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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Celebrating Independence By...Shopping!!

As with every other American holiday, July 4th means HUGE sales at practically every store, even like Home Depot or something hahaha!

And yes, July 4th was quite awhile ago but...I got distracted with my Kpop spazzing and forgot to post this first...hehe

It was freakin hot as hell over the July 4th weekend, and I hate to go outside...like go to a park or something, so of course I went shopping. Great deals and free air-conditioning = win!

Banana Republic had some great deals. I think all sale items were an additional 40% off \^o^/

I got this linen smocked blouse in pomegranate seed. It's a really bright coral/red-orange linen top. I love how light linen feels on your skin on a really hot day. The last thing you want is for your clothes to stick on you when it's super hot.

It was marked down to $29.99 in-store, but with the additional 40% off, it ended up being $17.99!! =D

I got this white tank/tunic that's also a linen/cotten mix. I love the material! It's kind of stiff from the linen but doesn't wrinkle too easy because there's still quite a bit of cotten material mixed in. I got white because...it goes with everything. The ruffle details on the arm holes are so cute!

This only cost me $16.79 after additional discounts. Sadly, I can't find a link for this on the BR website anymore.

Got another white tank haha. Been obsessed with white these days. Idk why since I am always paranoid I'll get it dirty on the first wear >.<

This one has really pretty lace/crochet detailing on the neckline.

Only $11.99!! XD

I also got this pair of washed sateen cropped pants in glen olive. The coloring on the website is wayyyy off. These pants are way darker in real life, pretty close to how it looks in my picture. They're so slimming and hit me at ankle length because I'm short =.=

These were a bit more expensive, $54.99. But after discount, I got them for 32.99. Pretty decent price for pants that fit so well! I can never find pants that fit. It always ends in frustration & disappointment!! T_T
But I'm happy with these. I wanted to get them in black too but resisted. Yay for self control hehehe

Later that weekend, I hit up the outlets with my mom. Damn, it was cray cray there. So many people!! I hate shopping in crowded places and most stores were just selling piles of mess.

I only picked up one thing at the Banana Republic Outlet...I should be president of the BR fanclub. SMH

This cardigan is great for layering. I couldn't resist this beautiful color >.<

I love cobalt!!! It's so pretty. Since most of my clothes are black, grey, or white, this cobalt cardigan will be a great pop of color.

This was a great deal. They had a special for this particular cardigan so it ended up being only $15. YAYYY!!!

Oh, I haven't done a NOTW in foreverrr! I painted my nails with Zoya Caitlin, a gorgeous dusty purple-grey. Applies so easily and only needs 2 coats =D

And on an extremely random note...I went to a Japanese market the other day and saw this. A case for bananas!! HAHAHAHA genius? or completely unnecessary?
I guess it could come in handy if your bag is extremely packed and the banana may have a chance of exploding...

Also, I ate this extremely delicious strawberry shortcake at Elephant Bar the other night. I was surprised at how good this was. Usually Elephant Bar is just another mediocre chain restaurant. Though I had a mojito with this...and it was a tad sugary having both. I was a bit cray from all that sugar by the end of the night HAHA

The strawberry sauce was SO good. It was fresh strawberry puree. YUM!

Finally...I have a confession. I am addicted to Hi-Chews =.= I cannot stop eating them. My favorite ever are the lychee flavored ones I ate in Taiwan. But they don't sell that flavor anywhere I've looked in the U.S. T_T

I am so excited for this weekend! The very last Harry Potter movie is coming out. I am also kinda sad since this will mark the true end of what made up a large part of my childhood T_T but no...I will not cry. I am too robotic for that LOL
My bff and I are gonna dress up like Hogwarts nerds hehehehe

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!!

Anyone going to see this too??? Harree Pottah lovahs unite! HAHAHA



  1. You're so tiny! All I saw was XS... hehe~ I need to give you some of my fat. :X

    I love Hi-Chew. OMG I ate the whole bag today. :X

    The Zoya nail polish is gorgeous!

    Thanks for noticing I'm gone. I didn't think anyone who noticed. So sweet! :) I'm doing well. My body just couldn't adjust to the changes of my personal life... hehe~ How are you doing?

  2. What an excellent haul! I admit that I have a banana keeper - keeps them from getting bruised in squashed in your bag!

  3. Love your NOTW .. the colour looks amazing :O
    Also, congrats on snagging such great deals whilst shopping :D
    I love hi-chews too! The apple & grape taste so good >//< There's Lychee flavour?!

  4. I can't fathom the idea of a banana case!!! I think it's completely unnecessary (banana lovers are going to bash me up hahaha)~

    I looove buying clothes these days as well, and omg, you got them at such a bargain!

  5. omgosh i DIE over that cobalt blue cardi!! i've been looking for something like that.. the cobalt is such a pretty color it's gonna look so badass with everything you wear this summer!

    strawberry shortcake. OM NOM NOM NOM!

    HARRYYYY POTTER!! omg i'm so excited.. but sad too.. because it's gonna be all over!!!!

  6. I love Zoya's Caitlin! And I love holiday shopping! You got some pretty sweet finds! :)

  7. can't wait to see the last movie! wow nice haul! I recently went to Banana Republic too and got a nice blouse ^^ hehe

  8. Oh great haul! I love the red top. Good job on the deals! The nail polish is so pretty, thanks for the swatch. I saw the banana holder at Daiso and had a laugh at it too. I love hi-chews too.

  9. WOW! I really like that colour of nail polish. SO PRETTY ^_^

  10. Nice little haul, there. All these shopping haul posts is doing my shopping ban no good hehe.
    Haha isn't that banana case just mad? How interesting and clever!

    I'm going to watch HP just because it's the final one.

  11. thanks for visiting my blog!! :)
    im following u now~~ coz u have some interesting posts!! :D

    i love shoppinggggggg and i like that first coral blouse u got~
    i used to eat hi chews all the time!! they are sooo good hey~? i cant eat just 1 haha i gotta eat a couple!!!!!!!
    and the strawberry shortcake looks delicious! yum yum! i love cake :)

  12. WOW...you got some great deals over the holiday weekend! I can't wait to see you in that cobalt blue sweater! OK...am I the weirdest Asian (I am taiwanese) and never eaten Hi-Chew??? I think I should be embarassed!



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