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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tartine Bakery

My friend and I finally had a chance to pay Tartine a visit. It's an amaaaazing bakery in San Francisco, CA. Pretty much everyone in SF & their mom knows about Tartine lol! There's over 3000 Yelp reviews on this place. I don't usually trust Yelp reviews, but this place is seriously da bomb yo!

There is always a long line to order at this place, so it just comes down to how long of a line it'll be when you go. We went around 1pm on a Friday, when the lunch crowd was starting to clear out. On weekends, the line wraps around the block, cray cray!!

Tartine is located in the Mission district of SF and the store is on a corner. But there's no sign outside, you just have to know where it is. Despite how discrete it is, locals and tourists all know it's there!

All their breads and pastries are made fresh with local and organic produce & ingredients. Their prices are a tad on the high side, but that's expected (ecn 101 supply & demand! LOL).

My friend and I both ordered the Croque Monsieur ($9.75) which is an
Open face sandwich with b├ęchamel, gruyere, thyme and pepper. Topped with either smoked Niman Ranch ham or seasonal vegetable.
I'm drooling just from reading that description ^o^,,,
I got the ham one and it was sooo good! It doesn't look too big, but don't be deceived! It's rather filling. And I also really like the pickled baby carrots they served on the side. It helps cut the richness from the cheese.
I loved how the ham and cheese were toasted till they were crispy & slightly burnt. YUM YUM YUM!!

Yeah, that sandwich was filling...but it obviously didn't stop me from ordering dessert too hehehe
How can you possibly pass that up when coming to Tartine?!

I got the Lemon Cream Tart ($6.25)
Sweet pastry shell filled with rich lemon cream, topped with unsweetened cream.
I'm glad I ordered something tart and lemony, especially after a rich croque monsieur. The cream in this tart is sooo creamy & smooth. The lemon flavor is very strong and rather tart, so if you're not into such sourness I'd order something else. I love fruity tart things so this was perfectoooo! XD

My friend made me eat the flower petal & I freaked lol it was a weird texture. Yeah...not into eating flowers. I know that for sure now!

My friend ordered the Tres Leches Cake, which was much richer and filling than my tart. This was the best tres leches cake I've ever tried. Most are usually soggy and overly sugary from the condense milk. This one is light and fragrant, not sickeningly sweet at all.

Despite how stuffed she was from her sandwich and cake, my friend was wise enough to order a Latte as well. They served this in a huge bowl & it was pretty much like drinking a bowl of milky soup. She was dying from how full she was LOL

So the lesson learned here is...don't be greedy and order everything here! You'll leave feeling like you just had Thanksgiving dinner >.<

It can be really difficult to find seating here, even though there is a decent amount of tables and chairs. You gotta be swift and stalk a group that looks as if they're about to leave, then attack! LOL
Luckily I didn't have to fight anyone for a table. We got lucky and found a table right after ordering.
I'd really suggest going at a random time on a random day of the week if you can.

I definitely to go back and try all their other sandwiches. They offer so many interesting options! And I definitely want to try the Banana Cream Tart next time, it seems to be one of their most popular items. Can't wait!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fifth Avenue

No, I didn't have the luxury of going back to New York T_T. That's just the name of the earrings I got from jewelmint. Tricked you, huh? XP

There's like a million reviews on what jewelmint is so I won't go into detail. I only got suckered into buying something because I found a 50% off code you can use on your first purchase. So I caved =_= yeah I know, I'm weak when there's a discount code dangling in front of me.

Shipping is free (yay!) and very quick. They ship from Los Angeles so it arrived at my door within 2 days after shipping. Came in a very nice bubble wrap envelope.

The box is really pretty and sturdy quality. It's a mint green box and came with a bow!

I got the Fifth Avenue Earrings because...I just liked the name (half joking ^o^) & because these are really simple but unique earrings. I don't have anything like this.
Each piece you purchase comes with a nice little description/story about the piece.

I got mine for $15 after my 50% off discount. It comes in a cute little pouch.

These earrings are much better quality than what you would typically get at F21 or h&m. Which makes sense since these cost $30 a piece.
I was really surprised at how big these actually were. The stock photos made it seem like these were small and dainty. Maybe my head is just too small haha

I was surprised at how heavy these were. I expected the typical cheap material, which just shows that I buy so much cheap jewelry from F21 that I'm used to it lol. The bead is real glass and I love how shiny the pink & blue enamel is on the pyramid beads.

The little details like the rhinestones on the closures & in between the beads make the piece really special.

They're quite simple but I love them!! They are a bit heavy though, but I don't really mind. The closure is really secure so they won't risk falling out. These look really nice with your hair up since they are pretty long. Hits just a bit above my shoulder.

