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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loveliness from Japan!! ^.^

If you don't already (and I can't understand why) you should definitely be following and reading the lovely Yumeko's blog. She blogs about the cutest things in Japan, lots of awesome Japanese cosmetics and food and snacks and just cute things with really pretty packaging lol I love Japanese packaging! They can make toilet paper look cute XD

Yumeko also sews these really cute creations such as pouches and brushrolls. She updates her store Tezaiku from time to time and her things always get sold out immediately cause they're just so cute!! There's really no other adjective I can find to describe them hahaha! I don't even like to use the word 'cute' and that's all I can say when I look at her creations ^_^

This time, I managed to snatch up this super duper awesome Hello Kitty pouch XD
Even the packaging is cute. Strawberry tape?! SO CUTE! I wonder how many times I'll use 'cute' in this post.

She also stuck in some yummy Japanese candy. A cool flavored KitKat and some Caramel Milk Candy. If anyone can read Japanese, please let me know what flavor the KitKat is!! I am guessing it is sakura flavored since there's a sakura on the wrapper. But there's also a hat on it so I could be wrong LOL

The pouch is packed in a cute bag (of course) ^-^

Even the tape on this is cute! SMH

Yumeko did just a great job on this pouch. The quality of the fabric is excellent and the print is so cool! I am obsessed with Hello Kitty ( if you haven't already figured that out ^^) and she only made 2 pouches with this print. I was so psyched when I was able to get one ^o^

See how I can't stop using the word 'cute'? It's even printed on the fabric!!

The closure is really unique (to me at least). It's a spring closure. You squeeze the sides to pop it open. It immediately snaps shut when you let go. Nothing will fall out =]

What a pro hehe Yumeko even has her own tags. Baller status right thurrrr

Here's the width of the bottom of the bag. 

It's a pretty decent size and will be great as a makeup bag. I don't even want to use it yet cause it's so pretty! Scared I'll get it dirty >.<

Size comparison

Also...Yumeko had a mini Big Bang giveaway and... I WON!!!! I'm obsessed with Big Bang so I was superrrr excited to win these flyers since they're hard to find. hehe can only get these in Japan!!


TOP! 0_o

Can you tell I am in love with TOP!!?!

TOP!!!!!! <3

Thanks for picking me for this giveaway Yumeko!! I'll try my very best not to drool on these hehe 

Remember to join the mailing list to Yumeko's store so you'll know when she updates it with new stuff! ^.^


  1. I have always had a weak spot for Japanese stuff...YES..they are sooooo freakin cute (even though I outgrew that "kawaii" age long time ago..hehe). The pouch is so, so cute.

  2. yay glad u like it
    cant believe the mail was so quick! took less than a week! the kitkat is daigaku imo flavoured which means university potato literally. its got a sakura cos students take university entrance exams in spring! [kinda good luck to the students] oh and the flavor is caramalised sweet potato [its a dish in japan with the name daigaku imo]

    oh and i have to admit, i made more than 2 pouches in that hk print. i made for my grandma too XD she is also a HK fan! HAHAHAHA

  3. I'm also following yumeko's blog too :) she has a great blog!

    and the kit kat is daigaku imo's flvor! imo itself is sweet potatoes and daigaku means university however daigaku imo is a name of a japanese traditional sweet, u better google it to see how it looks like in real :)

  4. omgosh that hello kitty pouch is SO cute!! i love her blog too and that's so sweet that she included japanese candies!!

    haha thank you.. i heart my bling too :p

  5. hi there! sorry my comment is super-late. thanks for leaving a comment on my kat von d swatches. :) truth sure was an awesome deal. could not pass up. i almost missed out, but i'm glad i took a look at the price again. :)

    congratulations for graduating. :) good luck on the wonderful journey that follows. :) your graduation dress is very elegant and pretty. it looks like it's comfortable to wear too. :)

    as for the pouch, hey, it's okay to say cute many times. haha... it IS cute. :D love the hello kitty print. it's also nice of yumeko include some sweet goodies too. like those uniquely flavored kitkat bars. you're lucky to get your hands on those and the adorable pouch. she's very talented. i've seen her brush rolls in other people's blogs and they're adorable too. :)

  6. HAHAH, well it wasn't so much self-control... It was the fact that Aylwin was with me. He's really good at helping me to control myself when shopping. He just gives me this look, LOL And he'll keep telling me to control myself & remind me of all the reasons why I don't actually NEED what I think I may need. hahah. If it weren't for Aylwin I would've bought stuff from Sephora, heels from Aldo, & bunches of other stuff too. Lol

  7. congratulations on winning the bing bang giveaway!!! :) and the pouch is soooo cute,i'll probably do the same by not using it!! too pretty.

  8. btw thank you for the well wishes! ^.^

  9. Yumeko is so incredibly talented and sweet! Fabulous!

  10. BIGBANG WOOO!!!!!
    so super HOT...wow this is the first time i have blushed at 8:32am!

  11. omg that hello kitty bag is PRECIOUS!! so cute, and hehe ohh Big bang they were all the rage in Taiwan when I was there!

  12. Such a cute pouch! Congrats on winning Yumeko's giveaway!


  13. awww i love hello kitty! very cute!


  14. Congrats on winning Yumeko's mini Big Bang giveaway~ I'm so jelly!!
    you get flyers of Big Bang <333

  15. Love Japanese Stuff! congrats for winning and thanks for sharing her blog will def be checking it out!:)




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