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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skin! Skin! Skin!

I'm super anal about taking care of my skin. I am dreading getting wrinkles and am trying to do anything possible to prevent it! Perhaps I'll age gracefully eventually, but right now...I sure as hell don't wanna age hahaha

I think it's very important to take good care of your skin. Even more important than the makeup you put on. After all, your makeup can only hide so much. If you have great skin, your makeup will apply easier and look even more amazing. ^_^

This is all the stuff I slather on my face in one day. It looks like a lot of stuff (ok it is >.<) but it's worth the time and effort if it'll keep my skin healthy. Actually...I left out a few things in this picture *fail*

I just recently finished using my Shiseido Aqualabel White Up Lotion and Emulsion. I never finish anything, so I am very proud of myself lol Usually I buy new stuff & can't wait to try it so I just abandon the old stuff -_-

I would use these two products along with my other stuff (sunscreen, eye cream etc.) both day and night. I really like it since it's rather affordable and very light & moisturizing.

I recently got a full Naruko skincare set from Sasa awhile ago. It's a very natural skincare brand that is not ridiculously expensive but works just as well. I've been sticking to this day & night skincare routine for about a month now.


This will sound kind of gross, but in the mornings, I don't use a facial cleanser to wash my face. I just wash with water when I'm in the shower. Then I thoroughly wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked with toner.

I feel that it isn't necessary to use a cleanser in the morning and strip off too much oil from my face. Ever since I've started doing this, I've noticed that my skin is a lot less oily throughout the day. Also, you save on facial cleanser ^o^

I don't use too much stuff in the morning since I'll be applying makeup after.

I start off with the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Dew, applied with a cotton pad. This toner is a bit thicker than the usual toners I've used but absorbs into your skin very well. It doesn't irritate my skin at all. Very soothing!

Then I follow up with the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum. This is the first time I've ever tried serums and I love this one! It absorbs into your skin immediately and doesn't make your skin feel greasy, or that there's a layer of product on your face.

To prevent little bumps and breakouts, I apply Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. This helps keep my pores clear.

For sunscreen, I've been using the Shiseido Aqualabel Perfect Protect Milk UV in SPF 50. I like this because it's a very liquid/milky texture that absorbs into my skin very quickly and leaves a semi-matte finish.


My nightly routine is a tad longer XD

After removing my makeup I apply the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Night Repair. This is a nighttime toner that is thicker, kind of like an emulsion. I apply this with a cotton pad as well. It's very silky and moisturizes very well.  

If I am going to apply a sheet mask, I would do it after applying the toner.

Then I follow up with the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Serum. This serum is much thicker than the Narcissus Fundamental Serum I use during the day. It works so well and truly brightens your skin after you apply it. Though it is a bit thicker, this serum feels very light when applied and absorbs very quickly.

I then apply the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Repair Cream. I got this because I was afraid applying the serum alone for the nighttime would not be moisturizing enough, since I live in a very dry climate. I really really love this cream!! Though it looks very thick and heavy in the jar, it feels so light and easy to blend in when applied. It doesn't leave your skin greasy like some heavier creams do.

I highly recommend this. It would work very well in the winter time. =D

Then I apply my eye cream. I use the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream. I use patting motions and concentrate on the corners and underneath my eyes.

I have not seen any drastic changes from using this, but that could be due to the fact that I'm only 22 & don't really have serious wrinkles around my eyes. LOL I'm just paranoid & preventing them by using this!   

To seal in the eye cream, I apply the Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Eye Gelly.  This is a very light gel that helps lock in the moisture around your eyes when you go to sleep. Kind of like a sleeping masks for the eye area.

It does take a bit of time to work the product into your skin but overall, it leaves my eye area very hydrated & supple. It is a good gel to use when massaging the eye area. Except, most days I am too lazy to do the massages >.<

And finally I apply the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Classic Brightening Night Gelly. This is basically a leave on gel mask that helps lock in all the products you've applied.

I find it very moisturizing and light, though like the Eye Gelly, it does take some time to work into the skin. After applying this, my skin feels healthy and glowy.

Though there are a lot of products, everything is so light and easily absorbed that my skin does not feel as if there are layers and layers of products sitting on the surface.

After using this, I've noticed that the dry patches that would form on my nose & chin area no longer appear. My skin is very smooth and consistent, whereas before, tiny bumps would form from time to time.