The damn earring wouldn't stop swinging as I was taking a picture so it's a tad blurry hahaha >.<

I don't know if I'll buy too many other pieces from jewelmint since these earrings were one of the few things I actually liked. Everything else that was recommended from the "style quiz" I took looked kinda tacky & not something I'd ever wear. Maybe I took the quiz wrong LOL

If you want to buy for the first time, use code WELCOME50 for 50% off your first purchase. There are a few other ones I think that also work.


I finally got to go to Yogurtland to spazz about the Hello Kitty collaboration the store was doing. AH SO CUTE! I wanted to steal an extra cup, but my friend told me that's just too weird -_- whatevs, I'm gonna go back w/o her next time and take an extra cup!!
The spoons are adorable too! They have different characters, an HK one and the other blue one was Chococat ^.^
I have to collect all the spoons. I MUST!
I didn't want to embarrass my friend so I tried to be discrete and only took 1 picture of my cup hahaha I wanted to take pictures of the whole store!!

Happy Wednesday! ♥_♥


Monday, July 25, 2011

Care For A Spot Of Tea?

So like a month ago I went for afternoon tea. I just found the pictures on my computer and realized I totally forgot to blog about this. Better late than never!

I was so excited to have finally found a place near me that does afternoon tea. This place is called Tyme For Tea & Co.
The front of the store sells tea, cakes, and random little trinkets. The entire store is very small and cozy.
The back of the store is a small area of tables for tea. They serve tea Mon-Fri from 12pm-3pm and from 11am-4pm on Sat & Sun.

My friend and I both picked the Victorian Tea, which is a 3 course High Tea. For $21, you get:
Five Assorted Tea Sandwiches
Three Tea Pastries
Your choice of Tea
I thought everything was really subpar for the price they charged. The place settings and cups were alright, but not as nice as it could have been. I mean...afternoon tea is all about drinking tea out of cute cups, right? 

I chose the Apple Blossom Green Tea. It was okaayyy. Fragrant but they served this in a very American way...in a huge pot. Too much water, bleh. More is not better America!
It also really bothered me that teapots were not matching, my friend's was a different color. This kind of stuff really bothers me hahaha I am super anal about everything matching when it's suppose to!

Started off with a blueberry scone. This was pretty good. They served this warm and the top had a very crunchy sugar topping. They served this with creme fraiche, rasberry preserves, and lemon curd. I liked the lemon curd best.
The scone was my favorite thing.

The decor of the place is rather quaint and has lots of antique things. That's not really my thing, since I prefer new looking things HAHA
But it was very cute regardless.

Then came the tier of sandwiches. We were nowhere near impressed with the selections. We realized that most of the stuff probably came from Trader Joe's, which is just an organic grocery store that sells a ton of cool snacks.

The top layer was cucumber cream cheese sandwiches with a bit of dill. It was alright, I could've made this at home.

The second layer was basically the Trader Joe's layer.
There were mushroom turnovers (which I've actually gotten myself at Trader Joe's lol), and these spinach puff pastry things.
The chicken salad sandwich was pretty decent, not drenched in mayo. I liked that the best out of everything else.
The jalapeno cheesy toast thing was pretty much inedible. There was so much cheese that it made me nauseous after 2 bites. Kind of gross...too heavy for High Tea!

Dessert...pretty much a joke. Probably also from Trader Joe's or Costco.
The pecan tarts were stale -_-
The rest...ehhh

I know that High Tea isn't a very American thing, but if you're going to offer it, I'd suggest putting in more effort and making it right.
My friend & I were not too pleased with what $21+ tax got us. We could have done this at home and it would've tasted 10x better.

The atmosphere was nice though. Something different, but in my opinion not worth what they charge.

And to end this post on a happier note...this is highlarious. Eat Your Kimchi ftw!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Skin! Skin! Skin!

I'm super anal about taking care of my skin. I am dreading getting wrinkles and am trying to do anything possible to prevent it! Perhaps I'll age gracefully eventually, but right now...I sure as hell don't wanna age hahaha

I think it's very important to take good care of your skin. Even more important than the makeup you put on. After all, your makeup can only hide so much. If you have great skin, your makeup will apply easier and look even more amazing. ^_^

This is all the stuff I slather on my face in one day. It looks like a lot of stuff (ok it is >.<) but it's worth the time and effort if it'll keep my skin healthy. Actually...I left out a few things in this picture *fail*

I just recently finished using my Shiseido Aqualabel White Up Lotion and Emulsion. I never finish anything, so I am very proud of myself lol Usually I buy new stuff & can't wait to try it so I just abandon the old stuff -_-

I would use these two products along with my other stuff (sunscreen, eye cream etc.) both day and night. I really like it since it's rather affordable and very light & moisturizing.

