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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make It Bold

I rarely wear really thick eyeliner. I think it makes me look mean(er)! I am already rather unapproachable as it is. If I wore heavy eye makeup all the time, no one would ever talk to me XD

But I got tired of the same old look I am always doing so I decided to go heavier on the liner for a night out with my friends.
Don't I look like a meanie? hahahaha

I usually don't like to line my lower lashline because no matter how smudge proof the liner is said to be, it will usually smudge or disappear by the end of the night. For this look, I used liquid liner for the top since gel liner will still smudge on me. I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for the lower lashline.

Despite MAC Fluidline having such a good reputation for being foolproof, it still smears on me!!! Though compared to others, it does stay on my waterline the longest. It just doesn't outlast my usual liquid liners.
But I can't use liquid liners for my bottom lashline so it does do a decent job compared to a pencil liner, which is guaranteed to make me look like a panda U_U even before I can leave the house!

Since the liner was so intense, I didn't do too much with eyeshadow. I swept a sheer golden shadow over the entire lid & that was it.

Because the liner was rather thick, my lashes looked a lot shorter than usual. So i used false lashes. Amazingly, I was able to apply them perfectly!!! This is quite an accomplishment for me because I usually get glue all over my lid due to a careless blink OTL

My friend commented that I looked rather...intense LOL I think I will wear this look sparingly.
I'm not like the Kardashians, I can't bother to wear 10lbs of eye makeup everyday XD

It always baffles me when they are just "hanging out" in the middle of the day but are wearing a smokey eye as if they're on their way to a club.
What better way to go to a ball game than with false lashes, bronzer, & your hair did! They do all have awesome eye makeup though. Whoever does their makeup is the shit, except a tad heavy on the bronzer 0_o

cr: google images


I made Okonomiyaki again! This is like the only thing I've "cooked" that's never turned into an epic fail. I did a tutorial awhile ago. My mom cut the cabbage for me this time so it wasn't in fat chunks like last time HAHA it was actually shredded ^o^ 
I added corn because I like corn!

And aren't these Hello Kitty Vans freaking awesome?! They were in the kids section XD but sadly...these were actually too big on my lame tiny feet. Probably a good thing since if I were to buy them I'd never wear them. They make me look like I'm 12 years old =_=


Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading Rainbow! (◕‿◕✿)

Now that I time, I can finally read books that I want to read! Yes, I do like to read. I don't just shop all day...for the most part hahaha
For the past 10+ years of my life, I've had to read stuff that made me want to dig my eyes out. Reading for school makes me hate reading!! Why can't we learn by reading interesting stuff...like blogs? LOL

I discovered Confessions of a Shopaholic in high school and became obsessed. I've read every book in the Shopaholic series. The lastest one, Mini Shopaholic, just came out awhile ago and I just finished reading. SOOOO funny! I love the main character, Becky. She's hilarious and always comes up with the most ridiculous antics in order to be able to buy what she wants. I am a lot like Becky which is probably why I love this series so much LOL but I'm not as cray cray...yet! ^o^

They made Confessions of a Shopaholic into a movie a few years back but it just isn't as good as the book is.
This is a very easy series to read. Very carefree and full of laughs!

I was talking to Joey on twitter the other day and found out that she read this series too. Yay!! I found out that she is also super OCD about making sure that all the books in a series match cover-wise. Glad I'm not the only one!! I like to make sure that all the books in a series that I own are the same size, design, binding etc. hahaha it just looks nicer on the bookshelf!
I hate it when a series suddenly decides to change the cover or size of the book. Drives me crazy!! The cover of a book totally matters hahaha!

What's even nerdier of me is that I always ordered my Harry Potter books in advanced so that all of them would have "First Edition" written in it hehehe makes me happy!!

I am currently reading Heart of the Matter. I picked it up because it's written by the same author who wrote Something Borrowed which I read years ago and loved.

Heart of the Matter is a great book! It's definitely not as funny and light of a read as the Shopaholic series is. It's from the perspective of two women, the woman who's husband cheats on her & the woman who her husband cheated with.
I am slightly depressed by how realistic the characters and situations are that I am certain that if I ever get married, this is what's going to happen -_- From the start of the book I kept telling myself "He won't cheat!" But he does! AHHHHHH! Y_Y
I love the way this book is written. I have not finished it yet, but I cannot wait to see how it ends.
Check it out!

