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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Café Rolle

I'm surprised people even read my crazy spazzing posts about KPop boy bands hahahaaaaa
Thanks for reading regardless of how weird I am, everyone! ^o^ ♥♥♥

I went to this super cute French café awhile ago and loooved it! (Good) French food is nearly nonexistent where I live unless you're willing to pay an arm and a leg for it in SF. Café Rolle is located in Sacramento, CA (state capital woot! but not really, there's nothing there -_-) and kinda in the middle of nowhere. It's pretty difficult to find, but I found it with my trusty navigator!

The decor is adorable and very much like a tiny french cafe with the red checkered table cloths. I love all the pictures on the wall.

Seating is very limited and they're opened for a very short period of time. I've been wanting to try this place for dinner but they only open for about 2 hrs for dinner hahaha. Aaand they close for dinner on Saturday nights...wth? Guess the French are really not keen on working too much lol! This place is so popular and fills up soooo fast, especially on weekends. I went on a weekday right when it opened so it was still pretty empty. By the time we left, it was around 12pm and was getting packkked. 

For lunch, they only sell sandwiches and salads. They're sandwiches are amazing!! The bread is so crispy!!

This time I ordered the Stacy's Favorite which is roast beef with field greens, brie, caramelized onions and, garlic aioli...I think. It was quite some time ago so I can't remember exactly. Clearly, I'm not a food blogger =.=
It's a hot sandwich so the brie was melted and gooey and oh-my-god-so-freakin-deelicious. The sandwich also comes with a side of mixed greens and this delicious mustard dressing. SO GOOD!!! XD

Stacy's Favorite

The sandwich is pretty big and I could only finish half. It is decently priced, I think my sandwich was $8-$9. I took the rest home and ate it for a snack later that day. Still reallyyyyy good! The bread stays crisp.

Okaaay fine, I'll admit that I didn't finish the sandwich on purpose because I wanted dessert hahahaha
Café Rolle has the most amazing crème brûlée!! They have a special variation everyday and on the day that I went, it was blackberry crème brûlée. I looove fruit, especially in my dessert, so I pretty much freaking did a dance when I saw this on the menu >.<

But...to be honest...this was only okaaay. I mean it was really really good, but I liked the original crème brûlée I ordered the first time I ate here. The tart blackberries just didn't really go well with the creamy custardy crème brûlée. So if you go, I highly recommend the original crème brûlée!! ^_^

It's a shame that Café Rolle is so far from where I live. It is about 90 minutes from SF. I used to go to school near Sacramento so it was easier to make a trip there, but now I've moved far awayyyy, back to civilization HAHA

Yelp reviews!

This place was even featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!!
When I went here for the first time, I kept getting a feeling that I'd been there before. Then I realized I saw it on this show. LOL I'm addicted to Food Network!

If you're ever in the area, check this place out!! 

Now...I have to go prep for a 2hr interview...It's pretty much the most important interview of my life, so...no pressure >.< Wish me luck errrbody!


  1. omgosh so funny because as i was first looking through the pictures i had a funny feeling i saw this place feautured on tv somewhere!!

    hehehe i did see this on triple D!! om nom nom that sandwich looks SO NOMMY!! i love french sammies the cheese and the cripsy french bread is so good!

  2. ohhh that place looks very comfy and chic!:)
    seriosuly 2 hours for dinner, dang they could earn more money if the open long hour!too bad!
    anyway goof luck for your interview!:)

  3. of course I read your post about Kpop bands since I like 2PM too
    those food pics make me hungry btw :D

  4. All the best in your interview sweets! <3

    Oh wow, they have weird opening hours, as you said, I guess they are not keen on working much hahaha~

    Their food looks so yummy... is it far from your house?

  5. wow the creme brulee looks delicious, and your sandwich too! They sound very authentic ^^

  6. The food looks so good! I love Creme Brulee! :D Fav <3

  7. there's eeenough to do here in sacramento, but of course it's lacking. oh man, i can't believe it's right nearby sac state though!

  8. I DID see this place on Triple D! I am slobbering over that sandwich!

  9. This looks like my kinda place! Love the pics x

    I love creme brulee.

  10. The place looks very nice and cute! :D I've never tried fresh food before I think.

    Those pictures on the walls look like what my parents bought from France when they went there many years ago.

    The food looks very yummy. > < I really wanna try.

  11. That restaurant definitely looks great :) The pictures are lovely.

    Please comment/follow my blog
    & I'll definitely return the favor :)


  12. omg, the creme brulee looks divine!

  13. oh my kpop.... im not soo into that jsut because hte boy are too pretty for me HAHA prettier than me -_- i dotn like that lol but anyways... u dont even know how HUNgry i am right now>< not cool to see that yummmylicious HOT sandwich with melted cheese!!.. i love carbs soo sandwiches are one of my fav!....btw i love watching DDD...i remember watching "guy" the host.. win this show in foodnetwork before he got his own show ^^ i love himmm.. and the food he features in DDD is sooo goood!!.....P.S. goood luck with ur interviewww.. and hope u hear some good newws in future posts =]


  14. The food looks absolutely delicious *_* -getting hungry now T__T-

  15. the cafe looks extremely comfy ambience, sweet and cute!!!!!!1 and the sandwich really it looks yummy from the pict itself and creme bruleeeeeeeee i really want it ;)

  16. My goodness, that creme brulee looks DIVINE!!


  17. I like the interior decor! it's so warmy. and btw, yeah you should really try SF BB creams, they're good. thouh. I'm goin to buy Innisfree BBC once I finished my gingko =D

  18. OMG the cafe looks so cute and old school, I love it! :D

  19. first, good luck on your interview!

    and i love Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!! i live in stockton (YUCK) so i will definitely make the drive up there to try this place out! yumm!!

    and thanks for stopping by my blog dear! i am your newest follower! hope to see you visit soon and follow back maybe? hope that youre staying cool in this heat girl! ttyl :)

  20. Such a quaint little cafe. French food is also quite hard to come across in my city.
    I absolutely love crème brûlée. I've eaten a lot, but the best is still the ones made by the French. Yum!

  21. Oh my that food looks tasty!
    You went to the same school as me?UCD? :D



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