is sorta defective because it doesn't close all the way. I'll see if they are all like that or if I just picked up a bad one -_-

Oh herro dere, fwend! \^o^/

 If there's any products from Sephora that are worth trying, please feel free to share! XD


I've had this song stuck in my head since I've heard it hehe. It's called Busan Lady.
Rain was my first KPop obsession everrr! This man's the shit at dancing, makes you go "Omo!" HAHA

I even went to his concert in Las Vegas over a year ago & spazzed next to a bunch of Japanese ahjummas hahahaha damn, those ahjummas took crazy to a whole other level! 

Apparently Rain wrote this song about a woman he happened to see in Busan. What a lucky lucky lady ^_~



  1. it definitely feels good if you're not paying money for it lol! Nice haul! Lover is definitely one of my fave colours. I kinda miss using it.. definitely will dig it out again once I'm back in Japan!

  2. WOWOWOWOW!!! That is a MAJOR haul you've got there and now you've got an extra 200 VIB points AHH!!! Now what will you do with all those points! I've been wanting to get a Nars blush...I think it'll be part of my fall cosmetic purchase :)

  3. I love sephora and love, love Nars! I use deep throat blush almost everyday!! Stumbled upon your blog. Love that you shared your makeup purchases. I keep thinking about doing a makeup post and you've inspired me.


  4. The full sized Clarisonic make my skin all bumpy too. Awesome haul. I also love the packaging of the lipsticks. The Tokidoki stuff is really cute too. I love Rain, one of the first Korean idols I heard about.

  5. Yayy for store credits (or redemption points etc XD)!!

    You have a awesome haul there!

    I wish we have a Sephora here XD


  6. wth! so lucky!!! good thing the clarisonic didn't work hahaha or else you wouldn't have scored those deals asap! the tulle swatch looks nice! i've been wanting deepthroat for ages!

  7. I prefer Orgasm over Deep Throat - I'd return the other Nars blush if you've already got Orgasm. I'd also keep Tulle instead of the other lipstick - the other one looks Orange/terracota :/!
    The Fashionable ESQ

  8. Wow...I would go crazy if I had $200 store credit!!! Pity the MIA didn't work, but the returns policy really is amazing!

    The lippies are super pretty! I'm not much of a lip person though, so I haven't got many lipsticks! D: I can't justify to spend so much!!!! >< And the blush is gorgeous!!!

    I LOVE RAIN!!!!!!!! He was also the first exposure I had to korean music. OMG you went to see him live?!!! I would totally be spazzing next to you if I could!

  9. Oh my.. I LOVE this haul! All these makeup items are so up my alley especially the YSL and Dior lip products~ Gotta love store credits, haha.

  10. Beautiful haul! I'm in the same boat as you, I have $300ish in store credit there at the moment. I'm dumb, I know, for losing receipts. :( But I love the lippies and blushes that you chose.

  11. tulle is such a gorgeous color!

  12. Awesome post, i just kept scrolling, scrolling to see all the goodies that you bought. I'm a huge fan of YSL lipsticks and squealed a bit when I saw the the color that you chose. Gorgeous. Plus, I am a huge fan of Nars Blushes, I wear Gina- it's a true peach color that I sometimes mix with Orgasm. And you're right, $200 doesn't get you much, but hey, better than nothing, right? Thanks for the post!

  13. awesome haul =] the Dior lipsticks are gorgeous, if you choose to keep one, definitely tokyo =]

    <3 peachy blushes, even though i rarely wear any gotta check out the illamasqua one!!!

    rain <3 definitely one of my first kpop crushes, but was his role in Full House then his music lol

  14. I've been wanting new makeup and have been dreaming of Sephora lately...


  15. Oh my goodness, get out of here! The YSL lipstick was $28?! It's $49 over here! I knew we overcharged, but I didn't think it was by THAT much!

    Have you tried YSL's Sheer candy. They're SHEER heaven! AHAH!