Do you ladies like girly books? If there are any books that you love, let me know!! :D

I just painted my nails with Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic. Love this color!!! It looks more purple in certain lights, but a bit more grey-brown at times too. I'm pissed that I just painted them last night and there are already chips on both my index fingers >o<


I just finished the kdrama Heartstrings. I was so bored out of my mind in the first half that I wanted to stop watching. Then it got super cute in the second half teeheee ^.^ It's a very mellow drama, nothing crazy interesting. But the chemistry between the two leads is great that it was juuuust enough to keep my attention.  

Now I'm obsessed with this song from the OST. It's so sad T_T
Jung Yonghwa's voice...eeek! 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What A Nice Chap!

Chapstick...that is. Was that lame?? I totally agree HAHA
My favorite chapstick/lip balm is the Shiseido Water in Lip (awkward name...). I recently picked up another one, in Sakura, since I was running low. I got it at my asian supermarket for $7.69.

There's a lot of different flavors in this range but my store only had this one, I think it's suppose to be like a cherry blossom shade or something. Not sure...no english on packaging.

What I love about this lip balm is that there is a slight pink shiny tint when you apply it. I know I buy a ton of lipsticks & glosses but to be honest...I never bother reapplying it throughout the day. I always just reach for a chapstick that I keep in my bag. So why do I keep buying lipsticks?? I do not know either...>.<

You can kinda see the pink shine in the tube but it's more apparent when applied.

I love that this is super moisturizing and not waxy feeling at all. I tried the Burt's Bees lip balm & couldn't stand how it made my lips super waxy. This lip balm is super easy to apply and glides on smoothly.

I would like this to have some SPF though. I think I'm gonna try out the UV Cut one next time if I can find it! That one has SPF 18.

Highly recommend trying this if you can find it!! Check your asian supermarkets ^.^


I was digging through my nail polish stash and found this China Glaze holographic polish in Spin Me Right Round. I got this a long time ago and I think they are discontinued. What a shame, I love the ones I have from this collection!
It looks absolutely magnificent under sunlight. Reminds me of those holographic Pokemon cards we all freaked out over...at least I did hahaha

I took this picture in the car. The rainbow awesomeness shows up better here.

It is a bit difficult to apply. If you use too many strokes when applying the second layer, it can remove the first layer. It dries really fast and is smooth. Surprisingly really easy to remove too! It's not a gritty glitter polish even though it may look that way in the bottle.


And I finally went to eat Korean food!! I've been thinking about it for like 2 weeks hahaha I ordered Bibimbap in a hot stone pot. The rice gets burnt and crispy on the bottom. SO GOOD!!


Because this song makes me ♫ high high I'm so high ♫
And because TOP is freakin delicious of course ♥_♥


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling Blue

So...I went shopping. Surprise! XD But I only went to take a gander at all the Fall arrivals & pick up a few things for some friends.
And...went back to Yogurtland to gawk at the adorable HK stuff (=^x^=)

I can't wait for it to be cold again! I dislike warm weather because the clothes just don't interest me as much...yes my choice of favorite season is based on clothing options XP

And YES it gets cold in California! Sometimes it can be in the low 50F & it rains!! >.< Yes...that is considered cold for me haha

Fall means sweaters & scarves & coats & boots! And then the holiday season!! I am already super excited for Thanksgiving & Christmas (yes, I am that super annoying holiday-loving person)! \^o^/ 

I went to H&M and picked up 2 things, both blue coincidentally. I like blue...it's one step closer to not wearing only neutral colors. Yay for me!

I got a cobalt blue blazer!! It caught my eye as I was leaving & then I couldn't stop thinking about it after hehe. So I went back and got it. I love this color!!!!!! And the material is really soft & lightweight. It's one of their eco-friendly pieces. 
The lining in the sleeves is this gorgeous floral print!! 
I love how it looks with the sleeves rolled up. I have to roll them up anyway since I'm super short & the sleeves are way too long >.<

I got this in a size 4, my usual H&M size. Fits perfectly! I also got 20% off this because I signed up for the H&M newsletter. Yay! So remember to sign up for this to get the coupon if you plan to hit up H&M!!

