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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fueling the Economy 1 Buy at a Time

This weekend had horrible weather! It was grey and cold and drizzly all weekend long. I didn't want to go anywhere -_- but still had to go attend my friend's graduation party. It was mainly a family party but she was nice enough to invite me. I always find these situations a tad awkward. It's completely different if I'm close with that friend's family. This was a BIG party too, with all the cousins and the aunts, etc. But it was still fun. They were so welcoming and the food was great. This is completely unrelated to my post...idk why I always ramble. If you haven't realized, I have trouble beginning my posts...smh

Soooo, before the party, I went to the mall to pick up a gift for my friend. I went to Sephora to get her some nail polish. Surprise, surprise! I walk out buying myself some nail polish too. I think I need to go to a Nail Polish Anonymous meeting...

I saw Sephora by OPI's Traffic-Stopper Copper. It's a glitter polish but in copper. OMG I've never seen anything like this. I was so amazed and immediately knew I had to buy it hehehe

It looks amazing under the sunlight. I think I'll use this for my graduation ^^

Photo does not do it justice. Stupid overcast weather!

Then...I was going to leave. But I walked past the Gap. There was a 40% off sign hanging from the window. This can't end well...lol

I ended up getting 2 tops for super great deals. Both were already on sale and had an additional 40% off. The Asian bargain-seeker in me was jumping for joy.

I got this leopard chiffon top. It fits very loose and flowy. I love that the leopard print isn't overwhelming and won't make me look like a tart (do people even use that term anymore??) LOL!!
It fits true to size, which I'm super glad about since I didn't have time to try anything on.

Link for stock photos
It's actually still sold at full price online, which sucks. I ended getting this for $14.39 before tax. This orginally cost $59.95! Hehe I'm a sucker for a fantastic bargain.

I also got this really cool ruffle top in a dusty periwinkle color. Reminds me of the Zoya polish in Caitlin that I have. Love this color!! The ruffles were what attracted me. I don't have a top like this and it looked great on the mannequin (but then everything does...)

Link to stock photos

 This is also not on sale on the Gap site and they don't even have this color available. There were more color choices in store, so do check out the store if there's one near you =] This ended up being $11.99 before tax. Yippee!!! I walked out of the store very happy hehe

During the Memorial Day weekend, Forever 21 had a special promotion where shipping would be free for all orders $15 and over. This is great since shipping is usually free on purchases over $50. I never buy Forever 21 stuff online since the quality is usually hit or miss as is the fit. Plus I live near like 4 Forever 21 stores...so why wait a week for my stuff when I can get it immediately?!

I only bought a few things since I wasn't sure how the items would fit and how the material would be. Surprisingly, I liked everything! Shipping, to me at least, was very quick. Probably because the warehouse is in Los Angeles and I live in California.

I got this really pretty sheer chiffon shirt that is very boxy and fits very loose. I love the pattern and the light yellow caught my eye. It looked great on the model, but she's like 6ft tall so I was still doubtful lol But I love it! Can't wait till it's actually sunny out so I can wear it. Damn weather!

This is from their love21 line, which sells more contemporary clothes. I really like the items from this line more than the regular line since I'm not all that into some of the insane stuff Forever 21 sells. Maybe if I were still in hs I would...-_-

This isn't even sold online anymore and I only ordered it a week ago. That's one frustrating thing about Forever 21. Their stock goes so fast! But here's the tag information. It might still be sold in some stores.

I also got this plain white t-shirt tunic. It looked like it fit really comfortable on the model and it was only $6.50. If it turned out to look hideous, I'm only out a few dollars. I also saw that it was 100% cotton, which I liked. If you shop on Forever 21's site, remember to check the material. Sometimes an item can look great on the models but the material can be some weird horrible material you've never heard of. So always read the info box!!
This will go well with just some plain tights and an interesting belt to liven it up. Just something simple.

This is also not sold on the site anymore...wth?! Crazy!!

I also got this weird looking flower necklace. I'm not sure why...I kinda liked it cause it reminded me of the daisies on the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume bottles lol! It's kind of heavy but well made for Forever 21 jewelry. Hope it doesn't tarnish soon! This is only $6.80 and still sold on the site.

image source: forever 21 site

I don't know how to end posts...so...have a good week! Bye! ^_^v


  1. The nail polish is hot! I would love to see a swatch or a NOTD look... hehe~

    The necklace is hot too! I like it too, but I doubt I can rock it. :)

    I will try to use the sheet masks more often. Let's see how that goes... hehe~

  2. That cliffon top is a must have! Good thing you got it too! It's lovely!


  3. OMGOSH! i have that nailpolish too!!! yay!! great minds think alike hahah.. i love your new clothing haul.. especially that leopard print chiffon top.

    haha i don't wear high heels when i know i'm going to be walking a lot.. it's mostly just for going to dinner.. and my husband usually drops me off at the front door and he goes and parks by himself. haha.. so it makes the high heels def easier in a city like SF hehehe

  4. awesome buys from gap! :) i saw that white top from f21 but i opted to buy something else, i have too many plain tops..but then again, you can never go wrong with plain tops :)

  5. i was luck to find the concealer! they were always out. maybe you should ask some of their staff when their stocks are coming in? or get it online from their website? if you see it, you shouldn't hesitate and grab it! haha

  6. oooh I hear gap is having a huge sale right now I gotta go check it out!! and forever 21 is always so well priced, I love that place!

  7. P.S also a new follower, you got a great blog :D

  8. Loving your bargains! Just found your blog and I LOVE it, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

  9. It's hard for me to walk into sephora or any drug store without picking up a nail polish! in fact i just bought a new one today... i guess you're right, it's good for the economy.



  10. Sweet buys!


  11. Wow great buys...love the nail polish...following you :)

  12. Haha, I liked how you just "knew" that you had to buy the nail polish! Lol, I'm like that a lot too though ;D There are just some things you can't question whether or not you're going to buy it because it's a MUST get!

    Thanks for following my blog hun!
    I've followed back :)


  13. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! I feel the same about F21! And if you go in the stores, it's just NUTS!! It's impossible to find anything you really want. And did you know that what you see online they don't have in store until about a month later? It's so frustrating!! I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  14. the forever 21 stores in malaysia always run out of small sizes @.@ but love the retro looking top! and about the shiseido perfect whip,i will go look for it,hopefully to find it. thanks for the recommendation!:)

  15. grats for your graduation!! I'll be graduated too in oct =) yaay for our graduation! mwahaha



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