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Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Buys!

Last weekend, I took a quick vacation to LA with some friends. Just needed to be in a different setting! All this job searching and being in the same place for so long was driving me a bit cray cray 0_o I went for 4 days and it was fun to just be somewhere else for a change.

But I'll be honest, by the 4th day, I was ready to leave. I don't think I can live in Southern CA, just not for me -_- I know a bunch of friends & family that love living in Socal, so idk what's wrong w me! LOL To each his (her) own, I guess =\

image source: Virtual Tourist

We didn't do anything special or super touristy since we've all been to LA a million times. Disneyland was way too crowded. Basically...we just ate a bunch of stuff & shopped a lot...with some draaanks in between lol! I realize I pretty much just eat & shop wherever I am in the world HAHAHA

I forgot my camera so I have nothing to share =_= but I'm sure most of you know what Socal looks like. It's really sunny hahaha and there's lots of rich people & nice cars. Never seen so many Bentleys & Aston Martins in my life *_* I wantttt!

Bentley Hunaudieres

Anywayyy...I didn't buy too much stuff since I am unemployed afterall. Gotta have some self control. I only bought stuff when we went to Santa Monica.

Mango is a Spanish brand, I think, and is allllllll over the world. I don't go to the one in SF often for some reason but everytime I visit the one in Santa Monica, I buy stuff. Weird...
They were having a "Father's Day Sale," where everything in store was 50% off. But so much for a "Father's Day" sale, they only had a tiny corner of men's clothes and the rest of the store was women's stuff. Poor men...but I ain't complainin ^o^

I ended up getting these tan linen pants. I've been looking for linen pants for awhile, for no particular reason besides to look cool & relaxed hahahaha but most pants I've tried on are always too damn long! Idk what happened to this pair but they are the perfect length. I tried on another pair in the same size, but in black, and they were about 6 inches too long >.< So I knew this pair was meant to be hehe

They ended up being really really affordable. Only $23.99! Mango has rather odd sizing. I hardly ever find stuff in a size 0 but the size 2 fit me fine. I think it might be European sizing like H&M so it can get a bit confusing.

At the last minute, I also picked up this cotton blue-grey sweater. The pocket detail is so cute! And I like that it is mainly cotton material so it won't get all pilly & linty super easily. 

They ran out of x-smalls in this color so I just grabbed a small. It's a bit looser but I don't mind. This was superrrr cheap too!! Only $18.99 XD

If you haven't noticed by now...I never buy anything at full price ^.^ I feel like I'm getting ripped off since it'll just go on sale in a couple weeks. Blame it on the Asian mentality hahahaha

I also picked up this cardigan from Ann Taylor LOFT. This is a really lightweight cardigan w the asymmetrical hem that I really like. I love cardigans like this that you can easily just throw on at the last minute. The material is linen & cotton so it's very light & perfect for summertime. It gets really chilly where I live at nighttime -_-

Buy here!

This was $39.99 after discount, which is pretty steep for me. I'd never spend almost $40 on a sweater! But the store was (and still is) having an additional 40% off all sale items. Yay! So this only cost me around $24 plus tax.

I love the olive color. It'll go great with my tan linen pants. I'll look super relaxed and leisurely! HAHA

Food wise, Socal has pretty amazing choices. There's soooo many delicious places to eat but not enough room in my stomach :'[
We went to my favorite bakery, JJ Bakery, in Arcadia, CA, a couple times during this trip. It's an Asian bakery that sells the most delicious selection of breads & cakes. I am obsessed with cake and they had a million beautiful ones displayed everyday. I wanted to just buy a birthday cake & eat it all by myself ^0^

I saw this adoooorable watermelon shaped sponge cake there one day. I don't know why, but I was completely obsessed by how creative this was and had to buy it to try. But...it was ehhhhh. Idk what I was expecting...it just ended up being strawberry sponge cake w green tea sponge cake for the rind. And some seed shaped chocolate chips. The cake was really soft & delicious though. I just...thought it might taste like watermelon, which would actually be kinda gross hahaha! Guess that teaches me a lesson. Don't just judge something by its appearance lol!

