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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sasa Haul!!!

Sasa can have unbelievably fast shipping if you are either willing to pay a boatload extra for EMS shipping orrr you spend $150+ (which really isn't all that difficult -_-) & get free EMS shipping. I spent a bit over $150 restocking on some skincare items & qualified for EMS, yippee!! Shipping literally took less than 5 days from when I placed my order. From Hong Kong alll the way to California ^_^ Last time I only qualified for free regular shipping & it took me over a month to get my order. Drove me insane!! >_<

Could there be any more packing peanuts? 
Sasa packs everything very carefully so I typically never get anything damaged. The packing peanuts are annoying as hell since they stick to everything but I guess they do their job preventing stuff from breaking.
So well packaged!!
They also wrap a thick layer of bubble wrap around everything. Takes a bit longer to unwrap...I am very impatient when it comes to unwrapping. I was always the 1st one done unwrapping my Christmas gifts as a child LOL!

Naruko Day & Night skincare
I picked up a complete day & night skincare set from Naruko (at least I think it's a complete set...Asians use so much stuff on their face, I was so confused!). I mainly picked things from the Narcissus Total Defense line since I've read & watched so many good reviews. Fuzkittie is always raving about this stuff!! I also picked up a Brightening Serum & Brightening Night Gelly from the Marjoram and Lavender line. I plan to use these as part of my night routine. 

I haven't finished my Shiseido Aqualabel skincare yet so I will hold off on using my Naruko stuff. I'm currently using the Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Night Gelly and Eye Gelly as a part of my skincare routine. I love both. They work as a leave-on gel mask that locks in the moisture very well. Plus they smell amazing. 

Can't wait to use the new Naruko products. Will do a review once I start using them!! =D

Mask time!!
Of course I had to order masks. I'm mask obsessed! I use some type of mask every night after I take off my makeup. Either a sheet mask or a quick rinse-off one. I love My Beauty Diary masks! When I went to Taiwan, I came back w/ one suitcase filled only w/ MBD masks >_< that was less than a year ago & I've used them all hahaha but I did give about half away as gifts though.

I've heard some great reviews about the MBD Bird's Nest masks & haven't tried that type yet. So looking forward to using these!

I was watching MrDizzyBubbles' Korea haul video and saw her raving about the Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. I happened to spot this on Sasa so I immediately grabbed it. I hope it smells deliciously berrylicious hahaha!

The O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask was too good of a deal to pass up. They were BOGO, so it ended up being around $13 for 2 bottles! Yay! I'm going to give my mom one. This seems pretty popular in Asia and had positive reviews on Sasa. The weird thing is that nowhere on the box or the product does it say what country this stuff is made in...but from what I've researched, they're mainly sold in Asia. 

Free gifts!
Sasa doesn't give the best gifts/samples. But I got an interesting O'slee Rosehip Whitening Mask this time! And a very girly/frilly butterfly hairband that I will never use...ever. Will be giving that to my 8 yr old cousin ^_^ I also got an ISQUEEN Deluxe Collagen Brightening Essence, never heard of this brand, but brightening & collagen are 2 good words to see on any skincare product lol. 

Side note: whyyyy do all Asian skincare/makeup products have such looongggg names??? So many adjectives! Takes forever to type up hahaha

Will give detailed review of the products when I try them! \(^_^)/

wow...this was a super wordy post =_=


  1. Omgosh!! So many things from sasa!! Great haul!! That entire skincare set is crazy!! My daily routine consists of 5 products and I'm always trying to decide if I can minimize that hahaha. Apparently I'm not doing enough!! Bahaha can't wait to see your reviews of these products!!

  2. wow these are a lot of products!! > <
    some of them i haven't heard of before even though i'm an asian girl lol.
    i love masks too. :D

    thanks for following me too btw. :)

  3. sasa has an amazing array of products!

  4. Love the haul pictures and I'm excited to see the reviews :) I'm so tempted to make a big purchase now too!!!

  5. aww I love sasa, I went to sasa in taipei and spent like an hour in there lol, LOVE your haul, those masks look good!

  6. awesome haul! thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    you should try demure! its cheap and it doesn't chip easily, which is really great :) even without top coat. coz i don't wear base and top coats haha

  7. I have always wanted to order from Sasa but could never add enough products in the basket. There are sooooo much to choose from, very overwhelming at times. Nice hauls.

  8. What a haul! You got such great things. Does wearing mask on daily basis help the skin?



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