I recently got a full Naruko skincare set from Sasa awhile ago. It's a very natural skincare brand that is not ridiculously expensive but works just as well. I've been sticking to this day & night skincare routine for about a month now.


This will sound kind of gross, but in the mornings, I don't use a facial cleanser to wash my face. I just wash with water when I'm in the shower. Then I thoroughly wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked with toner.

I feel that it isn't necessary to use a cleanser in the morning and strip off too much oil from my face. Ever since I've started doing this, I've noticed that my skin is a lot less oily throughout the day. Also, you save on facial cleanser ^o^

I don't use too much stuff in the morning since I'll be applying makeup after.

I start off with the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Dew, applied with a cotton pad. This toner is a bit thicker than the usual toners I've used but absorbs into your skin very well. It doesn't irritate my skin at all. Very soothing!

Then I follow up with the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum. This is the first time I've ever tried serums and I love this one! It absorbs into your skin immediately and doesn't make your skin feel greasy, or that there's a layer of product on your face.

To prevent little bumps and breakouts, I apply Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. This helps keep my pores clear.

For sunscreen, I've been using the Shiseido Aqualabel Perfect Protect Milk UV in SPF 50. I like this because it's a very liquid/milky texture that absorbs into my skin very quickly and leaves a semi-matte finish.


My nightly routine is a tad longer XD

After removing my makeup I apply the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Night Repair. This is a nighttime toner that is thicker, kind of like an emulsion. I apply this with a cotton pad as well. It's very silky and moisturizes very well.  

If I am going to apply a sheet mask, I would do it after applying the toner.

Then I follow up with the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Serum. This serum is much thicker than the Narcissus Fundamental Serum I use during the day. It works so well and truly brightens your skin after you apply it. Though it is a bit thicker, this serum feels very light when applied and absorbs very quickly.

I then apply the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Repair Cream. I got this because I was afraid applying the serum alone for the nighttime would not be moisturizing enough, since I live in a very dry climate. I really really love this cream!! Though it looks very thick and heavy in the jar, it feels so light and easy to blend in when applied. It doesn't leave your skin greasy like some heavier creams do.

I highly recommend this. It would work very well in the winter time. =D

Then I apply my eye cream. I use the Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream. I use patting motions and concentrate on the corners and underneath my eyes.

I have not seen any drastic changes from using this, but that could be due to the fact that I'm only 22 & don't really have serious wrinkles around my eyes. LOL I'm just paranoid & preventing them by using this!   

To seal in the eye cream, I apply the Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Eye Gelly.  This is a very light gel that helps lock in the moisture around your eyes when you go to sleep. Kind of like a sleeping masks for the eye area.

It does take a bit of time to work the product into your skin but overall, it leaves my eye area very hydrated & supple. It is a good gel to use when massaging the eye area. Except, most days I am too lazy to do the massages >.<

And finally I apply the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Classic Brightening Night Gelly. This is basically a leave on gel mask that helps lock in all the products you've applied.

I find it very moisturizing and light, though like the Eye Gelly, it does take some time to work into the skin. After applying this, my skin feels healthy and glowy.

Though there are a lot of products, everything is so light and easily absorbed that my skin does not feel as if there are layers and layers of products sitting on the surface.

After using this, I've noticed that the dry patches that would form on my nose & chin area no longer appear. My skin is very smooth and consistent, whereas before, tiny bumps would form from time to time.

I would highly recommend trying out Naruko's products since they are rather affordable and very natural. There is a scent in all the products but not overwhelming. The scents are very light and kind of herbal/natural. I find it very soothing.

And just a note: Remember to apply all the products on the neck area too!!! There's no point in having the skin on your face looking beautiful & young when your neck is dry & wrinkly (turkey neck!) >o< 


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

e.l.f. Haul + a Dash of Cray!

I recently got some stuff at e.l.f. and it finally arrived!! e.l.f. is mainly sold online and some Target stores in the U.S. as well. Their stuff is really cheap. Everything is only a few dollars, even their higher-end e.l.f. Studio line is $3-$6.

e.l.f. always seems to have some sort of promotion going on so you never need to pay full price for their stuff ^.^ This time, there was a 60% off promotion so I got a few things. 

All this was only $10.80 \^o^/ plus S&H

I was curious to try their Cream Shadows since it got pretty good reviews. The packaging for everything I bought is terribly bulking & impractical. I can't imagine taking more than 1 of these when traveling. 

These are only $3 each, with an additional 60% off, so only $1.20 each XD
See what I mean by bulky packaging? There's more plastic than actual product!