I also got this mango pudding cup. It was soooo good! I'm obsessed with mango pudding. I always order it when I go eat dim sum ^_^ This one was sooo creamy & you could tell it was made with fresh, real mangoes, not that artificial stuff.

So if you live in Socal, or are visiting, and you love carbs, I'd highly recommend this bakery . They have various locations.

And that's all for my not-that-exciting-vacation-post... since I forgot my camera >.<


  1. eek super cute you got some really cute things from mango!! hehe i know what you mean about LA i LOVE vacationing in LA because of all the yummy food (especially the taiwanese food!) and the GLORIOUS shopping but i could never live there.. it's so pretentious hahaha.

  2. I love Mango! You're right, it's indeed all over the world. But I guess it's not that popular in the States or in Canada. I wonder why. lol

    I admit that I only buy their stuff when they're on sale because I'm not willing to buy at fullprize for that quality. Their pants have a great fitting but they're ALWAYS too long for me. Oh and you're right their sizes are confusing! I usually look at the wrong number and wonder why it's too big/small. I'm not familiar with US sizes but you must be petite when you have size 0.

  3. Cute clothing haul ^^~ Glad you managed to get a good deal on them!
    omggg .. *drool* watermelon spongecake! So cute >.< That's such a genius idea! Mango pudding! <3
    Why do you take pictures of such delicious food?!

  4. Mango pudding looks soooo yummy OMG I never had it before T__T

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! ❤
    Would love to visit LA one day & now I don't think I can wait after seeing all those delicious food! (:


  6. Yeah somehow I can't imagine many bloggers going to UCD~ I so know what you mean! I can go to So Cal, but I don't like being there for more than like a day or two. i think I am just so used to north Cali, where everything is less crowded and less polluted. Haha.

  7. I think every once and awhile it's nice to change up the scene.

  8. Love that jumper. You have a wonderful blog, so I will defintily be checking back to read more of what you have to say. Good luck with it (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  9. haha thank you for the follow back! <3
    great haul!!the price is fantastic! hard to find sales like this here T_T the spongecake is soo cute!!i would probably bite down and keep thinking if it taste like watermelon or not haha..but strawberry taste good too~mango pudding *yums*

  10. Yup, Mango is a Spanish brand, along with Zara etc.

    I know what you mean, I tend to buy things from a certain shop located in a particular mall (or in your case, erm in LA?) compared some other malls o.O

    The watermelon shaped sponge cake is soooooo cute and as you said, creative! Now.. if they'd come up with a mangoesteen one haha!

  11. Man, I wish I could visit LA. I think my dream place to live would be socal. Sorry you don't like it very much.

    Oh my gosh, that mango pudding looks so gooood.

  12. i LOVE JJ. Bakery! i visit my grandparents every Christmas out in Arcadia and we go there everytime. i love their mango pudding cups too. my mouth is watering just thinking about it! :)

    cute & little
    $100 Fresh Faces Giveaway!

  13. omg mango is so cheap there compare to here! boo I'm jealous hehe. and yeah I understand the city situation, people here are like I wanna live in toronto etc but I dunno I go frequently but never really had the want to want to live there... but regardless it's still a great city just not for me :)

  14. I know just waht you mean about LA. Lived there for 4 years in college and had to return to SF! A girl gets burnt out, haha! But it is def one of my fav places to visit!

    Stop by again soon! xoxo!

  15. You got a lot of cute things! I love the LOFT cardi - I'm a big fan of Ann Taylor for work clothes. Best of luck to you with the job search! You'll find something eventually, just keep looking! And mango pudding is my favorite too! :D

  16. you have awesome taste! lovee those pants! and watermelon sponge cake? interesting! lol :) hope your day is going well love!

  17. Very cool stuff!! and the best of it the prize !!!....
    I have been to disneyland but I was a little girl... I still remember the long cues...annoying!!!

    Im following dear!

  18. Nice haul! I like your picks.. Mango is overpriced in Japan! your aunt is very nice for getting you all those masks! sorry to hear the Laneige didn't working out. I'm not really into peel gels either but i recently found one that i really like :D



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