  16. You got so many amazing things! I have the Clarisonic, and actually really like it. Maybe the brush head you were using was too rough for your skin? I love all the products you exchanged it for though! You should just keep both the lipsticks - I think both colors are really pretty. And I love the Tokidoki makeup items - the packaging is so irresistibly cute!

    And I looooove Rain. He's probably my biggest celebrity crush haha. Even nearing 30, he still looks super hot :D

  17. omgosh 200 bucks to spend at sephora is like a dream come true hahahaha. omg that toki doki set is SOOO crazy cute!!!

    i swear dior and YSL make the most AMAZING packaging EVER!!!

  18. please keep the tokidoki set :D too cute to let go lol lol :D

  19. Wow awesome haul! :) I agree makeup are getting more and more expensive.. ^.~

  20. *_____* eye candy!! love your haul!! I especially <3 your tokidoki items!!

    I want a Sephora in Germany as well!! sigh.... but that wish will never become true because we have a similar shop called Douglas... however, they don't carry brands like Nars, Laura Mercier, Tokidoki etc. double sigh.

  21. Sorry the Mia didn't work - I use a regular Clarisonic Plus on slow speed with a delicate, rather than sensitive brush, and it works realy well.

    I love your entire haul!!

  22. Super cute haul! Love all the things you've gotten :D Esp the TokiDoki palette.. its so cute! <3

    btw, random Q .. again LOL, are you left handed? XD Coz your swatch picture looks like you used your right hand .. haha *stalker*

    Anyways, SUPER CUTE HAUL <3
    And omgg, i LOVE that song~

  23. omg maknaeee wae u keep buying makeup when u have tons oredi!!! i guess i'll let u off this time cuz it was store credit! lol

    super haul u got there!! you make me wanna try the Nars in Deep Throat. i've always been faithful to my Orgasm but it is a little bit shimmery. it's running low so next time, i'll just get Deep Throat. if it looks like crap on my face, i'll make you refund it when u get here! lol

    urghh you make me wanna buy YSL lipsticks again..the ones i bought, i barely even touched but it looks too nice!! its hard to resist.

    i also recently did a haul at sephora, but more fore skin care. that place is evil i tell ya!!

  24. Aww, the tokidoki packaging is so adorable! I love how it came with a charm! I've always loved how Yves Saint Laurent's packaging looks, but Dior is definitely my favorite! By the way, thank you so much for the follow! ^^

  25. Love the lipsticks!! You're so lucky you got to spend $200 at Sephora!! I've been wanting to get a YSL lipstick.


  26. So true that $200 doesn't get you much at Sephora, but at least you don't have to pay jacked up Sephora Canada prices?
    You're gonna love the Diors, they're amazing!
    I am still patiently waiting for the day when Illamasqua comes to Canadaland T.T
    HA! I've always wondered what the Clarisonic does, I secretly compare it to an electric toothbrush xD

  27. I saw some of your posts and you are very creative when it comes to make-up! My jaws dropped couple of times! :)

    FASHION IMPERATIVE is inviting you to take part in our first giveaway that you might like!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  28. yeaaa.. 200$ cant get u much from sephora but still that's not little =]... u can probably buy one of everything at ELF with thier 50% promo code or soemthing lol.. jkjk.. anyways that palette is soooooo darnnn CUTE omgg!!!!! great buy!! and I dont own any nars period. lol so I cant suggest anything for u =[


  29. Wow! Awesome haul~
    That is definitely the best way to haul!

  30. I love this post, Nars make up is really good as well!!!!
    I just came across your blog from a comment you left on another and it was a pleasure to find you! Keep up the great blogging, i LOVE seeing what other people are wearing and how they present their blog to others. Please take a look at my blog as well and follow it is you like it :)

  31. Wow they sure have a great return policy!!love how you spend the kaching and getting so many different items! the tokidoki looks so cute! I heard luster is a great nars blush too!



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