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Monday, July 25, 2011

Care For A Spot Of Tea?

So like a month ago I went for afternoon tea. I just found the pictures on my computer and realized I totally forgot to blog about this. Better late than never!

I was so excited to have finally found a place near me that does afternoon tea. This place is called Tyme For Tea & Co.
The front of the store sells tea, cakes, and random little trinkets. The entire store is very small and cozy.
The back of the store is a small area of tables for tea. They serve tea Mon-Fri from 12pm-3pm and from 11am-4pm on Sat & Sun.

My friend and I both picked the Victorian Tea, which is a 3 course High Tea. For $21, you get:
Five Assorted Tea Sandwiches
Three Tea Pastries
Your choice of Tea
I thought everything was really subpar for the price they charged. The place settings and cups were alright, but not as nice as it could have been. I mean...afternoon tea is all about drinking tea out of cute cups, right? 

I chose the Apple Blossom Green Tea. It was okaayyy. Fragrant but they served this in a very American way...in a huge pot. Too much water, bleh. More is not better America!
It also really bothered me that teapots were not matching, my friend's was a different color. This kind of stuff really bothers me hahaha I am super anal about everything matching when it's suppose to!

Started off with a blueberry scone. This was pretty good. They served this warm and the top had a very crunchy sugar topping. They served this with creme fraiche, rasberry preserves, and lemon curd. I liked the lemon curd best.
The scone was my favorite thing.

The decor of the place is rather quaint and has lots of antique things. That's not really my thing, since I prefer new looking things HAHA
But it was very cute regardless.

Then came the tier of sandwiches. We were nowhere near impressed with the selections. We realized that most of the stuff probably came from Trader Joe's, which is just an organic grocery store that sells a ton of cool snacks.

The top layer was cucumber cream cheese sandwiches with a bit of dill. It was alright, I could've made this at home.

The second layer was basically the Trader Joe's layer.
There were mushroom turnovers (which I've actually gotten myself at Trader Joe's lol), and these spinach puff pastry things.
The chicken salad sandwich was pretty decent, not drenched in mayo. I liked that the best out of everything else.
The jalapeno cheesy toast thing was pretty much inedible. There was so much cheese that it made me nauseous after 2 bites. Kind of gross...too heavy for High Tea!

Dessert...pretty much a joke. Probably also from Trader Joe's or Costco.
The pecan tarts were stale -_-
The rest...ehhh

I know that High Tea isn't a very American thing, but if you're going to offer it, I'd suggest putting in more effort and making it right.
My friend & I were not too pleased with what $21+ tax got us. We could have done this at home and it would've tasted 10x better.

The atmosphere was nice though. Something different, but in my opinion not worth what they charge.

And to end this post on a happier note...this is highlarious. Eat Your Kimchi ftw!!


  1. OMG This tea place is super adorable but too bad about the sub-par food. Tea places are often too expensive for what you get but the china is always so cute. eh yeah but the sandwiches and desserts look kind of sad. XD

  2. your tea looks so nommy but i'm sorry to hear that it wasn't that nommy :( i absolutely scones too especially with crunchy sugar top!

  3. That's a shame that the food wasn't nice =(

    Having said that, I am very inspired to go out and get me some scones tomorrow! AHAH.

    Nice blog =)

  4. What a lovely place to have tea! sorry about the food, though - you need a real, British scone!

  5. oh i love tea parties! but sometimes i think it's just all for looks because the food isn't all that great

  6. Hi, I think the settings was pretty cute, too bad the sandwiches an desserts weren't that nice. Hope you find a better tea shop next haha!

  7. Too bad they can't make the food look as good as the place. I miss having an afternoon tea in a fancy place.

  8. Uwah, paying $21 for something that you can get at Trader Joe's for cheaper! I'd prolly make a big fuss *kidding* I'm too cowardly to do that but I'd never ever return! The deco was kind of nice though, but what's with the mismatched china?! As you said, they should really put more effort in everything

  9. Wow, that looks like such a pretty place!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. Oh man....$21 is dissapointed? That is the worst! We have high-tea in the city at Ritz, Peninsula, and 4 Seasons and I think it is $40? That BETTER not be a lousy time when I go next month with some friends! To answer your question the smashbox lipgloss was in the colour Endless, from the limitless longwear lipgloss line.

  11. the tea place is sooo cute!! love it!

  12. OMGGGGG I have been wanting to go to this kind of place but I couldn't find it around my area T___T ahhh blueberry scones look so fluffy and yummy kyaaa *_* nom nom!

  13. I looove tea, so tat first this sounded great. Too bad it wasn't all that great. I hate when cups are miss matched! ARG!!

  14. Aww, that sucks that it wasn't as good as it looked. Boo. Oh well, I guess it was fun for the experience? ^^ I haven't been to one of these tea places in so long...I kinda want to go try one in my area now. heh.

    Ah MISS A! LOL, gotta love the EATYOURKIMCHI pair. :P

  15. When I first started reading this post I got excited thinking that I could come here with a girl friend or possibly drag Aylwin with me. Lol
    But then I kept reading & got sad. I guess not. I'm gunna have to find another place for tea.


  16. sad it didnt turn out to be as good as it could be
    but its nice to go to a place like this , yes?

    and ur line abt the trader joe tray made me lol

    no really it did!!

  17. This is really cool! I have never been to any place for high tea before. Would like to try.

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  19. Awww that sounds like a disappointment. The presentation does look a bit so-so. Still, at least it was an experience, yes? :)

  20. Hi dear ~ The Tea place looks pretty nice! Too bad that you weren’t satified~ I actually never really been to those tea places, but always gets pretty curious when ppl post photos of it! hehe

    I’m following! plz follow me back ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    *hosting giveaway*

  21. I LOVE afternoon teas. Can't wait to do it all over again back in the UK. I totally miss the scones!

  22. As a afternoon tea lover it's a shame this place didn't live up to your expectations! I hope you find another tea place that will do a better job and impress you with fabulous tea and pastries! Though I do have to agree, the decor looks lovely =)



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