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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling Blue

So...I went shopping. Surprise! XD But I only went to take a gander at all the Fall arrivals & pick up a few things for some friends.
And...went back to Yogurtland to gawk at the adorable HK stuff (=^x^=)

I can't wait for it to be cold again! I dislike warm weather because the clothes just don't interest me as much...yes my choice of favorite season is based on clothing options XP

And YES it gets cold in California! Sometimes it can be in the low 50F & it rains!! >.< Yes...that is considered cold for me haha

Fall means sweaters & scarves & coats & boots! And then the holiday season!! I am already super excited for Thanksgiving & Christmas (yes, I am that super annoying holiday-loving person)! \^o^/ 

I went to H&M and picked up 2 things, both blue coincidentally. I like blue...it's one step closer to not wearing only neutral colors. Yay for me!

I got a cobalt blue blazer!! It caught my eye as I was leaving & then I couldn't stop thinking about it after hehe. So I went back and got it. I love this color!!!!!! And the material is really soft & lightweight. It's one of their eco-friendly pieces. 
The lining in the sleeves is this gorgeous floral print!! 
I love how it looks with the sleeves rolled up. I have to roll them up anyway since I'm super short & the sleeves are way too long >.<

I got this in a size 4, my usual H&M size. Fits perfectly! I also got 20% off this because I signed up for the H&M newsletter. Yay! So remember to sign up for this to get the coupon if you plan to hit up H&M!!

I also got this navy blue shirt dress. It's a thick flowy material. I love how the gold buttons stand out. It's very loose & easy to wear, perfect to wear if you're gonna go eat at a buffet LOL
It doesn't look as wide as it does in the picture when worn.

This dress is very short though. I'm only 5ft tall so it hits me mid-thigh. If you're taller, this will probably be too short, but it could still work with tights/leggings.
I plan to wear this w/ leggings & boots when the weather gets colder.

I was going to get this in a size 2 since it fit better overall except it was a bit tight in the shoulders. Plus when I tried to take off the size 2, it took like 10 min. XD I thought I'd have to live in that dress forever! So I grabbed a size 4 instead. It would've been nice if there was a zipper or a few buttons down the back or something.


Here's a quick EOTD I did with some copper shadow. I've been loving copper! It's a great change from always using browns. 
My eyes decided to have a mind of their own & for some reason I have triple eyelids on both eyes. 
This is probably what my eyes will look like if I ever get eyelid surgery done incorrectly T_T

Puahaha it'd have to be a reaaaally botched surgery done in an alley or something for my eyelids to end up looking like this! I hope it goes away soon. Ahhhh!


I did a gradient-ish NOTW. I used NARS Orgasm nail polish about 1/3 the way down the nail. Then just dabbed some chunky gold glitter in the middle of the nail. I went over the whole nail with a fine glitter polish in gold.
The Orgasm polish has a bit of a gold tint so it blends really well with the gold glitter. =D


Say herro to my Herro Kitty tea cup! Makes tea drinking that much more enjoyable XD

Another week begins! Have a good one :D


  1. eeek!!! that cobalt blue blazer is GORGE!! i'm totally obsessed with all things cobalt blue now too you are totally going to rock that!!

    i loooooove your gold gradiant nails! i'm going to try doing that tehehee.

    aww hello kitty tea cup is so cute!! :)

  2. I have yet to visit Yogurtland for the cute Sanrio cups!!

    <3 The blue blazer too. What a great find! I haven't been to H&M in a while. I practically love everything they have!

    Your triple eyelids look super unique! LOL it's funny they decided to triple together on the same day. :P

  3. I LOVE the hello kitty cup <3

    ♥Hosting Giveaway♥

  4. I love the blue blazer~ Especially how the inner lining is floral~

    Copper looks gorgeous on you babe. I really love copper and bronze eye shadows~

    LOL at your comment about your triple eyelids! hahaha

  5. Love the dress! Your eye makeup is so pretty!

  6. Cute cup~! the triple eye lid thing happens from time to time to me.. But would feel awkward.. pretty notd! :)

  7. Hello Kitty makes everything taste better ^^
    my eyes does that sometimes too but at least they're still even ^^
    and I love your nails the gold glitter is so pretty ^-^

  8. I love your 'blue' picks. The blazer is such a great pop of color and perfect for fall! And, I am a huge fan of buffet dresses, what's the point of buying something tight that you can't eat in, right? Your eyes look gorgeous. You don't need eyelid surgery, you have way more lid then a lot of asian people that I see (including myself). Thanks for the post!

  9. the tea cup is so cute,i will be totally motivated to drink more tea if i hve a cup like that. and the blue cobalt blazer is gorgeous!!!

  10. LOVE the cobalt blazer and the floral lining <3
    lol I know what you mean, if i bought cute summer clothes then i can't wait for it to be summer, if i bought cute winter clothes, can't wait for it to be winter =]

    omg yah!!! that's happened to me too =[ can you imagine if we had to walk out of the dressing room to ask for help, or pay for the item w/ it on >< ahhhhh scary

    pretty copper eotd =]

  11. The blazer is gorgeous and so is that dress! I was looking at it as well but decided not to get it because it was definitely too short on me and I am getting too old to pull of that kind of stuff...LOL! I like the eye-make up you did! The colours are beautiful and I can never do a tri-coloured look well! Glad to hear that you still have your dexterity 5 yrs since hitting the keys!

  12. i LOOOVVEEE that blue blazer!!! it also looks REALLY comfy!!!

  13. i love that blue blazer! it's so pretty, and i love the copper eyes! i'm still trying to find a good copper color, so lazy with putting on makeup nowadays!

    thank you for subscribing by the way hun!

  14. oooh, a cobalt blazer!! i'm totally gonna have to see if my H&M has it!

    and i love your eye makeup. sooooo pretty!!

    cute & little

  15. omg that blazer is beautiful!! I love the bright cobalt blue. I'm actually looking for a blazer that's a bit longer as well, but still haven't found the perfect one for me.
    Your nails look so pretty. I've yet to master gradient nails. I know people say it's easy, but I just don't know how. Gah.
    Your HK tea cup is sho cuteeee! I like how Kitty's eyes are closed here.

  16. Loving the copper eyeshadow and the cobalt blue items you got!


  17. the cobalt blue blazer with flowery lining is gorgeous. i got 2 blazers over the weekend as well. like you, can't wait for fall. i'm done with summer.

  18. I love the colors you chose for your eye makeup, girlie. So pretty, you should do tutorials so I can improve my makeup skills. Talking about triple eyelids, boy I do have that sometimes..gotta blame on Asian gene..hehe. The blue blazer is stunning, that color is going to be hot this fall on top of mustard yellow. Thank you for entering my giveaway and your sweet encouragement :)

  19. Aw that cup is so cute. Being a native Californian, I agree that 50 is really cold. Haha 6o is too cold for me. Annnd 80 is too hot. LOL

    I love your NOTD, reminds me of Asian style nails.

    You linked your eyes perfectly.

    Oh thanks for letting us know about the H&M newsletter.

  20. lovely post ! gorgeous blazer !

  21. I cannot love enough stuff in this post. The blazer, the pretty eye makeup, the amazing nails! I definitely wanna try the nail design. So creative and cool!

    Style Soufflé

    P.S. It makes me super happy to know we have the same Piperlime boots!

  22. Love the cobalt blue blazer and navy shirt dress! Saw the same dress at H&M a few weeks ago, but it look really weird on me since I'm top heavy and curvy. It made me look fatter, if anything! :(

  23. your eye makeup is so beautiful! copper looks amazing on you :D I love that blazer you chose, it seems like a popular colour for this fall!



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