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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mask Review: MBD Bird's Nest Masks + Tiny Jewelry Haul

Thanks to everyone for their awesome lovely comments & for following my blog! <3 <3 <3 It means a lot to me =D

So I finally have a chance to start reviewing things from my quite-large Sasa haul. I was most excited to try the My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Masks. MBD is a Taiwanese brand that has gotten extremely popular and well known for it's many different types of sheet masks. They seem to be bringing out different flavors every month. A lot of which are limited edition, which is pretty much just a marketing tactic to get people to hoard excessive amounts since they think they'll never find anything like it ever again (I am one of those hoarders >_<). 

The MBD Bird's Nest Masks is not a brand new flavor/type since I saw them when I was in Taiwan last August. They were released around the same time the MBD Southern France Apricot Masks were released. I had already hoarded too much during that trip so an extra box of these would not have fit in my luggage -_- 

I managed to get these masks on Sasa a few weeks ago while they were on sale, $10.80 for a box of 10 sheets.  They are currently on sale for $12.70.

The description on the box is entirely in Chinese so I've no idea what it says. 

According to the description on Sasa, MBD Bird's Nest Masks claim to:
"...whitens, nourishes and renews the skin.Bird’s nest extract, a precious ingredient, and corallina officinalis, the so-called “bird’s nest from the bottom of the sea”, intensely enhances skin’s moisture level, and nourishes strongly.
Hydrolyzed soy and rice protein enhance skin’s defence, elasticity and transparency. They also relieve discomfort resulting from dryness.
It is suitable for normal skin. It is especially recommended for dry, rough and dull skin."

The masks are very thin and stay put on your face very well. It fit my face perfectly. I apply this after removing my makeup and applying toner.

There is plenty of essence in the package. I typically pour out as much excess essence as possible and apply it on my neck and arms.

The directions instruct you to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes but with so much essence, I typically find no problem leaving it on for 45 minutes & even up to an hour sometimes. The mask stays moist for a very long time. While the mask is on my face, I have a habit of patting it to ensure the essence is getting absorbed into my skin.

After I remove the mask, I pat in the excess essence and carry on with my skincare routine. I feel that out of all the MBD masks that I've tried, this is one of the few that does noticeably whiten my skin. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was glowing and looked much brighter.

Overall I really like the MBD Bird's Nest Masks and highly recommend it if you want to try MBD masks.

In my last haul post, I forgot to include a few other necklaces I had purchased from Forever 21.

Most of my clothes tend to be solid colors. I rarely buy prints or patterns (although I am trying to break that mold, as seen in my previous post ^_^). So I picked up some necklaces from Forever 21 to help bring some excitement to my outfits. I am typically a scarf addict, but with summer rolling around, I can't really wear scarves all that often :'[

I got this super cool bicycle necklace. The chain is quite long. I just thought it looked so quirky and would easily go with most of my outfits.

Buy it here!

I am super surprised I was able to this on the Forever 21 website! Super cheap, only $2.80 US.

I also got this long chained charm necklace. It has a gold metal leaf along with other tiny charms, such as a white rose, and some beads hanging around. I find it very simple and easy to match. I love the red-orange beads that add that tiny pop of color to the gold necklace. =]

Similar design here!

This does tangle easily since the chain is so thin. But for $2.80 I can't really complain =\

The last one I got was a silver chained necklace with a single feather/leaf charm. It's also super simple. 

Similar designs here and here

I find that although Forever 21 jewelry is only alright in quality, they carry lots of selections. And if you're someone like me who will probably get tired of this stuff after a few wears, spending a couple dollars on these pieces won't make too great a dent in your wallet hopefully. Just need to restrain yourself from walking out the store with 20 pieces hehe 

More mask reviews to come! 0_o

And...my KPop Obsession of the Week is FTISLAND Hello Hello.
Due to watching EatYourKimchi's KPop Music Mondays for this video. If you haven't checked out their blog/youtube channels, GO! So highlarious!
The song is damn catchy & I had no idea FTISLAND was a rock band till now. Yay, new KPop knowledge! Plus Hongki is adorable, I loved him in the drama You're Beautiful hehe though I prefer him blonde better ^_^


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been DYING to try out the MBD Bird's Nest mask.. i've seen so many great reviews for it by different bloggers~
    Also, Love the necklaces! Very unique and pretty <3 Such a great deal too~ ^^

  2. i heard the mbd birds nest mask is really good <3 havent seen this in local sasa stores yet but oh well :) lovely jeweleries you got there!

  3. omgosh that bicycle necklace is SO CUTE!!! i'm going to get that right now hahaha.

    haha yes i've been to R&G lounge.. and yes i saw that anthony bourdain episode too..i was very excited too hehehe

  4. I need to get my hands on more masks! XD And whenever I do wear them, i'll do the same thing! *pat* *pat* *pat* Lol

    And I always say, you just can't beat the price of F21!! :D Everything is so cheap!


  5. ohhhhh! I love the feather necklaces! & at that price I would probably buy it too! :D My mom is crazy about bird's nest... she's so Asian and she tells all the pregnant women she knows to drink it! It must be really nourishing as a mask :D

  6. Thanks for your review. I always like to pat the mask when I'm wearing it too. xD

    The bicycle necklace is cool. :D

  7. really love MBD masks! another one of my favourites is silk whitia!

  8. Ahhh, I only use a sheet mask every two days or if I'm lazy, on a weekly basis =.= Your skin must be wonderful!

  9. birds nest mask, lol, well I LOVE eating swallow's nest, it's delicious haha, so maybe I gotta try the mask too. and yeah they do come out with a new flavour like every month huh!

  10. RYC:

    Yay! Congrats on graduating hun!! That's so exciting. ^__^
    But since your graduation is on Saturday, it can't me my school. Graduation was... like two weeks ago. I live in the city of Turlock, lol. What cow town are you from? hahah
    And now that you're lucky enough to leave the middle of nowhere, where are you headed?


  11. It's a local brand in my country. > <

  12. Wow, I learned so much about masking. I only use it for 30 mins and never though about leaving it longer... hehe~ Never thought about the essence in the package & using it for the neck and arms. Thanks for telling us Ms. Professional masker. :)

    Congratulation on graduating! Are you graduating college?

    I use to post Korean posting but I don't anymore. I noticed hardly anyone reads the cooking posts... hehe~

  13. I am a fan of this mask too! I still have a couple left :D Thanks for reminding me to use them. Lovely accessories haul! The father design is very cute!

  14. nice blog :) im following you, follow me back? ^^

    - http://amourfashions.blogspot.com

  15. The mask sounds really nice! Bird's nest is great for your body so it must have a lot of skin benefits too :)

    The bike necklace from F21 is super cute! I love all the accessories you got :D

  16. I love your jewelry haul. The bicycle is so cute!



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