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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Shopping!

The weather is getting nicer these days...finally! I needed a dress for graduation and I was not looking forward to dress shopping. I am very picky when it comes to dresses. I always prefer pants. I don't really like patterns & flowers etc. And I don't tend to wear very colorful things. Super super picky, I know -_- 

Started off at Banana Republic, my favorite store ever! Tried on a few but hated everything hahaha. But I did end up buying this awesome jacket, which is absolutely useless for graduation. 

I always end up buying everything but what I intended to buy. I just fell in love w/ this jacket the minute I saw it. Annnnddd it fits perfectly, sleeves aren't too long, waist area isn't too big. MUST BUY!! 

Usuallly I'd never think about spending this much on a jacket like this but the store had an additional 25% off sale, plus I had a coupon for $30 off any purchase over $100. Then...I found $30 worth of reward credits in my wallet since I shop here so damn much. I combined the purchase w/ my friend so in the end, this was around $45. Super happy!!! But still no dress XD

Decided to check out White House Black Market. I never go here even though they actually have some really nice things. I was really surprised. I actually found TWO dresses and walked out w/ both. I couldn't decide which one. Will probably return one...or not hahaha

This dress didn't look like much on the rack & I completely ignored it. But my friend made me try it on & it looks SOOOO slimming. I look like I weigh 90lbs lmao. Also super comfortable & very flowy at the bottom.
Best of all, ON SALE!!! Their sizes run really bit. I usually wear an XS so I was surprised an XXS fit me fine. 

Though I love that dress, I tried on this black one that I believe was made just for me lol. Fits perfect & it's black, my favorite color to wear. 

The neckline is sooo flattering AND the dress has pockets. Love dresses w/ pockets!! It also has this amazing detailing.
Also on sale. Pretty great deal for such a well made dress. The quality is so nice and so comfortable to wear!!!
 So now I've no idea which dress to pick. A black dress is a bit depressing to wear to graduation I suppose...but I still might keep it! Every girl needs a perfect black dress. I have like 3 black dresses but none as amazing as this one =] 

Also picked up some polishes at Ulta. Couldn't resist checking out the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Not really interested in the movie since my beloved Orlando Bloom isn't in it. =_=;;;

Steady as She Rose
It's a very unique color. A mauvey, pinkish, lavender hahaha can't explain it! Looks a bit different depending on the lighting. Can't wait to use!!

Barefoot in Barcelona
I don't have anything like this. Quite unique and will be work friendly. It reminds me of bricks for some reason. It looks a tad brownish in real life. 

I tend to buy a lot of dark nail colors but they're not very interview friendly =| But these lighter/neutral colors actually aren't that boring as I thought they would be!

Tart Deco
This looked so perfect in the bottle. A pastel coral. Buuut when i swatched it, it was more neon and so bright. Not really my thing. I realized that Essie polishes always look more muted in the bottle. Need to return this & get something else. 

Will definitely be heading back to Ulta to pick up more from the POTC collection! After seeing swatches of Skulls & Crossbones, I think I have to have it lol. And definitely need to get the Silver Shatter.


  1. ohh i love the 2nd black dress!! i think you should keep that one it's very jacky O!! and hello love dresses with pockets too!!!

    the barcelona nail polish is so pretty!!!

  2. great deals at banana republic!

    i need to go get me some of the pirates opi polishes!!!

  3. I want all three polishes! I've heard great things about Barefoot in Barcelona!



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