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Sunday, May 29, 2011

OPI Obsessed, Japanese Makeup, & Lots of Beer

It's a long weekend here in the US since Monday is Memorial Day. That means lots of sales going on at malls lol. America finds any excuse to have a sale.

I finally went back to Ulta to get a few more polishes!! I've renewed my love for OPI. I used to hate their wide brushes but maybe it's b/c my nail polish application skills have improved but now I love the new wide brushes yay!

Picked up the Silver Shatter, which I'd been obsessing about since seeing swatches on blogs. It is soooo cool when you use it. But it does crack differently on each nail. So if you are a perfectionist & want each nail shattered the same then...draw your own shatters hahahaa!!
Also got Stranger Tides from the OPI POTC collection. I was gonna get Skulls & Crossbones but I realized I have something similar. Stranger Tides is so pretty!!! I didn't think I'd love it this much ^_^ It's a pastel apple green that looks a bit grey in darker lighting. I suck at explaining colors btw...-_-

Silver Shatter & Stranger Tides
I also painted my nails w/ Barefoot in Barcelona. Been wanting to use this one so badly ever since I got it. Super pretty!!!!! And the formula is excellent. Very opaque. I only needed 2 coats. Makes you feel more grown up when you wear it lol

This week, a few of my Ebay orders came in. Almost forgot I ordered them...I got 2 of the ever-so-popular Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheeks & 1 Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick.

The packaging makes me love these already! US cosmetics companies: take note!
I got the Puff de Cheeks in Peach Macaron & Strawberry Macaron.

Top: Strawberry Macaron
Bottom: Peach Macaron

Peach Macaron is my favorite! It goes on a very pretty peachy pink and is easily buildable =]
Strawberry Macaron is a true pink. It's a bit brighter than Peach Macaron. This color is also limited edition I think. But these came out a couple months ago already, I think. You can still easily find them on Ebay.

I am absolutely in love w/ the Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick that I got. The formula is amazing!!!
I picked up 04 Peach Beige, which is the perfect nude color for me.

04 Peach Beige
Plus the packaging & design of the lipstick is absolutely gorgeous. I'm mad I only ordered 1! I think I'll have to collect all of them.
There are 4 shades in this collection: 01 Baby Beige, 02 Creamy Nude, 03 Baby Pink, 04 Peach Beige

The formula isn't drying at all & it's very pigmented. It goes well w/ the Canmake Nudy Glow Lipglosses that are also very popular.

On Friday I met up w/ a few friends for happy hour. I love happy hour! Something about drinking when it's still light out makes it that much more fun lol! It's difficult for us to meet up these days since we're all part of the work force now (well...a couple of us are still looking LOL) so it was great to catch up. I've known them for almost 10 yrs ^_^!
We went to this restaurant that had over 130 kinds of beer!!! I love beer so I love this place hahaha

Pretty much 1/2 my size o_0
They have a lot of unique beers that I've never seen sold anywhere else. They also let you taste them before you order yayyy!!! Bartenders there were super nice & willing to help me make a choice, I was totally lost haha. My friends & I all got 1 of these. Oddly, I didn't have trouble finishing mine...it goes pretty quick after you get to the skinny part of the glass lmao!!

Food here is also amaaaazing! I love their sliders!!! So simple yet so flavorful.


4 Cheese Pizza

I love fruit flavored anything: Candy, ice cream, desserts, actual fruit...if it's got fruit in it, I'll probably order it XD

Strawberry Beer & another random 1 I don't remember the name of XD

They have fruit beer here!!! I was sooo happy haha. I tried both the strawberry & framboise (just a fancy way to say rasberry =P). I think fruit beer will now be my favorite drink...forever. Too bad I've never seen it sold anywhere else =_=

Because I think Korean companies have the most amazing marketing tactic...put celebrity faces on everything! 

Hyun Bin from Secret Garden hehe!! Big Bang (TOP FOREVER)!!! 2PM!!!! Song Seung Hun!!! I pretty much love every single person in this ad...pure genius! 
When you go to Incheon Airport, the Lotte Duty Free section is pretty much plastered w/ celebrity endorsements. I love it (^_~) hehe

ok it's way corny...but everyone's so pretty! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuna Pancakes (참치전)

Been addicted to cooking videos on Youtube lately. I pretty much spent all day on Maangchi's channel watching her Korean cooking videos! She has sooo many cool recipes besides all the dishes you would order at a Korean restaurant. Her blog goes more in depth about all her recipes. Check it out yo!!

