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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

KPop Obsession of the Week: 2-Peeeee-Eeeemmmm HANDS UP!! + Squeeze the Pug's Amaaazing Chanel Giveaway

Warning: lots of spazzing in this post. Leave or skip to the end for Squeeze the Pug's Giveaway if you can't handle it LOL ^o^

2PM IS BACKKKKKK!!! Their album is called HANDS UP

And with a happy concept, not like their usual "I got dumped by the girl, I'm so sad" concept.
And no weird eyeshadow like in I'll Be Back

Whoever came up with this concept better have been fired -_-

I think this will be a success! XD

Everyone looks so good and happy! Except Chansung's hair. I've given up. That boy has never had a good hairstyle...like ever. I think they probably put a clause in his contract that he can't have a flattering hairstyle cause if he did, he'd be perfect and everyone would melt & die just by looking at him 0_0

Hi, I'm Chansung & I ♥ bananas ^.^

And my grease monkey Taecyeon is greasier than ever. *spazzzzz*
So glad he dyed his hair dark again. That weird orange blonde thing was not working >.<

Like my big sexy teeth? XD

Horsing around...literally? SMH Wooyoung 

Fake brow ring Taec? Really?

Damn, this brow ring's gonna get me all the gurrrs on the dance floor!

Hands Up if you still ♥ me despite my lame brow ring ^o^

Ok, spazzing's over!

I recently discovered this great blog: Squeeze the Pug!!! She's got such amazing taste and I most of the time I just drool over her gorgeous handbag photos. She's got an amaaazing Chanel collection. I read with envy hehehe

She's so generous and doing this crazy awesome Chanel giveaway. She's giving away such amazing stuff! Can't believe it XD

Click on photo to join giveaway! =D

The giveaway ends July 12th, 2011. So you've got plenty of time. GO JOIN!!! 

gif credits: the creators (couldn't find names sry >.<)


  1. I had to check out your post. I love 2 pm even the funky makeup... hehe~ :)

  2. They change their images faster than I can drink water! My fave 2pm member is Junsu haha~

  3. ohhh greatttt KPOP! Hahha I love Lee Minho, just the actor ;)

    that Canel is crazy i am hella jealous now!

  4. thanks for your recent comment! :D
    good luck with the give away~~

  5. LOL on Chansung's hair.Everyone else looks nice,and his just had to flop to one side XD

  6. Hi there,
    Thank you for such wonderful comment on my blog. Hehe! I love 2 PM too XD
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  7. OH my gosh, what an insane giveaway! Goodness, I can't believe how much all that stuff must cost!? WOAH! lol Good luck! ;) Hopefully you win, hehehe


  8. 2PM!!! I didn't know they had a new album out - I'll definitely have to check it out. I've been so out of touch with kpop news lately >.< Thanks for sharing!

  9. I've always been a fan of 2pm since Jay Bom... hehe~ I'm feeling better. Thank you for the well wish. :)

  10. i don't know who does guys are.
    But i love your blog.
    Xx Liefs

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  12. omg they are quite cute! thanks for posting these and let me pass my boring office lunch hour haha



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