Here are some swatches. All except Natural Glow swatch really smoothly. The texture is in between a mousse & cream. Very light.
Natural Glow kind of pills and ends up leaving chunky parts. Even on your lids, it looks a bit uneven. I don't recommend this color.

My favorites would be Pewter and Eggplant. Pewter is very pigmented and a great steel grey shade. Eggplant is a bit more brown than purple I would say. 
These do not dry to a powdery finish as fast as MAC's Paint Pots do. They take awhile to set into your skin, so that's kind of annoying. But that does give you more time to blend out the color.

For $1.20 these work great. If you want to experiment with cream shadows, I'd get a few of these to try =]

I also picked up a Cream Blush to try. I've never used cream blush, for fear that I would fail at blending it out evenly & end up looking like a clown ○^_^○ 
Their Studio cream blushes are a bit more expensive at $6, so $2.40 after discount. Yes, I consider that expensive when buying e.l.f stuff LOL

The texture of this stuff is freakin weird!! I thought I got an old one that dried up. But after some googling, I found that they all are like this...

It's like a sponge. When you use your finger to pick up the product, you get very little unless you dig in hard to get the spongey stuff out. But that'll give you too much & won't ever blend out properly.

You can see the dents of where I dug around hahaha
I do like the color, though I haven't had a chance to try this yet. I think this will apply very sheer & is buildable so it could be easy to use for those who've never used cream blush before, like me.

Lastly, I got a few lip products.

I've seen quite a few reviews raving about the Conditioning Lip Balms. I picked up two. I really like these because they have spf 15. They smell kinda strange...not in a bad way. Just strong and kind of coconuty. If you're not into that, I'd stay away from these. It's not unbearable for me though.

And at the last minute, I threw in a Matte Lip Color.

I like the Conditioning Lip Balms overall, but they're not as pigmented on my lips as I thought they'd be. Also if you have some dry patches or cracks, they're emphasized a bit when you apply the balm. Just a warning. It does feel very moisturizing though.
I just hate that it's so bulky & will take up too much room in my makeup bag >o<

The Matte Lip Color is just a lipstick pencil. I love this color and it is not drying on the lips. It's not completely matte. I just think the packaging is kind of shitty. I feel like the lipstick is gonna break off at any moment -_- but for $1.20 after discount...I can't really expect amazing packaging...right?

Overall, I think the e.l.f. Studio line provide great products for the pricing. Especially after discounts that they always seem to be offering. I have a few of their Studio brushes that I absolutely love and use everyday, including their very popular flattop Studio Powder Brush.

I know that this brand is hard to find outside of the U.S. and can costs ridiculous amounts. I wouldn't say it's necessarily worth it to go out of your way to get these products if you don't live in the U.S. since the prices are so inflated.

I did a quick EOTD with 2 of the cream shadows today. I used Natural Glow and Pewter. Like I said, I don't recommend Natural Glow. It applies weird and uneven. The Pewter is so pretty though!!

And I am so surprised by the lasting power on these! My eyelids crease like crazy and I thought these would crease for sure. But they didn't! I applied some MUFE HD Powder over my lids at the end just to make sure though. That may have helped prevent creasing.

Here's my NOTW, Harry Potter edition!!! This was unintentional, I swear ^o^
I went to go see the last Harry Potter movie this weekend and realized that my nail color was rather Slytheriny hehe

I used Chanel Black Pearl, which I was lusting after forever. I found this at the bottom of my nail polish stash and realized...I only used it once. SMH! This is my second time using it hahaha
I wanted to put OPI Silver Shatter over all the nails but thought it was too much.
I think the 1 shattered nail makes it extra Slytheriny! XD

Today was "Have Catchy Girl Group Songs Stuck in My Head Day" It drove me insane!!! @_@
I woke up singing ♫Roly poly Roly roly poly♫ and I can't stand cutesy girl groups...ever! But I have to admit T-ARA's Roly Poly is damn catchy >.< I solely blame Ahgassi for this one!!!

And then...I discovered Miss A! They're super cool & edgy, not vomit-inducingly cutesy!
I really like their new song Goodbye Baby. They're dancing is amazing (except that 1 dance move that looks a bit obscene teeheeehee) and I love their eye makeup in this MV!
I literally had ♫Goodbye baby goodbye♫ stuck in my head for hours!!

Then I couldn't stop saying ♫You don't know me So shut up boy♫ after I heard Bad Girl, Good Girl.

And now...I am still singing ♫Goodbye baby goodbye♫ with a bit of ♫Roly poly Roly roly poly♫ and ♫You don't know me So shut up boy♫ remixed in between. 
SMH!!! I'm going cray cray \^o^/



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