I also got this navy blue shirt dress. It's a thick flowy material. I love how the gold buttons stand out. It's very loose & easy to wear, perfect to wear if you're gonna go eat at a buffet LOL
It doesn't look as wide as it does in the picture when worn.

This dress is very short though. I'm only 5ft tall so it hits me mid-thigh. If you're taller, this will probably be too short, but it could still work with tights/leggings.
I plan to wear this w/ leggings & boots when the weather gets colder.

I was going to get this in a size 2 since it fit better overall except it was a bit tight in the shoulders. Plus when I tried to take off the size 2, it took like 10 min. XD I thought I'd have to live in that dress forever! So I grabbed a size 4 instead. It would've been nice if there was a zipper or a few buttons down the back or something.


Here's a quick EOTD I did with some copper shadow. I've been loving copper! It's a great change from always using browns. 
My eyes decided to have a mind of their own & for some reason I have triple eyelids on both eyes. 
This is probably what my eyes will look like if I ever get eyelid surgery done incorrectly T_T

Puahaha it'd have to be a reaaaally botched surgery done in an alley or something for my eyelids to end up looking like this! I hope it goes away soon. Ahhhh!


I did a gradient-ish NOTW. I used NARS Orgasm nail polish about 1/3 the way down the nail. Then just dabbed some chunky gold glitter in the middle of the nail. I went over the whole nail with a fine glitter polish in gold.
The Orgasm polish has a bit of a gold tint so it blends really well with the gold glitter. =D


Say herro to my Herro Kitty tea cup! Makes tea drinking that much more enjoyable XD

Another week begins! Have a good one :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mask Review: MBD Earl Grey Tea Masks

Awhile ago My Beauty Diary came out with these limited edition Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Masks. There were tons of great reviews on these so I bought a box on Ebay.
You can still find them on iMomoko and some Ebay sellers as well.

There are 10 masks per box, as usual. But because they are limited edition, sellers usually raise the price a bit when selling internationally >:o
I think I paid around $13 for these on Ebay.

Here's the description from iMomoko:
This limited release mask contains essence from earl grey tea, as well as extracts from macaron. It helps illuminating & clarifying skin, while also remove dullness and revitalize it, leaves you a brightening skin finish.
I don't know how you can get "extracts" from a macaron....but I love how these smell! The scent is very faint but smells like earl grey tea. It's very relaxing =D

I absolutely love these masks! They are one of the most effective MBD masks that I've tried. There's plenty of essence in the pack as usual.
My skin brightened significantly. It made my skin glowy and smooth. The next day, I noticed that my skin was looking much healthier.

Here's a diagram of...how the mask works I think. As usual, my chinese sucks so the only thing I can recognize are the words "top, middle, bottom" LOL
I think the first diagram explains that the mask has 3 layers??
And the second diagram is showing how this helps your skin absorb the essence from the mask better...or I could be totally wrong =.="

Regardless...this mask is great, much better compared to the original MBD masks. I hope they make these permanent! I'm worried they'll disappear & want to buy like 10 boxes of these ^o^


Random pictures time!

I ordered this burger at a diner at like 2am. It was magically delicious! I love that the bread was sourdough and there was avocados in it. I was surprised that the burger was so flavorful...I need to give diners more credit.

Onion ring tower! The rings were alright...the batter wasn't too thick which is important. I mainly ordered this because I was fascinated by the presentation. I've never seen onion rings served like that before ^o^

Watermelon Margarita at Chevy's. Pretty good. 
I prefer the cranberry ones they serve during the holiday season. Anything Christmas related will make me want to order it. hehe can't wait till Christmas!! Only ~4months away! XD

And because my post wouldn't be complete without any eye candy *_*


Almost the weekend! ^.^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How To Haul Frugally (n_n)v

The wonders of store credit!! Awhile ago, I was gifted the Clarisonic Mia as a graduation present. But that thing didn't do anything but make my skin super bumpy & irritated. Guess my skin is too sensitive!
Well I didn't have a receipt but Sephora, the store with the best return policy on earth, still let me return it and get store credit. Yippeeee!!  
So...I had a little over $200 in store credit to spend at Sephora. It's like Christmas came early!!! *cue church music*

I was so excited, but thought long and hard about what I wanted to buy. Lol. I took this chance to get some stuff I typically wouldn't want to spend that much money on. 
No, I didn't spend all $200 at once. Still have like... $10 left hahahah
Sighhh $200 really can't get you all that much at Sephora -_- such a sad reality

I went lipstick crazy. I've been dying to try out the new Dior Addict lipsticks since they came out. But at $28 each...I only looked lovingly at them as I passed LOL 
I also got another YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ because I love the other one that I got a long time ago.

