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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beauty Buffet Masks

So I'm fiiinally review these masks that my aunt gave me when she was visiting from Taiwan...which was like almost 2 months ago >.<

She got me a lot of Beauty Buffet masks. These aren't really available outside of Asia since this brand is exclusive to Watsons, a super awesome drugstore in Asia, like Sasa. They sell like every possible Asian makeup brand you could imagine. I hit up a Watson's like everytime I pass by one when in Taiwan...which is often, they're everywhere hahaha

So there's like zero English on the packaging for these masks -_- I can't read Chinese so I did some googling. The orange box is Vitamin C & Neroli Facial Mask.
The yellow box is CO Q10 Facial Mask.
The purple box is Grapeseed & Green Tea Mask
(if I'm wrong...please tell me! ^o^)

These masks are very thin, & fit nearly identical to the MBD masks. MBD masks have a lot more serum though. Beauty Buffet masks, I find, dry a bit quicker than MBD. But usually lasts a good 20-30 minutes.

Vitamin C & Neroli Mask (10 pack)
This is suppose to be a brightening & revitalizing mask. I think it may help whiten your skin as well ( I am only assuming since I can recognize the Chinese character for "white" on the packaging LOL so don't quote me on this!)

Ok I just asked my Agasshi CS to translate & i guessed right. YAY!

I really liked this mask. It did brighten my skin after I used it, however not for days after, obviously. My skin did look a bit whiter (so I looked even more ghostly ^o^) after I took off the mask. It does do what it says it does, so I have no complaints. My skin felt very well moisturized the morning after.

CO Q10 Mask (10 pack)
This mask, like most other CO Q10 masks helps tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It's suppose to improve skin elasticity.

I've used quite a few CO Q10 masks, but since I don't really have too many fine lines (yet T_T) I never really see any drastic results from using these masks.

But after using this one, my skin did feel tighter. My skin looked and felt a bit bouncier. But as usual when using sheet masks, the results are only temporary. After I woke up, my skin felt & looked pretty much the same. It just left my skin very moisturized the next day which I like.

Grapeseed & Green Tea Mask (5 pack)
According to CS's translations this mask also has green tea in it.  It is suppose to replenish and moisturize skin. A pretty basic moisturizing mask.

This mask also works well. My skin was very moisturized after using as well as the morning after. When my skin is well moisturized, I don't get oily as easily. After I used this, I noticed that the day after, my skin stays shine-free longer. So this is a win ^.^

Overall, I would recommend Beauty Buffet masks if you can find them near you. I know that these are hard to find outside of Asia but if you live in Asia, go check out Watsons!
I wouldn't say they are super amazing, they perform pretty similarly to MBD masks.
I just find it fun to try out new brands of masks XD

I have no idea how much these cost since I got them as gifts but I can't imagine them costing too much more than MBD masks, especially in Asia.

Thanks Agasshi for translating!! Sorry I made you blind XP


Because we all feel ugly sometimes •_•



  1. I wish I wasn't so lazy to use face masks! I used to be so into them. I'm glad you got to try something new. :)

  2. Darn, why isn't Sasa.com selling these? T_T Lucky girl! :D I lurve Watson's too! I hit it up whenever I'm back in HK. Love the song and vid!

    (Let me know how you like the sunscreen! It's not milky though. It's in cream form but nice if your skin is on the dry side like mine :)

  3. I have never heard of these, but the pouches look soo cute xD

  4. i havent seen these before! must check it out next time!

  5. Those sound really neat - wish they sold them in the US.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I love 2NE1

    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

  7. I love sheet masks! I wish we had Watson's in the U.S. My Taiwanese friend told me they sold beauty masks at 7/11 or gas stations even. Jealous. XD The packaging is cute and they sound great. Love 21ne1. ^^

  8. I wonder if the green tea one smells like green tea.... :)

  9. Might just get these to try the next time i hit up watsons! :) i hope they have these in my country's watsons lol. too many on the rack so usually i go for the safe ones - MBD. Thanks for the review!

  10. Following you back, thank you xx Joice

  11. The Vitamin C masks sound great =) I like skincare that brightens =D The packaging is so cute too~

    I love 2NE1~ xo

  12. oooh masks..i've never tried masks before..i'm pretty careful with whatever i put on my face because my face reacts badly if i'm allergic to stuff..

    anyway, yes! OPI polishes are amazing :)

  13. Thanks for the review, I'm glad the masks works for you! we have watson's everwhere here too. Hope to find this on my next trip, :) not too familiar with the beauty buffet though..

  14. Never heard of this brand, but the packaging is so cute!!! :)

    I need to watch 2NE1 sometime... hehe~ Thanks for the video. :)

  15. Oh wow. Sucks you can't readily get these out of Asia :(
    Do they stock these in Sasa? If so, i'ma put it in my cart and hopefully an try them out soon!
    Ah, i never have time to do masks now days! you so lucky, your skin is getting pampered so much ^^~ I just bought a bulk lot of masks and i still dont have time to try them out!!

  16. hehe watsons =] these beauty buffet masks sound good, especially the last one about the shine free bit =]

  17. Yea in Malaysia this is pretty cheap. One box for RM29.90. I just grabbed one the other day and cant wait to try it out!!:D

  18. Wow those look like awesome masks! I'll definitely have to stop buy Watsons if I ever get the chance to again! I actually don't put brushes into my shelf, I use it as a desk organizer LOL I do my makeup in the washroom so it gets all wet around the sink = can only have plastic holders T_T

  19. One of the things I miss about living in Asia is the easy access to Asian beauty products. Watsons and Sasa is everywhere and quite cheap, but now I've to pay more for shipping when I live here :(

  20. Wow these really do look a lot like the MBD masks. If these are cheaper, then they're a great alternative to the MBD ones, which can be a bit pricey if they're not on sale. And I love 2NE1 too! :D

  21. Awww, those masks look so cute! Boo that they're not as known here in the states. The packaging is adorable~ ^^

    2ne1! Love this song. Makes me want to head bang. :P

  22. I really like the vitamin c one, but I think mine was expired? Either way, I like it better than the MBD ones. How about you?




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