I suck in the kitchen. Anything that requires me to estimate any ingredients or seasonings to taste will usually result in a failure =_=;; But Maangchi's latest video, looked super easy even I could probably do it. The Tuna Pancake, or 참치전 (pronounced Chamchijeon...idk Korean so mb I spelled it wrong), is pretty much a super easy version of crab cakes, except w/ canned tuna. So it's wayyy cheaper too! Crab meat can cost an arm & a leg at the grocery store (this still doesn't justify how restaurants can charge me $10 for one crab cake though!)

I happened to have everything at home. There's only a couple ingredients, so yay!

Canola oil (for frying), sesame oil, flour, salt & pepper, canned tuna (in water), egg, garlic, onion
I didn't have onion, but found shallots in the kitchen...I've no idea why I had it, I never use shallots hahaha but I figured they're onion-like so I just used those. They are definitely onion-like since these made me cry!! I can't cut onions if my life depended on it. *fail*

Take the tuna out of the can and drain it w/ the sieve. Doesn't have to be super dry. Just get most of the water out. Then put the tuna in a mixing bowl.

So you basically chop the onion & garlic & throw everything into the bowl w/ the tuna. 
¼ cup chopped onion, 1 minced garlic, 1ts salt, ¼ ts ground black pepper, 1 egg, 1 ts sesame oil, and 1 tbs flour all added to the drained tuna

Then mix!

Now it's time to fry!! I used a 10in nonstick frying pan. Pour a small amount of canola oil into the pan after the pan heats up. If you use too much, it'll splatter when you fry the pancakes & burn you (my greatest fear ever lol).

Spoon small rounds onto the pan and try to spread into decent looking circles. You can make them as big or small as you want. If you make them around 2in wide like I did, the recipe makes 6 pancakes.

After a couple minutes, you can flip them. You'll know when they're ready to be flipped because they'll be easier to move around on the pan. Cook till they're golden brown & crispy.

Ready to eat!!
And that's it! I made 2 servings so I came out w/ 12.

It's so easy to just keep eating these. I think I ate 4 before realizing how many I ate >_<

And just cause this commercial is too sexy...

I'm sure the Coke would go well w/ the pancakes anyway. Plus...I'm keeping w/ the Korean theme of this post since its 2PM ^_^

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Shopping!

The weather is getting nicer these days...finally! I needed a dress for graduation and I was not looking forward to dress shopping. I am very picky when it comes to dresses. I always prefer pants. I don't really like patterns & flowers etc. And I don't tend to wear very colorful things. Super super picky, I know -_- 

Started off at Banana Republic, my favorite store ever! Tried on a few but hated everything hahaha. But I did end up buying this awesome jacket, which is absolutely useless for graduation. 

I always end up buying everything but what I intended to buy. I just fell in love w/ this jacket the minute I saw it. Annnnddd it fits perfectly, sleeves aren't too long, waist area isn't too big. MUST BUY!! 

Usuallly I'd never think about spending this much on a jacket like this but the store had an additional 25% off sale, plus I had a coupon for $30 off any purchase over $100. Then...I found $30 worth of reward credits in my wallet since I shop here so damn much. I combined the purchase w/ my friend so in the end, this was around $45. Super happy!!! But still no dress XD

Decided to check out White House Black Market. I never go here even though they actually have some really nice things. I was really surprised. I actually found TWO dresses and walked out w/ both. I couldn't decide which one. Will probably return one...or not hahaha

This dress didn't look like much on the rack & I completely ignored it. But my friend made me try it on & it looks SOOOO slimming. I look like I weigh 90lbs lmao. Also super comfortable & very flowy at the bottom.
Best of all, ON SALE!!! Their sizes run really bit. I usually wear an XS so I was surprised an XXS fit me fine. 

Though I love that dress, I tried on this black one that I believe was made just for me lol. Fits perfect & it's black, my favorite color to wear. 

The neckline is sooo flattering AND the dress has pockets. Love dresses w/ pockets!! It also has this amazing detailing.
Also on sale. Pretty great deal for such a well made dress. The quality is so nice and so comfortable to wear!!!
 So now I've no idea which dress to pick. A black dress is a bit depressing to wear to graduation I suppose...but I still might keep it! Every girl needs a perfect black dress. I have like 3 black dresses but none as amazing as this one =] 

Also picked up some polishes at Ulta. Couldn't resist checking out the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Not really interested in the movie since my beloved Orlando Bloom isn't in it. =_=;;;

Steady as She Rose
It's a very unique color. A mauvey, pinkish, lavender hahaha can't explain it! Looks a bit different depending on the lighting. Can't wait to use!!

Barefoot in Barcelona
I don't have anything like this. Quite unique and will be work friendly. It reminds me of bricks for some reason. It looks a tad brownish in real life. 

