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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

e.l.f. Haul + a Dash of Cray!

I recently got some stuff at e.l.f. and it finally arrived!! e.l.f. is mainly sold online and some Target stores in the U.S. as well. Their stuff is really cheap. Everything is only a few dollars, even their higher-end e.l.f. Studio line is $3-$6.

e.l.f. always seems to have some sort of promotion going on so you never need to pay full price for their stuff ^.^ This time, there was a 60% off promotion so I got a few things. 

All this was only $10.80 \^o^/ plus S&H

I was curious to try their Cream Shadows since it got pretty good reviews. The packaging for everything I bought is terribly bulking & impractical. I can't imagine taking more than 1 of these when traveling. 

These are only $3 each, with an additional 60% off, so only $1.20 each XD
See what I mean by bulky packaging? There's more plastic than actual product!

Here are some swatches. All except Natural Glow swatch really smoothly. The texture is in between a mousse & cream. Very light.
Natural Glow kind of pills and ends up leaving chunky parts. Even on your lids, it looks a bit uneven. I don't recommend this color.

My favorites would be Pewter and Eggplant. Pewter is very pigmented and a great steel grey shade. Eggplant is a bit more brown than purple I would say. 
These do not dry to a powdery finish as fast as MAC's Paint Pots do. They take awhile to set into your skin, so that's kind of annoying. But that does give you more time to blend out the color.

For $1.20 these work great. If you want to experiment with cream shadows, I'd get a few of these to try =]

I also picked up a Cream Blush to try. I've never used cream blush, for fear that I would fail at blending it out evenly & end up looking like a clown ○^_^○ 
Their Studio cream blushes are a bit more expensive at $6, so $2.40 after discount. Yes, I consider that expensive when buying e.l.f stuff LOL

The texture of this stuff is freakin weird!! I thought I got an old one that dried up. But after some googling, I found that they all are like this...

It's like a sponge. When you use your finger to pick up the product, you get very little unless you dig in hard to get the spongey stuff out. But that'll give you too much & won't ever blend out properly.

You can see the dents of where I dug around hahaha
I do like the color, though I haven't had a chance to try this yet. I think this will apply very sheer & is buildable so it could be easy to use for those who've never used cream blush before, like me.

Lastly, I got a few lip products.

I've seen quite a few reviews raving about the Conditioning Lip Balms. I picked up two. I really like these because they have spf 15. They smell kinda strange...not in a bad way. Just strong and kind of coconuty. If you're not into that, I'd stay away from these. It's not unbearable for me though.

And at the last minute, I threw in a Matte Lip Color.

I like the Conditioning Lip Balms overall, but they're not as pigmented on my lips as I thought they'd be. Also if you have some dry patches or cracks, they're emphasized a bit when you apply the balm. Just a warning. It does feel very moisturizing though.
I just hate that it's so bulky & will take up too much room in my makeup bag >o<

The Matte Lip Color is just a lipstick pencil. I love this color and it is not drying on the lips. It's not completely matte. I just think the packaging is kind of shitty. I feel like the lipstick is gonna break off at any moment -_- but for $1.20 after discount...I can't really expect amazing packaging...right?

Overall, I think the e.l.f. Studio line provide great products for the pricing. Especially after discounts that they always seem to be offering. I have a few of their Studio brushes that I absolutely love and use everyday, including their very popular flattop Studio Powder Brush.

I know that this brand is hard to find outside of the U.S. and can costs ridiculous amounts. I wouldn't say it's necessarily worth it to go out of your way to get these products if you don't live in the U.S. since the prices are so inflated.

I did a quick EOTD with 2 of the cream shadows today. I used Natural Glow and Pewter. Like I said, I don't recommend Natural Glow. It applies weird and uneven. The Pewter is so pretty though!!

And I am so surprised by the lasting power on these! My eyelids crease like crazy and I thought these would crease for sure. But they didn't! I applied some MUFE HD Powder over my lids at the end just to make sure though. That may have helped prevent creasing.

Here's my NOTW, Harry Potter edition!!! This was unintentional, I swear ^o^
I went to go see the last Harry Potter movie this weekend and realized that my nail color was rather Slytheriny hehe

I used Chanel Black Pearl, which I was lusting after forever. I found this at the bottom of my nail polish stash and realized...I only used it once. SMH! This is my second time using it hahaha
I wanted to put OPI Silver Shatter over all the nails but thought it was too much.
I think the 1 shattered nail makes it extra Slytheriny! XD

Today was "Have Catchy Girl Group Songs Stuck in My Head Day" It drove me insane!!! @_@
I woke up singing ♫Roly poly Roly roly poly♫ and I can't stand cutesy girl groups...ever! But I have to admit T-ARA's Roly Poly is damn catchy >.< I solely blame Ahgassi for this one!!!

