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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

So here's my review for the product with the longest name everrrr: the Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. This was also part of my Sasa haul from last month (yes, still reviewing stuff from that haul -_-). I got this from Sasa for $21.10.

Sasa describes this product as a
"hypo-allergenic peeling gel that gently polishes skin for a smooth complexion with mannan and strengthens the skin barrier with the fermented yogurt.
Natural Konjac (Mannan) beads gently exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities with short time of massage.
Sogurty, a specialized fermented yogurt, has anti-inflammatory effects to soothe skin from skin troubles.
Multi berry complex (various berry extracts from raspberries, blueberries, wolfberries, cranberries, and strawberries) delivers abundant nutrition and antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radicals, leaving skin more translucent and bright."
Did you read all that? ...Cause I sure as hell didn't HAHA
Basically it's a gentle exfoliating gel. It has very fine micro-beads. I could barely feel it exfoliating my skin.

It does look like yogurt though...

So...what did I think? The perfect word would be "Ehh" followed with a shrug. I don't hate it but I don't feel like it really did anything to my skin. I prefer my exfoliating products to do just that, exfoliate the hell out of my skin. I want it to get rid of all my dead stuff and make my skin shiny and new. This Laneige Peeling Gel was too gentle for me and I don't feel it really did any "peeling."

My skin didn't really feel all that soft and refreshed after. I'll still use it since it was kind of expensive and since it smells good ^.^ It'll be good to use in between my mega-exfoliating days. I like to exfoliate really really well like 2-3 days a wk, depending on the condition of my skin & whether I remember to or not XD
If you're looking for a super gentle peeling gel or exfoliator, I'd give this a try.

But for me, I'll stick to my St. Ives Apricot Scrub to do all my thorough exfoliating. This stuff works so well! Plus it's so damn cheap, around $3-$4 US, and can be easily found at Target, etc.

image source: drugstore.com

Now...for random pictures I took last week ^^

I tried Five Guys Burgers and Fries for the first time last week. I was wondering if I'd like it better than In-n-Out, which is an amaaazing burger place in California. I didn't. In-n-Out won by far ^o^ I know that most people prefer one or the other. And it makes sense. The two places are pretty different.

This is a crappy picture, but I was starving. The toppings are all free so...I just loaded a bunch of crap on there. Mushrooms, grilled onions, mayo...ok it wasn't that much stuff. The quality was good, but it was just "Ehh" (wow...that's like my reaction to a lot of things in this post >.<) It was just pretty....average. Like something a friend would be able to make me at a barbeque.

My friend recently got an ice cream maker so I went over to eat (that's all I ever seem to do...) hahahaha!! She made mango ice cream but used coconut milk instead of regular heavy cream. OMG it was soooo good! The coconut milk made a huge difference. It was so fragrant. Yum yum yum!
The bottom layer was strawberry frozen yogurt she made with Greek yogurt. Everything was made fresh with real fruit.

I'm gonna have to limit my visits to her place from now on or I'll get fat! >o<

ANDDDD...just when I thought I was almost done with my mask reviews, my aunt pays me a visit from Taiwan and gave me this...

Ahhh I ♥ her!! I told her only a couple boxes would be enough since these are so heavy to transport, but of course she wouldn't listen. And she managed to find me a box of the MBD Earl Grey Tea Masks!!!! The lovely Blair blogged about it and made me obsess over them. I LOVE THEM!! ^o^
Side note: Blair's also doing this great Thank You Giveaway so everyone go join!!! You have till July 30th, 2011, 11:59 MST

So happy my aunt also got me more mascaras. I was on my last Fairy Drops mascara & starting to freak out lol!

Expect mask reviews to go on...forever. I don't think I'll ever finish SMH

To those in the US, have a Happy July 4th and enjoy the long weekend!!!!

And...while talking to Miss Queenie and another friend from Canada on Twitter yesterday, I realized Canada Day is July 1st. HAHAHA Leave it to me to be super American and completely disregard other countries' holidays. Sorry sorry!!!
Hope those in Canada have a great Canada Day!!!!

Oh, and I haven't posted anything KPop related in too long (for me at least XD) so here's 2NE1's sick ass new videoooo!