Just the packaging alone for these is enough to make me drool *_*

I picked up the Dior Addict in Tokyo. These are $28 each (superrr expensive!)
These lipsticks are sheer and super moisturizing. The color is definitely buildable though. 
Tokyo is a Sephora exclusive (another reason to make me want it more hehe) and described as a "sheer peachy pink." 
My camera failed to capture it's true color but I did my best to adjust the picture. -_-

I also picked up Tulle, which is described as a "light beige." 
But to be honest...in the tube, it kind of looks just like Tokyo >.< 
I do love this shade though, it's a great "my lips but better" shade. 

Here's the swatches to compare the two. Tulle is more beige but only slightly. On the lips, Tokyo is more pink. I'm not sure if I should keep both since they are so similar. 
Perhaps I should keep one & exchange the other?? Which one should I keep then?? HELP!

I also got the YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ in #2 Sensual Silk (I had no idea a lipstick could sound so sexual lmao). These are $34 each (holy shit! yay for store credit!)
It's described as a "creamy pinkish beige" 

I must note that these descriptions are kind of crap. I also have #1 Nude Beige, which is described as a "creamy neutral beige" but I compared the two, and #1 is way more pink than #2. Who writes these descriptions?! 

#2 is a great warm nude color that doesn't make me look anemic when I wear it. Yay! The formula is soooo creamy & smooth. But there's that signature YSL weird fruity/old lady scent but I don't really mind. 

Picked up two blushes. I've never tried anything from Illamasqua before so I got one of their blushes to try. Also picked up a NARS blush. =] 

I got an Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover. This was $24. 
I love the shape of these containers. And how there's a window so you can see the shade of what you're using. But it's kind of bulky for travel though.
Lover is described as a "vibrant apricot" and is matte. It wasn't chalky when I swatched it in the store. I've been really into peachy/orange blushes lately. Hopefully this works on me!

I got a NARS Blush in Deep Throat. This was $27. 
This is described as a "peach with shimmer." 
It's very similar to Orgasm, which I already own. I like that Deep Throat is less shimmery than Orgasm though. 

I'm on the fence about whether I really need this or not...If you guys have suggestions for other NARS blushes, throw them my way! 

Next is something that I totally squealed over when I saw. teeheeee
I picked up the tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette. This is $28 and limited edition (another reason that I HAD to get it ^o^) 

OHMAHGAWD this is super adorable. Look at all the cute characters! 

The palette comes with 6 shadows. They were pretty pigmented when I quickly swatched them in store. 

I still need to rethink if this is a must-keep. Most of the shades in this palette, I have. I'd keep it just to stare at how cute it is...I doubt I'd use it all that much. I think I've used my other tokidoki palettes like a total of 5x >.<
But I think this is a pretty good deal. For $28 you get 6 shadows, nearly the same price as a NARS blush...

I caved and got this ridiculously adorable Royal Pride Compact Mirror. This was $8. 
It's kinda cheaply made though...mine is sorta defective because it doesn't close all the way. I'll see if they are all like that or if I just picked up a bad one -_-

Oh herro dere, fwend! \^o^/

 If there's any products from Sephora that are worth trying, please feel free to share! XD


I've had this song stuck in my head since I've heard it hehe. It's called Busan Lady.
Rain was my first KPop obsession everrr! This man's the shit at dancing, makes you go "Omo!" HAHA

I even went to his concert in Las Vegas over a year ago & spazzed next to a bunch of Japanese ahjummas hahahaha damn, those ahjummas took crazy to a whole other level! 

Apparently Rain wrote this song about a woman he happened to see in Busan. What a lucky lucky lady ^_~



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