And then...I discovered Miss A! They're super cool & edgy, not vomit-inducingly cutesy!
I really like their new song Goodbye Baby. They're dancing is amazing (except that 1 dance move that looks a bit obscene teeheeehee) and I love their eye makeup in this MV!
I literally had ♫Goodbye baby goodbye♫ stuck in my head for hours!!

Then I couldn't stop saying ♫You don't know me So shut up boy♫ after I heard Bad Girl, Good Girl.

And now...I am still singing ♫Goodbye baby goodbye♫ with a bit of ♫Roly poly Roly roly poly♫ and ♫You don't know me So shut up boy♫ remixed in between. 
SMH!!! I'm going cray cray \^o^/



  1. I LMAO'D at the girly kpop songs. You weren't kidding when you said you were going to include them in your blog post.

    what the. how u have so much money to always buy shit? aren't you jobless?

  2. Wah I love the new Miss A MV. Jei looks so pretty with longer hair. Love the outfits in the video too.

    Black pearl is so pretty.

    Great ELF haul, thanks for the swatches. It's great that it didn't crease. LOL Yep, Elf always does seem to offer promos which is nice. ^^

  3. Sweet haul!


  4. What??? Cream Shadows for under $20?? I am going to check out ELF, I've heard of it but never ordered before and have not seen any friends place such orders so that's why I had no idea what it looked like. Can't wait to see you post a complete look with your new beauty loot!

  5. Wow you got a good deal on all of the makeup...I watched the last video, it's pretty catchy. I wish I knew what they were saying but the video makes me want to go back to dance classes. :)


  6. Nice E.L.F reviews, I have always wondered how they make any profits because their prices are incredibly low. Your Chanel polish is beautiful, I love its rich color. Great choice for Fall or night out.

  7. I havent' visited elf for a while so gonna go check out their new stuff, for that price that is a good deal!

  8. the colours are pretty and look nice on you, but I am not sure about the textures.......

  9. wooh~ lovely haul ^_^ I wanna try their studio line brushes! I'll try ordering some in the future.. or I guess I could stop by Target to see if they have any hm O_O Roly Poly is such an addicting song @_@ and miss A's new song is quite catchy hehe

  10. i love elf!! omgosh your eye makeup is GORGE!!!!

  11. That's a pretty sweet e.l.f haul! I love the cream blush packaging!

  12. You got such a good deal on those ELF things! The cream shadows look really nice, except for that first one that you said pills up and clumps. Your eye makeup looks so pretty! I love your eye makeup shots - they came out really nice :)

    And I love "Bad Girl, Good Girl" too - it's so catchy!

  13. I think I' obsessed with all things cream textured so I'm loving this post! Really need to get some cream blushes~ Oh and I lv kpop. Roly poly choreography is so cute! x

  14. love your eotd!! very pretty :) I haven't really hauled from ELF for a long time now.. I'm sure they have up their games by now!

  15. Awesome haul from ELF! Those cream shadows are gorgeous! I'll have to be on the look out for those ones. ^^

    Ah, I just listened to miss A's new song and I had that part stuck in my head too. And yes! Love their eye makeup. :D

  16. thats alot of product for such a bargain price! and yes,the nails are very slytherinish XD !

  17. Ohh~ Your eye look is gorgeous!! <3
    I also ordered some of the creme blushes, i hope they work okay for me~

  18. Hi there!! thanks for the wish!! omg those eyeshadows are gorgeous!!! I wish Elf comes to Malaysia, heard so many good things about them

  19. i envy your hauuul~~
    so many cute colors~~ :D


  20. Ah! They look amazing! I bet you'll look great with everything you bought!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  21. OMG, $10.80 including S&H?! Incredible!! I wanna get their Cream Shadows, the colours aren't anything special but I'm liking them all the same haha~

    Perhaps you can give Canmake's cream cheeks a try? The elf one doesn't sound wow worthy =[

  22. I really enjoy buying stuff from elf. Sometimes the products aren't all great, but for so cheap, I never mind. AND I never pay regular price, I'm always using one of their promotion codes.


  23. It sounds like you got some amazing deals at ELF. And it looks very pretty on you. I love your Chanel polish. It is so pretty.

  24. waaah I LOVE T-ara, especially their Boo peep boo peep song! heheheh...btw, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ^^

  25. Great post, I always hear so much about ELF products, I can't believe they are such a good deal especially compared to crazy expensive ones. The eyeshadows look amazing, thanks for the review on the blush and lip glosses too. Following you now




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