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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never Too Old For Hello Kitty (=^x^=)

It was like Christmas morning when I finally got the mail today. Everything I've been dying for finally arrived. But I'll just highlight one goodie today. XD

I previously blogged about my Hello Kitty pouch made by Yumeko and how obsessed I am with Hello Kitty. I had everything Hello Kitty as a kid. Even HK band-aids hahahaha
Well, a few weeks ago, I saw that Yumeko was planning to update her store Tezaiku with these awesome brushrolls that she makes. She told me that she had only a couple with HK patterns. I freaked and knew I had to get it ^o^

Managed to snag this adorable brushroll!! The thank you note is such a nice touch. She has such nice handwriting (oh great, now I sound like a freak HAHA)
Adorable packaging and tape as usual ^_^

I love the pattern. It's not toooo crazy girly, just cute enough to an extent that I can handle hehe. It's black so it won't get dirty too easily.

The slots are pretty wide and can fit around 2-4 brushes depending on the size. They fit my Sedona Lace brushes perfectly. Luckily I just washed my brushes yesterday or else you would've had to look at pictures of my dirty brushes XD

Handmade and fully lined! ♥_♥

The top folds down to protect the brushes. Very thick and sturdy material used.

Size comparison with my Sedona Lace Power Brush

As usual, Yumeko was kind enough to provide these really cute Japanese candies. Am going to try them right after I type up this post \^o^/ I can already smell the sweetness through the wrappers!

My collection hahaha (=^x^=)

Sign up for Tezaiku's mailing list if you're interested in buying something in the future. ^_^

Hope everyone is surviving well in the heat...or cold depending on which half of the hemisphere you live on. ^.^



  1. Oh you got one of her awesome brush rolls! I'm always too slow but I love her creations, so cute and functional. I love Hello Kitty so this is super cute.

    I got the Damask Ice Cream sheets form a friend who sent them from me from Taiwan but I've seen them sold on sasa.

  2. the HK brush roll is too cute!! i love it all. i'll never outgrow hello kitty. :)

    cute & little
    Tru Luxe Jeans Giveaway

  3. OMG its sooo cute~ I love HK!

    And yes I totally should do a look for all the houses. I am soo excited for the last movie~~~

  4. That HK brush roll looks cute ^_^
    *signs up for mailing list

    Wow.. Japanese people are so innovative >.<

  5. the brush roll is too pretty!
    its not too 'look at me im pinky hello kitty, im so cute!'

  6. I have one too and I just looooove it!

  7. haha i got one her brushrolls too! but do not bear to use it as i'm afraid to dirty the material..<3 the prints!

  8. Love Yumeko's handmade items! I have the brush roll in the design that your pouch is in XD Love it! I might need another one for my masses of brushes lol xx

  9. Awww love for hello kitty!
    awesomee stuff <33 ;D


  10. the make up brush case is really cute! I love it what a wonderful surprise in the mail for you :D

  11. OMGOSH that hello kitty brush roll is SOOOO bleepin cute!!! loves that it's cloth so you can throw it into the wash mine always gets so dirty and i can't figure out how to clean it :( maybe i should get the same hello kitty one hehehehe

  12. awww it's sooo kawaii! I'm not a kid anymore, but still obsessed with Hello Kitty things hehe ^__^ and thanks for the advice! Hope I see some weight loss soon ><

  13. What a lovely make up set !! Adorable !

    If you have time , come and visit our blog ;)

    Afaf & Marwa

  14. Yumeko makes awesome stuff!
    If I was the type to use brush rolls I'd totally get one.
    Haha the Mr. thinks I'm obsessed with HK too cos I have a collection of her plushies xD
    Thanks for your comment!

  15. I completely agree, you can NEVER be too old for Hello Kitty. lol. I think us adults may even be slightly more obsessed with HK than the younger kids!! XD hahah

    & it's HOT HOT HOT over where I live ;( So miserable - in the 100's everyday. And like in the 80's at 7:00 am! It's just hot stale gross air... Yuck!

  16. omgggg this brush roll is soooo cute!!! I've never seen such a cute brush roll before ><

  17. aww cute! Hello Kitty never dies :D

  18. So true. Hello Kitty <3 is forever. Those Japanese candies look so good. My sweet tooth is aching for them right now.


  19. Wow the brushroll is very adorable!! Do you like some other sanrio characters? They're cute!

    I'm obsessed with mamegoma, seal dolls, from san-x. You should check them out!!

  20. I love this print...adorable :)

  21. Yumeko makes such lovely things! Her items sell out really fast. So fast I never get the chance to get my hands on them haha
    Those sweets look really cute! Let us know if it was good ;)

    In reply to your comment: I got my satchel from this only store http://www.bagspace.sg/ about a year ago, so I don't know if they still have it. I think there's some similar ones on eBay, though :)

  22. I looove hello kitty! I used to be obsessed when I was younger and I recently came back from Hong Kong so my obsession resurfaced haha.


  23. What an adorable brush roll! I love how it's soo soft and sorta customized too! hee hee! I only have one question! Do your brushes change shape when you roll it up after a while? That's my only concern with brush rollers, when I travel I always pack my brushes into a hard case because Im so scared of them changing shape on me ><

  24. Hello Kitty and makeup? What is there seriously not to love?!! I want that brush roll too!

  25. that's such a kawaii brush roll! it looks so pretty inside out and japanese candies are amazing! :D



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