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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fifth Avenue

No, I didn't have the luxury of going back to New York T_T. That's just the name of the earrings I got from jewelmint. Tricked you, huh? XP

There's like a million reviews on what jewelmint is so I won't go into detail. I only got suckered into buying something because I found a 50% off code you can use on your first purchase. So I caved =_= yeah I know, I'm weak when there's a discount code dangling in front of me.

Shipping is free (yay!) and very quick. They ship from Los Angeles so it arrived at my door within 2 days after shipping. Came in a very nice bubble wrap envelope.

The box is really pretty and sturdy quality. It's a mint green box and came with a bow!

I got the Fifth Avenue Earrings because...I just liked the name (half joking ^o^) & because these are really simple but unique earrings. I don't have anything like this.
Each piece you purchase comes with a nice little description/story about the piece.

I got mine for $15 after my 50% off discount. It comes in a cute little pouch.

These earrings are much better quality than what you would typically get at F21 or h&m. Which makes sense since these cost $30 a piece.
I was really surprised at how big these actually were. The stock photos made it seem like these were small and dainty. Maybe my head is just too small haha

I was surprised at how heavy these were. I expected the typical cheap material, which just shows that I buy so much cheap jewelry from F21 that I'm used to it lol. The bead is real glass and I love how shiny the pink & blue enamel is on the pyramid beads.

The little details like the rhinestones on the closures & in between the beads make the piece really special.

They're quite simple but I love them!! They are a bit heavy though, but I don't really mind. The closure is really secure so they won't risk falling out. These look really nice with your hair up since they are pretty long. Hits just a bit above my shoulder.

The damn earring wouldn't stop swinging as I was taking a picture so it's a tad blurry hahaha >.<

I don't know if I'll buy too many other pieces from jewelmint since these earrings were one of the few things I actually liked. Everything else that was recommended from the "style quiz" I took looked kinda tacky & not something I'd ever wear. Maybe I took the quiz wrong LOL

If you want to buy for the first time, use code WELCOME50 for 50% off your first purchase. There are a few other ones I think that also work.


I finally got to go to Yogurtland to spazz about the Hello Kitty collaboration the store was doing. AH SO CUTE! I wanted to steal an extra cup, but my friend told me that's just too weird -_- whatevs, I'm gonna go back w/o her next time and take an extra cup!!
The spoons are adorable too! They have different characters, an HK one and the other blue one was Chococat ^.^
I have to collect all the spoons. I MUST!
I didn't want to embarrass my friend so I tried to be discrete and only took 1 picture of my cup hahaha I wanted to take pictures of the whole store!!

Happy Wednesday! ♥_♥



  1. LOL I walked passed Yogurtland and saw the Hello Kitty signs and did a double take... then I walked in too! :)

    I was pretty curious about Jewelmint. The earrings you got are really pretty and I was considering that one too. Then I was too cheap to pay $30 and was afraid I would be locked in (even though I know you can skip within the first 5 days of the month(.

    Thanks for the review, good to know JM is good quality.

  2. OMGGGGGG that hello kitty cup is SO freakin' cute!!!

    i am so going to yogurtland this weekend so i can snag on of those cups and some spoons haha

    yah i'm glad to hear SF has really awesome food and you should def explore it more.. i do miss SF now that i'm gone :(

  3. i like the shape of the earring. they do look chic! ahh cute HK frozen yogurt!!

  4. The earrings are sooo cute! ^_~
    OMG! I love Sanrio~~

  5. HEHEHEHE~ the hello kitty cups!!! (: I love them so much >< & the earrings are really pretty!! But they look pretty heavy o__o I love the 50% off coupon but being Asian, I would probably sign up for jewelmint to get someone for 50% off and then unsubscribe XDDD can you do that? o___o hahaha~

  6. The earrings are so unique and fun~ Very nice~!

  7. I signed up for jewelmint as well but my selected pieces based on my style profile have yet to match my style! I think these earrings are pretty so I may have to go back and check it out again! Love the hello kitty treat :) I was a little twin star fan in the 80s!

  8. the earrings are darling =D so cute!! && long... no wonder you had a problem with it swinging and taking a pic lol

    hehe HK so cute =D

  9. The earrings look amazing :O
    They're so pretty >_< you have great taste ^_^ Haha, omg~!! Hello Kitty cups & spoons?! That's so cute.. Go get some more as a 'souvenir'

  10. Wow, the earrings are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love, Love, Love! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  11. Wow I love the hello kitty yoghurt cup design!!! I would probably ask somebody if I can just get a toping to not dirty it and keep it haha!

  12. i love your Jewelmint purchase! i actually bought my first item from that site a couple months ago and was really impressed with the quality of the items.

    and Yogurtland has HK cups?!! i'm gonna have to stop in now. :)

    ♥ kileen
    cute & little

  13. Love your earring picks! I recently ordered the "Eros" earrings and...now need to find how I can wear them. XD

    YAY! You went to Yogurtland! YUS...must collect all spoons. Too cute to pass up! And I swear...Sanrio def. can make the experience of eating froyo that much more enjoyable. :P

    (HAHA, Hello Taec~ :P)

  14. The earrings are really pretty on you! It seems like everyone is subscribing to Jewelmint or Birchbox recently :(

    Yogurtland sounds like such a fun froyo place :D That's pretty smart marketing on their part though - it seems like anything with Sanrio on it seems to become very popular haha :D

  15. Omg This whole Hello Kitty collaboration thing with yogurt is driving me up the wall, I normally don't even like yogurt but I'd eat it just for the cup!!! The earrings you got look lovely and they look really classy! I've make an account at jewelmint but have yet to make a purchase because of the same reason as you, not much of a selection and I think the price is a bit steep. Definitely give MAC powder a try! A lot of people seem to like it and if you don't you can always just return it =D

  16. Americans are so lucky to have so many cool frozen yogurt stores like Yogurtland and Pinkberry :(. I have only seen Yogen Fruz from where I live and it's just NOT the same :(.



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