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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


You didn't think I wouldn't blog about this did you??? This song is like crack. So addicting!!! Sohee from the Wonder Girls even makes a quick appearance. JYPE love!

And of course...♥_♥

And #6 most viewed YouTube video today!!! WOOHOOOOO!!

HOT, composed by Junsu, is probably my favorite song on the album. so catchy and addicting, like all 2PM songs. SO HOT!!! lol I read the English translations of this song. Damn, I wish someone would say that to me *_* HAHAHA

I can't wait for my special edition Hands Up album to arrive!!!!

Ok, will do a real post tomorrow! Finally back from vacation ^.^


  1. NERD. Did you actually make a screen cap? PUAHAHAHA. You should totally start a spazz blog filled with ur witty comments. I'll be ur no. 1 follower!

  2. wow they are soo hot~ <333 2PM is getting hotter and hotter!! hehehehe~

  3. I am kinda too old for k-pop music but I listen to them from time to time. It makes me feel young..temporarily..hehe.

  4. haha you're so funny drawing a heart on there, they are quite good looking!

  5. ooo totally missed the wondergirl's cameos! I don't like hands up very much >< but the HOT song is pretty good! ahahh fangirling posts are awesome xD

  6. why are you such a fangirl maknae-ahhh??? but its understandable i guess, since they are hot lol..

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ^^ Haha 2PM XD I don't know why but I was never into them O_O I'm a SM fangirl unfortunately LOL But I'll try listening to their new songs!



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