I would highly recommend trying out Naruko's products since they are rather affordable and very natural. There is a scent in all the products but not overwhelming. The scents are very light and kind of herbal/natural. I find it very soothing.

And just a note: Remember to apply all the products on the neck area too!!! There's no point in having the skin on your face looking beautiful & young when your neck is dry & wrinkly (turkey neck!) >o< 



  1. great review hon!!! i LOVE reading about people's likes and dislikes for skincare products because there's SO many out there.. i'm always wanting to try new ones.. but i never know what to try! i love sheshiedo products too especially the skin brightening ones!

  2. Awesome post, thanks for sharing your skin care routine. I agree that taking care of the skin is really important. I sometimes get carried away and use too many products though, resulting in acne. XD

    I've only tried Naruko Magnolia gelly but I love the smell. It would be great to try the other Naruko products you reviewed but sasa is always out of stock. T_T I want to try more of their serums.

    Thanks for the neck reminder, I need to apply sunscreen there too.

    Good job using up the Shiseido Aqualabel goodies.

  3. I wish I could be more like you, I always forget to put on my sunscreen...

  4. Wow you treat your skin so well! It must be so healthy!


  5. You take great care of your skin! You'll still have great skin in middle age.

  6. Hi Shinyprettythings, your reviews are soo awesome I added you on my blogroll yeay! lol at "I sure as hell don't wanna age hahaha" :D I don't use a cleanser in the morning too ^_^

  7. thanks for the review! been seeing alot of naruko stuff around so i was quite eager to read reviews on it :D

  8. These are great reviews, I am with you on investing into skincare products. If your skin is healthy, no or less is needed. i would love to try that eye cream.

  9. I wish I had your determination. I just wash my skin with water but I rarely if ever apply make up. When I want to get fancy I wear a Chanel foundation - it's the only thing that keeps my skin from breaking out. Any advice for very very sensitive skin?

  10. Wow. You are dedicated! Haha, idk how you stay true to do it every day & night.. I keep giving up after doing it consecutively for like 2 weeks >_<" That's not THAT many products.. i think LOL, looks pretty average to me~ The Naruko boxes are so cute! You can reuse the packaging right? I think I saw a video on YT by Fuz showing you can 'redesign' the box LOL lovely post btw.

  11. Thank you for this review! I'll add Aqualabel on to my try out list :)

  12. Awesome review! I definitely want to get my hands on these if I go to HK soon (or perhaps I'll just nag my aunts to send me some lol) I totally agree with your fear or aging, I sure don't wanna develop wrinkles in my twenties and am taking care now to make sure I age "gracefully" too hahaha This is when Im grateful for my oily prone skin since dry skinned folks are more likely to get wrinkles. Oh and yes!! I find lots of people forget to take care of their neck too! Oh and hangs, I always think that hands show your real age >=)

    As for stuffing my bags, if you have a fairly popular bag like a speedy, you can purchase custom made pillows to put into your bag to keep it's shape but personally I just stuff mines with towels. Old shirts/frabic etc, will work too but I wouldn't really recommend newspaper since it might get the interior dirty etc. lol

  13. I've never tried any of these products. I do have problems with my face being oily during the summer and I have found that the best product for me is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask from The Body Shop. I only have to use it 1-2 times a week and it makes my skin so soft and oilfree.
    We awarded you two blog awards today!

  14. woww great review!! i'm definitely keeping this when i get naruko! XD have too many skincare items to open first as i bought too many!

  15. Oh boy what a thoughtful review! I have to admit that I am not so good about my face... it's bad! I've always used very minimal products. In the last couple of months when I started experimenting with new face wash + creams, my face totally freaked out! I think it's finally getting back to normal! I do want to find a great product to use, so I will definitely consider the ones you've listed!


  16. ive heard a lot of about Naruko, they do sound great! Thanks for sharing :D

  17. This is a great review and I am going to try that Kiehl's acne prevention cream you introduced me to...30 years old and STILL getting acne..... UGH! Unacceptable!

  18. Amazing review, I was eyeing the AquaLabel while i was in HK... but didn't get it ='[ Definitely gotta try it after Curel then hop on the Naruko train!

    The brightening serum , repair cream and night gelly sounds really good =D It's nice knowing even though you're layering so many products, it doesn't feel heavy and it all absorbs into the skin =D

    && YAY for random korean phrases lol



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