I tend to buy a lot of dark nail colors but they're not very interview friendly =| But these lighter/neutral colors actually aren't that boring as I thought they would be!

Tart Deco
This looked so perfect in the bottle. A pastel coral. Buuut when i swatched it, it was more neon and so bright. Not really my thing. I realized that Essie polishes always look more muted in the bottle. Need to return this & get something else. 

Will definitely be heading back to Ulta to pick up more from the POTC collection! After seeing swatches of Skulls & Crossbones, I think I have to have it lol. And definitely need to get the Silver Shatter.

Monday, May 16, 2011

KPop Obsession of the Week: TOP! TOP! TOP!

TOP spotted in a V-NECK!!!!! >_<!
The boy dances in blazers, trenchcoats, and sweaters. If this is 1 step closer to seeing his abs, I WILL TAKE IT! I am sensing our TOP is getting more comfortable showing skin since I spotted him rehearsing in short sleeves in YG on Air Ep. 3 hehehe

Obviously it will be quite a few years before he's this comfortable...

baby steps...baby steps, I know!

Have a good week errrbody ^_^!

cr: tumblr, iBigBang

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free shampoo & conditioner!!

The Sephora near where I live had a 1 day promotion on Thursday where you can bring in any empty shampoo bottle & get a FREE Ojon Shampoo & Conditioner set. Pretty sweet deal! Ojon's a pretty good brand & I've liked the products I've used from them. Looking forward to using them.

Also bought a Hello Kitty nail polish in Blueberry. The bottle is adorable!! ^_^ Damn Sephora is impossible to walk out of w/o buying anything. Too many temptations!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Remember to Prime

My Ebay order came just in time today! I was just about done with my other primer and was freaking out that this wouldn't arrive soon enough. Good thing this came just 3 days after I placed my order! Some Ebay sellers are just so efficient =]

I've been using the Face Shop Span Oil Control Pre-Makeup Base for awhile now. That one has a rather silicone feel, which I've always preferred. It gave my makeup a nice surface to sit on and did a pretty decent job smoothing out my pores. 

But after seeing Fuzkittie's review of the L'egere Illuminating Hydro Cream Base, I was sold! I wanted to try something new. Since I've been using the L'egere White Multi BB Cream (which I love), I figured their base can't be too bad. 

The packaging is really pretty. It has a nice pump so it's very sanitary. I can't read Chinese so I've no clue what it says...only good things to help sell the product I'm assuming hahaha 
The back of the bottle & the packaging
It claims to be super-moisturizing, pore tightening, & help w/ oil control
The product comes out a light pink and is very light & feels like a moisturizer
It takes awhile to rub it into your skin till it becomes transparent. If you look very closely, there is a very slight shimmer which will provide you with a very dewy/glowy look. 
It makes your skin feel so soft after you apply it and it feels very moisturized. Doesn't make you feel like you've got an extra layer of product on your skin.
I haven't used this yet since I just got it in the mail this afternoon. Can't wait to use it tomorrow!
Oh, I purchased this on Ebay for $29.99 plus shipping. It's a tad more expensive than the other Asian primers I've tried. But if it works great, then it'll be worth my money!!

Anna Sui Polishes = Winning!

Just painted my nails with an Anna Sui polish. Can I just say how amazing these polishes are? Your nails smell like a bouquet of roses for at least a day after you paint them. So I'm pretty much smelling my nails for the next day or so ^_^!

Here are the few Anna Sui polishes I own. Must get more!!
Sadly Anna Sui cosmetics, other than their perfumes, are only sold in Asia I think. This brand is superrrr popular in Asia and all department stores have beautiful Anna Sui makeup counters. The counters are so beautiful I don't wanna leave. Everything is purple, my favorite color ever. I bought these in Taiwan last summer. Finally got around to using the coral one today...probably a hint that I have a nail polish hoarding problem...

The color I used is called 602. I don't think it was a limited edition color.

It's a coral shade that has a gold sheen to it when under direct lighting. The polish has very fine gold flecks in it but applies perfectly smooth. The formula is amazing!

It photographed really orange for some reason but it's a tad more pink in real life. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sure, why not?

attempting blogging!!! ^_^! 

I'm pretty much obsessed with reading makeup and fashion blogs. figured i'd take a stab at blogging myself. though i'm really not all that interesting...i suppose it'll be a new thing to pick up. 

what else should a recent college grad do with her time? aside from trying to find a job in this sad economy. of course my parents never forget to remind me everyday that I'm unemployed and that the job market is tough. thanks for the support, Asian parents! I'm more motivated than ever! 

i think i should conclude my boring first post now. i'm sure the 2 people who came across my blog by accident have already stopped reading. 


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