Oh, do you guys like my Hello Kitty USB? I don't even need a USB but I got it cause it's HK >.> its been just sitting there on my desk for over a year & I admire how cute it is from time to time. HAHAHAHA


  1. You got a bunch of great goodies here. OMG..that Yogurt Peeling Gel looks and sounds delicious!! I bet it feels so good on skin. I am dying to try new stuff but I promised myself to be good.

    Your Hello Kitty USB is too cute. Hello Kitty is such a classic and timeless.

  2. aww sucks that the peeling gel didn't do anything... I also use an apricot scrub! It leaves my skin so smooth hehe ^__^ those food looks so yummy T__T -drooling- and wow so many masks! I wish I had that many hehe

  3. u have an ice cream maker??thats awesome!
    eekk almost bought the laneige scrub!thanks for the review!hehe

  4. Damn Blogger. I tried making a comment on your post earlier today & it failed T_T"

    Anyways! Thank you for this review! I've been looking at buying this peeling gel.. haha i think i'll stick to my St Ives too! (apricot scrub <3)
    You're so lucky! it sounds so cheap in the US >.< NZ has St Ives retailing for $10 (when it's on SALE)!

    btw, please please please do a review on the MBD Earl Grey Tea Masks! - when you have the time of course ^^

    LOVE the Hello Kitty USB! It's so adorable :3

  5. Ah, too bad that peeling gel was just average. But omg those masks from Taiwan! So many! Nice! hehe I love my MBD masks

    And you Hello Kitty USB is uber cute. Love it!

  6. it seems so expensive for a scrub! 21$! i'll never buy it. lol never tried anything from the brand though.

    i use green tea scrub from st. ives. i love it so much! but, you probably don't because it's more gentle than the apricot one. (can be too gentle hehee)

    you always post food pictures! make me wanna eat more. lol

  7. Argh! I want the masssskkkks x.x I tried the earl grey tea and macaron ones and just absolutely love them ^_^

  8. wowww thats a lot offff masks!!! my friend got me some mask from HK but sadly my face didnt like it.. it was stinging mee>< and I know its getting irritated =S


  9. I have heard a great deal about this peel, but I guess everyone has different experiences. OMG I loved the 2ne1 video. Me and my friend kept watching it when it came out because we love their outfits!!!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! ❤
    This review was so helpful for me because I've been thinking about yogurt moisturizers for a while now that I even bought plain yogurt yesterday to try a yogurt mask! It actually worked really well & my skin felt a lot smoother and moisturized, so I suggest you try this remedy! (:


  11. Hi!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sorry to hear the yogurt peel did not wow you, I prefer scrubs too. ^^ Wah your aunt is so nice to gift you with some many goodies and mask. I love the MBD Earl Gray, super thin and hydrating. I can't wait to see your reviews.

    I love 2ne1!

  12. Wah! So much good stuff in this post!! Im soooo envious of your earl grey tea mask!!! I've wanted it ever since it came out but didn't want to pay the crazy expensive prices on ebay with shipping so I still haven't gotten my hands on a mask yet T_T Im glad that you were just "ehh" about the laneige strawberry peel since I was contemplating on getting it but I heard it's also better for dry skin types but Im an oily/combo type =( As for St. Ives I use that to exfoliate my arms/legs! hahaha

    You friend made some delicious looking ice cream and from your comments, it probably tasted even better!!! nom nom nom! Honestly I think you can make japadogs at home as long as you have the right toppings! The hotdog itself was just normal haha

    Oh I have a HK usb too!!! I also....never use it...hahaha I have some photos stored in it but that was the only time I've ever used it either =P I even bugged my bf that I really really like it and about how I don't have a usb etc etc. and now....its just in my purse being useless...

  13. For some reason, the yogurt part of that face wash really makes me wanna try it, haha. I love all the Asian MV's you post!

    Style Soufflé

  14. I love that your product reviews are so right on, In n Out burgers are so great and I love them...

    Its great that you're being honest that the peeling gel didn't do much what we all expect from an exfoliating gel.

  15. I'm going to have to buy and try some of that apricot scrub next time I go to target! I've been looking to buy an exfoliator so I'm glad you said it's good.

  16. your eye makeup is SO pretty!! i also really love your hair.. your curls are so pretty!!

    I LOVEEEE FIVE GUYS! hahaha.. that hello kitty USB is so freakin adorable!

    thanks hon we're halfway to texas.. i can't wait to not be sitting in the car anymore hahah



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