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Monday, May 16, 2011

KPop Obsession of the Week: TOP! TOP! TOP!

TOP spotted in a V-NECK!!!!! >_<!
The boy dances in blazers, trenchcoats, and sweaters. If this is 1 step closer to seeing his abs, I WILL TAKE IT! I am sensing our TOP is getting more comfortable showing skin since I spotted him rehearsing in short sleeves in YG on Air Ep. 3 hehehe

Obviously it will be quite a few years before he's this comfortable...

baby steps...baby steps, I know!

Have a good week errrbody ^_^!

cr: tumblr, iBigBang


  1. I can't believe you bumped into me without saying hi!! You need to next time! <3

  2. i wasn't 100% sure since it didn't even occur to me you lived around here!! But now I know so next time for sure =D

  3. .. T.O.P?! :O

    Ahhhhhhhh. I'm glad i'm stalking through your blog posts now.. =D

    Love the last picture.. haha, made my day ^^



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