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Friday, June 3, 2011

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) ^_^

First, I want to thank everyone for their comments \(^_^)/ I'm actually quite surprised people even read my blog!! All this time I just thought I was telling the black hole in cyberspace what I bought over the weekend hahaha I realized now that blogging is quite addicting and I'm discovering blogs written by people from all over the world. So cool! If there are any questions, feel free to ask! If I don't know, I'll find it on Google for you LOL

So today...I decided to make Okonomiyaki!! I had seen Cooking with Dog make it on youtube. Then I discovered runnyrunny999's channel & he made this too! These two channels are hilarious and so entertaining to watch. They have really awesome recipes!! Go watch!!

I went to a Japanese grocery store over the weekend and bought a bunch of (overpriced) snacks & some haircare stuff (will show those in later post). In my opinion it's much cheaper to buy Japanese cosmetics online from Ebay or other sites since these markets usually markup the prices, plus there's tax >_<, and in California thats's almost 10%! But if you're desperate, Asian markets will usually carry a small selection.

But aaaannyway, I saw this Okonomiyaki flour that already had everything mixed in, such as the fish stock, salt, and whatever else flavorings are usually used. This makes it much easier! I got the Otafuku brand, which is a popular brand for this kinda stuff I think. I got this mainly because it has English instructions!!!!! Usually Japanese products never have any English so you kinda have to just guess from the pictures what you are buying -_-


With this kit, you need these ingredients:
1 cup Okonomiyaki mix
6 oz water
green onion
2 eggs
Tenkasu (this is just fried bits of dough, it's usually sold right next to the Okonomiyaki flour mix, or you can just use chips haha)
bonito flakes (can be found at any Asian market)
Okonomiyaki sauce (sooo good, it's similar to Tonkatsu sauce)
Kewpie mayonnaise (wayyyy better than American mayo! but it can be any brand Japanese mayo) 
some type of protein (it's typically bacon, but I don't have bacon so I used frozen cooked shrimp that I defrosted)
vegetable oil (for frying)

Like my different colored eggs? -_-

Cut up the cabbage into thin shreds. My cutting skills are terrible, they should be thinner but whatevs...remember to wash it too!! lol 

Typically Okonomiyaki has a lot of cabbage in it, but you can use however much you like. I've also tried Napa cabbage in the past when I didn't have cabbage on hand.

Combine the Okonomiyaki flour & 6 oz water. Stir till well combined. Don't over mix, your Okonomiyaki will turn out tough & rubbery =_=;

Cut the shrimp (if you're using it) into small pieces. If you use bacon, leave it out of the mixture for later use. Add everything into the flour & water mixture.

Shrimp, bonito flakes, cabbage, eggs, Tenkasu, flour mixture

Stir to combine!!

If you used too much cabbage, just add a bit more Okonomiyaki flour & some water to create more batter.

Now, time to make Okonomiyaki!! =D
Typically they are rather large, about the size of a pancake, but I prefer smaller personal ones so I make them smaller. Size is totally up to you.

Make sure there is enough oil in the pan or they won't get that nice golden/crispy texture. Don't press down! (I don't really know why you shouldn't but that's what the instructions told me, in bold text! lol) Let it cook for about 3-4 min on med-low heat, or whenever you feel it's stuck together enough to flip.
Note: If you are using bacon, now is the time to place the slices on top of the Okonomiyaki.

Now flip! Good luck, I always fail the first couple times >_<

Great success!!

Let it cook on this side for a few more minutes or until your bacon is fully cooked. Flip it over again if you want to get it more golden brown.

Now it's time to plate & decorate!!! Yay!
Pour a generous amount of Okonomiyaki sauce over it and drizzle some mayo over the sauce. Top with some more bonito flakes if you want. You can also top it with this type of ground seaweed but I forgot to get it.

Now eat!! The sauces are really what make this dish. 

If you have left overs, just store them in a container and refrigerate.  Make sure the leftover ones don't have sauces on them. Soggy Okonomiyaki is not the business! Otherwise, they'll still taste great the next couple days when they are reheated. I put them in the toaster oven so they get crispy.

If people in cyberspace still read my blog & try this, let me know & tweet me a picture. I wanna see! ^_^


  1. woww this okonomiyaki looks so delicious!~ >< I remember my mom's friend made it for me once and when she added on the bonito flakes, the bonito flakes started to wave around like it was alive because the okonomiyaki was steaming~ it kind of creeped me out a bit but it was really good~ (: Thank you for this recipe!

  2. good job
    i have a secret to tell u
    sometimes if i dont have time to cut the cabbage, i buy shredded cabbage AHAHAHA

  3. awww I really wanna cook too but sadly I can't cook at my apartment! this looks very yummy. xD

  4. Wow this looks good! I should cook more often but since I moved back home, I don't cook as much because my mom does. LoL. Looks pretty simple to make though!

  5. i wanna tryyyy this! followed u here!


  6. you did a great job! looks yum !!

  7. OMG that looks delicious *drool*. I say you should come over and cook for me instead... hehe~

    Thanks for answering my question! I went from using sheet mask from once a week to two. Now I'm wondering if I should add more days... hehe~ I have dry skin and I love how hydrated my face look the next day. :)

  8. thank you so much for the comment!! congratulations on your graduation as well!! doesn't it feel great? :DD

    the pancake above looks SUPER yummy!! :D your site is so cute! thanks for showing me how to cook!

  9. woow yummy you make me hungry. it looks delicious. XD

  10. I made okonomiyaki recently and it was delicious! Should have taken a picture of my attempt =[

  11. Okonomiyaki is one of my favorite foods!! :) YUM!!!!!!!

  12. I actually dont know how to make this but Hey! thanks a lot! :) wanna try this soon!

    -Iryn :)

  13. Oh that looks so good.
    Makes me want to try and make myself some !! ;D


  14. Looks yummy! Can i have some?
    I love cooking with dog and learned many dishes from Francis lol

  15. I love Okonomiyaki! <3 So good~ Thanks for the recipe ^^ I want to make some now >W<

  16. This looks really good :O
    You must be an amazing cook!! ima try this once i finish exams!! :D

  17. I am soooo going to try this~ I have never made Okonomiyaki before, but that is because I would always make my Japanese tutors make me some.
    Kewpie is so yummy, and indeed way better than american mayo.

    When I started my blog I also felt like I was talking to nobody, LOL



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