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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anna Sui Polishes = Winning!

Just painted my nails with an Anna Sui polish. Can I just say how amazing these polishes are? Your nails smell like a bouquet of roses for at least a day after you paint them. So I'm pretty much smelling my nails for the next day or so ^_^!

Here are the few Anna Sui polishes I own. Must get more!!
Sadly Anna Sui cosmetics, other than their perfumes, are only sold in Asia I think. This brand is superrrr popular in Asia and all department stores have beautiful Anna Sui makeup counters. The counters are so beautiful I don't wanna leave. Everything is purple, my favorite color ever. I bought these in Taiwan last summer. Finally got around to using the coral one today...probably a hint that I have a nail polish hoarding problem...

The color I used is called 602. I don't think it was a limited edition color.

It's a coral shade that has a gold sheen to it when under direct lighting. The polish has very fine gold flecks in it but applies perfectly smooth. The formula is amazing!

It photographed really orange for some reason but it's a tad more pink in real life. 

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