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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spazztazztic!! ^O^☆♪

I try to limit my spazzing to just Twitter but sometimes I just can't help it and it overflows onto here LOL! Last week, I was bombarded with such spazzworthy stuff in the mail that I couldn't not spazz hehe

My 2PM Hands Up Special Edition album finally arrived!!! ♥_♥
And my dear Agasshi had a friend in Seoul who was able to snag me a copy of Dazed & Confused with TOP on the cover!!! ♥_♥

The 2PM Hands Up Special Edition was purchased solely for all the eye candy. *_*
Plus there was only like 30,000 copies or something and anything that is limited edition will make me freak out and want it 10000x more regardless of what it is ^o^
It came with 2 photo books, a calendar, and a CD


So hot & greasy he lights up HAHAHA *-*

Maknae, why you look so greasy & make me a pedo?! But it's ok, he's only 1 or 2 yrs younger hehe

Adorbs \^o^/

Updating with more pix because Agasshi can't get enough hehehehe

Wooyoungie why so cute?!?! ^.^


Chansung & his terrible hairstyle XD

And a last one to showcase my artistic talent \(^o^)/

Moving on to...TOP TOP TOP!!! @_@ Aishhhh too sexyyyy!

The concept of this photo shoot was freakin weird, but then I realized everything in this magazine was really weird. Smh
It's ok, TOP looks hot as hell XD those eyes!!! *dies*

Queenie (aka my dear Ahjumma ^^), if you're reading this, you're probably making a bunch of weird animal noises right now HAHAHA

Ok, that's all the spazzing...for now teheheheeee
Thanks Agasshi & your friend for helping me get the magazine!!!! The shipping for this magazine was almost twice  the cost of the magazine itself. I'm cray cray, I know >.< The things I do for TOP...SMH!


  1. This is probably my fav post out of all your blog entries! HAHAHAHA.

    Can I make a request ? Take more pics of the 2pm photobook!!!!

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the mention maknae-ah, even if it makes me looks like a freaking weirdo!!! =D

  3. LOL OMG 2PM!! hahaha~ my friend is crazy about them! XD

    & my other friend is friends with nickhun's older brother!! cause his older brother went to my college XD I never knew that until my friend told me!

  4. Oh it's so good that you got the 2pm special edition album. My favorite 2pm members are Nichkhun and Wooyoung. I like TOP a lot better with dark hair.

  5. Your spazzworthy goodies are indeed spazzworthy!! XD

    Hahah things you do for fandom eh?! I once had to pay hideous amounts for custom fees for a concert DVD~but i guess it was worth it! LOL just have to cherish it like crazy now ^^

    and yay for being one of 30,000 to get 2PM's special edition album! :P <3

  6. omggggggggggggggggggggg. T.O.P <333
    You're so lucky :O Is that why you were tweeting so much about wanting to get 2PM Hands up Special Edition?!
    Ahhhh, i want that magazine!!

  7. hahaha I love this post! You should do posts like this often! Spazzing about idols is perfectly fine cause I sometimes do that *_*

  8. RYC -

    yeah that must be it, we're just too out of shape!! >__< hahha. I should go for a run, maybe later tonight... Lol, but then knowing me, I will be too tired later tonight to run. :p

    I hope you had a great weekend hun! :)


  9. i love the pic in white top looking to the side squinting and biting his lips..ooo soo sexyy, cute and handsomeeee s2!! oh boy..i hope my bf wont see this HAHA


  10. I don't like chansung hairstyle!! And nichkhun's too :(

  11. hahaha you're so funny. ya limited edition ALWAYS get me too, like ooh, limited edition, i have to get it now. so I totally understand :D

  12. aww thanks!! i think colour coding is easier to read my reviews... people dont even have to read it ahha jsut look at the colours and see which one i recommend and like =]


    <3 2pm junhooooo hehe =D

    TOP =0 droool



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